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B2B On Demand Services

  1. Ezra Galston Enterprise B2B: On Demand @EzraMoGee
  2. A Trillion Dollar Market 2@EzraMoGee $100Bn + 1. Professional Services 2. Corporate Travel 3. Corporate Events 4. Temp Staffing 5. Recruiting 6. Logistics <$100Bn 1. Cyber Security 2. Equipment/Supplies 3. Janitorial 4. Outsourced Consulting 5. Corporate Catering
  3. Companies Covered Include: 3@EzraMoGee 1. Platforms connecting people in the physical world to provide a service on-demand. 2. Platforms leveraging crowds of people in the digital world to provide near-immediate delivery of a service. 3. Platforms providing access to goods or inventory that are underutilized due to a lack of access or transparency. 4. Platforms enabling real-time booking of services that previously lacked transparency and digital transactability.
  4. Consumer On Demand: Maturing in Certain Categories 4@EzraMoGee Food Transportation Home Services Via @Schlaf
  5. Convergence Between Consumer and Enterprise 5@EzraMoGee
  6. The Great Craigslist Unbundling 6@EzraMoGee
  7. Which Enterprises Services Will Be Re- imagined by People/Sharing? 7@EzraMoGee
  8. B2B ON DEMAND/SHARING 8 Temp Staffing Corporate Events Outsourced ConsultingLogistics Corporate Catering Janitorial Services Equipment/Supplies Corporate Travel Professional Services CyberSecurity $100Bn+ <$100Bn @EzraMoGee Misc Recruiting
  9. To Date, Few Enterprise Products Truly “On Demand.” 9@EzraMoGee
  10. Same Process Took Place in Consumer On Demand 10@EzraMoGee
  11. FUNDING 11@EzraMoGee Given Opportunity Size We Have Barely Scratched The Surface $ Invested # Deals
  12. Questions 12@EzraMoGee Opportunities may be pre-empted (or shrunk) by: • Artificial Intelligence • Integrated Software
  13. THANK YOU @EzraMoGee