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Hh News Bytes 1106

  1. 1. 14205 Burnet Rd Suite 510 Austin, TX 78728 512.310.5744 Volume 1 Number 7 e have more to be thankful for than most societies around the globe and throughout history. It seems at this time of year we begin to reflect more on the blessings of family, health and home. Sometimes though we seem to always find something to complain about such as rush hour traffic, dropped cell phone calls, hot weather, cold weather, our strict boss, our kids acting up, and on and on and on. We forget to be thankful that we have a car, we forget to be thankful for November 1st Paul Galvan the boss who let’s up have a job, we forget to be thankful that we can feel Jeffrey Pcikett the change in seasons, we forget to be thankful when our kid’s are good. November 2nd Nha Nguyen This holiday season is a terrific time to pause and spend some time November 3rd Doshon Coney realizing how wonderfully blessed we truly are. Take a minute to send an email to your boss and tell Marcus Cardinali them what you appreciate about your job. Thanksgiving is a great time to share with family and November 4th Margo George friends before the holidays get into full swing. Linger over a meal with friends and relive old stories November 5th Evan Adams and discuss future plans. Play some board games or watch a parade with your children and take November 6th Kora Jackson time to laugh and share with them how much we have compared to others. Go out with a loved one, Alejandro Villarreal look at the night sky and marvel at the wonder of the universe. Take a minute to call an old friend. November 7th Adolfo Cortinas I challenge you to make an early New Year’s resolution to start today having a thankful attitude David Rutledge year round! November 8th Joe Mitchell Jason Edwards November 9th Eleazar Mauricio ERRMail Jessica Huerta Direct Deposit is the best way to go if you Daniel Suchil already have an established bank account With the holidays rapidly approaching, the November 10th Mark Pascual and Cash Pay is a wonderful option for those US Postal System will once again be over- November 11th Orlay Ruiz without a current bank account. With Thanks- whelmed with packages, cards, flyers, cata- November 12th Jeremy Ruth giving and Christmas coming soon, wouldn’t logs and such. With all the increase in quan- Victor Garza you rather have the comfort of knowing your tity of mail, the last thing you want is your November 13th Sara Carrington-Bokor money is setting in your check setting in the mail November 15th Michael Torres account every Friday other than your pocket! Any- Nathan Tuttle morning? time a check is lost in the mail, there is a 5 November 16th Natalie Allen See your Staffmark business day waiting period before Staff- Steven Newkirk representative today and mark can stop payment and reissue the November 17th James Booker let us know what your check. Jacob Moran choice is...Cash Pay, Now is a fantastic time to take advantage of November 18th Glen Weiner Direct Deposit or possi- the Cash Pay Card or Direct Deposit. Steven Hope bly It’s Brandon Waltman your option! November 20th Brain McBurnie November 21st John Duran Your Staffmark Staff November 22nd Abel Arriaga READY TO SERVE YOUR NEEDS November 23rd Benjamin Munoz November 24th Jose Medina On Site Manager Jana Williams November 26th Amanda Shockley Recruiting Manager Koren Houseal “One of life’s gifts is that each of us, no matter Scypion Wilford how tired and downtrodden, find reasons for Recruiting Specialist Cassidy Austin thankfulness: for the crops carried in from the Chad Lyon Sarah Mills November 27th Josh Long fields and the grapes from the vineyard.” On Site Specialist November 29th Robert Trevino Rebecca Acosta Stephen Currie Receptionist Mignon Stack J. Robert Moskin Payroll Coordinator Ezra Bettis
  2. 2. A man was driving to work How do you stay alert at work? and thought he heard his tire Along with the fantastic medical, dental and pop. He pulled over to check disability insurances that Staffmark offers all his tires. Finding his tires all Stretches of our employees, we also have vacation and ok, he open his hood. He 19% holiday pay for eligible employees. jumped back in astonish- As a Staffmark employee you will qualify ment! Energy Drinks for holiday pay after working 1500 regular Lying 7% hours during the previous year before the across holiday. his en- Coffee Other requirements for holiday pay are: gine was 30% a large • You must be on a current assignment ball python. It had wrapped Short Breaks • You must work your last scheduled day prior to the itself up in the belts of the 29% holiday and the first scheduled day after the holiday engine. Luckily the man had • Overtime hours will not be considered in the calcu- a camera to document the None of the above lation of eligible hours worked unbelievable excuse! 15% Staffmark employees also qualify for 40 hours of va- cation pay after working 1800 regular hours during the previous year before your anniversary date. You will be paid at the pay rate you were earning when you reached Staffmark the 1800 hour requirement. This is just another way that wants to Staffmark wants to help meet your needs! encourage all of our 5 TIPS FOR STAYING agents to make sure ALERT AT WORK they are being accountable and working their scheduled hours on a dialy Here are some tips to help you feel energized through- and weekly basis. Part of being out the day. accountable is making sure you call-in in the event that you are • Start with a healthy breakfast. Try to eat a combina- going to be absent or tardy. tion of carbs for energy, like whole-grain bread or Make sure you are following the cereal, plus protein for endurance, like eggs or pea- ! below procedure. nut butter. • Get up and move around as much as possible. Even Step 1—Call Staffmark the slightest movement increases blood flow and Stonehollow 512-434-1603 # quot; sends oxygen and vital nutrients to the body and Wells Branch 512-434-1237 mind. • Eat a light lunch. Spread out your calorie intake Step 2—Call Sickline throughout the day and eat a light lunch with a mid- Apple 512-681-5810 afternoon snack later in the day. Black & Decker 512-231-2314 • Skip the sugary snacks, which can leave you with an Please welcome Stephen Currie to Consolidated 512-434-1154 energy crash. Keep your desk stocked with snacks FedEx 512-434-1119 the Staffmark team. He will be taking that will give you lasting energy. Live Meeting 512-434-1554 care of the FedEx agents at the Stone • Get enough sleep. Many people don’t get the mini- SEA 512-681-5800 Hollow location. Stephen has a tre- mum amount of sleep needed to stay alert. Aim for at STA 512-434-1145 mendous desire to meet your needs and supply least seven to eight hours of sleep at night. you with whatever he can to help the FedEx Step 3—Call your supervisor team meet their personal and team work goals.