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Tools for Investigative Journalists - Perugia 2017 IJF


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With the ever speeding pace of journalism and quick turnaround articles, the need for good investigative journalism is more important than ever. Join Ezra Eeman from Journalism Tools for a tour of the best tools to find and brainstorm your ideas, monitor stories, follow the people and paper trail, zoom in on locations, shield your investigation, get more out of your data and produce highly visual stories in the field. Journalism Tools is a popular twitter feed and web platform exploring the newest tools and resources for the next generation of journalists.

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Tools for Investigative Journalists - Perugia 2017 IJF

  1. 1. Journalism Tools For Investigative Journalists Perugia 2017
  2. 2. Head of EBU Digital Head of VRT Start-Up & Open VRT Tools & Digital Strategy @Journalism2ls Investigative Journalist & Editor in Chief @VTM Fulbright Journalism Award Researcher @CUNY, New York Work/Life/Pleasure: Brussels - Tokyo - New York. About Me Ezra Eeman, Founder @Journalism2ls
  3. 3. idea research report publication feedback ? ? A E 2 I s n é v h é 7 9
  4. 4. Journalism Tools. A selection of tools and insights for a new generation of journalists.
  5. 5. Rules for Tools
  6. 6. Pick Keep it simple. Chose tools that suit your workflow. Stick Be consequent. Dig Get to know your tools. Learn the shortcuts. RTFM. c z e
  7. 7. The 80/20 Rule ; Focus on what works for you. Make a selection of 10 tools to do 80% of the work. Be open for new things. Dare to experiment in 20% of your work. experiments daily 20% 80%
  8. 8. Workflow Design
  9. 9. selectioncriteriahowdoesit… Storytooling Canvas Identify the elements of your story. Which one do you want to highlight or add with a tool? Time, place, persons, sounds, images, relationships, data,... Story Elements? Time? Skill? Platform? Interaction? Price? How much time do you have to build something? 10 minutes or 10 months? Do you have the skill to work with the tool? Is it easy to learn? If not do you know anyone who can work with it? Check the price. Some tools are open source and free. Others work with subscriptions, clicks or have to be bought. journalismtools Determine the level of interaction you want. Do you push, pull, allow conversation, ask for interaction. Is it live or not? Single- or multi-user? Consider the platform and device your readers will use to access the story: web, mobile, touch, browser version, OS,… Attract attention? Raise interest? Add Value? Increase Engagement? How does the tool surprise, raise questions, triggers curiosity or catch the eye of your audience? Does the tool allow you to tell your story in a simple, credible & concrete way? Does it add something unexpected? Does it reveal why your audience should care? Does the tool add a new dimension to the story, make it easier to understand or navigate, more visual or add value in any other way? Does the tool engage the reader to stay longer on the page, dig deeper and share the story?
  10. 10. Finding a story...
  11. 11. Set Target First Ideas Associate Select Deepen Result
  12. 12. 1. Google Docs Write and think together.
  13. 13. 2. Dropbox Paper Write and think together.
  14. 14. 3. Workflowy Easy expandable notes that you can share with your colleagues.
  15. 15. 4. Semaphor Encrypted group chat and file sharing
  16. 16. 5. XMind Think visual. Use a brainstorming app.
  17. 17. 6. Go Moodboard Simple online moodboards.
  18. 18. Track a story...
  19. 19. Monitor News 8. Nuzzel News shared by your friends and connections 7. Feedly One of the best feedreaders around. 9. Tweetdeck Follow and track news on Twitter
  20. 20. 10. Mention Real time keyword tracking. 11. Google Alerts Get updates about a search term. 12. Versionista Track changes on a website. Alerts
  21. 21. 13. IFTTT Automate actions between two apps.
  22. 22. 14. Wikiwash Track changes on Wikipedia.
  23. 23. Search
  24. 24. Private Browsing Private Browsing protects your private information and blocks some websites from tracking your search behavior. Your browser won’t store the pages you visit, your search history, or your AutoFill information.
  25. 25. 15. Startpage A privacy browser that doesn’t reveal your IP address, doesn’t allow tracking ID cookies, doesn’t store your search history,… Alternative:
  26. 26. 16. Tor The Tor browser protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world.
  27. 27. (Re)search: People
  28. 28. 15. 360 Social Me Find all relevant personal and social information from somebody.
  29. 29. 16. Graph Tips Experimental Deep Facebook Research
  30. 30. 17. Mention Map Discover connections between twitter users and hashtags. Recently added: retweet map Displays connection between central user and retweets. New functionalities: save maps, filter users and hashtags, see trending users or tags,…
  31. 31. 18. Follower Wonk Deep Twitter Search
  32. 32. 19. Bond Set clear reminders to keep up with your contacts.
  33. 33. 20. Crystal You are what you write. Analyse your contacts writings.
  34. 34. Don’t just look for the facts…
  36. 36. (Re)search: Paper
  37. 37. 21. Document Cloud Platform to analyse and annotate documents.
  38. 38. 22. Overview Analyse en visualise large documents.
  39. 39. 23. Scrape information from websites & documents on the internet
  40. 40. 24. Open Corporates Open database with worldwide corporate information
  41. 41. 25. Little Sis An open database from influential business people, politici,… their functions, companies,…
  42. 42. 26. Investigative Dashboard Portal for investigative journalists. Support for research, database with public documents.
  43. 43. (Re)search: Location
  44. 44. 27. Banjo Discovery Social media search & news monitoring based on location.
  45. 45. 28. Newspaper Map Find and translate online newspapers.
  46. 46. 29. Flight Aware Real-time flight information.
  47. 47. 30. Marine Traffic Real-time information on ships.
  48. 48. Verification
  49. 49. 31. Truly Media An online collaborative platform to find, organise and verify social media content.
  50. 50. 32. Tin Eye Reverse image Search.
  51. 51. 33. Veracity app. Check pictures on your phone.
  52. 52. 34. Youtube Dataviewer Check the origin of YouTube video’s.
  53. 53. 35. Google Maps Compare video locations Ex: bellingcat Look for location pictures on • Yomapic • Echosec
  54. 54. 36. First Draft Verification network with tips & tools.
  55. 55. Structure your story
  56. 56. Who? What? Where? informationaudiencestorydistribution Target audience? What do you want to achieve? Format/design/tone of voice? Channel? When? Why? How? Storytelling Canvas journalismtools Character? Conflict? Connection? Baseline?
  57. 57. 37. Visual Investigative Scenarios Make a visual and interactive map of your investigation.
  58. 58. 38. Casefile Specialised software to map networks. (works together with Maltego)
  59. 59. 39. Online platform to structure and share your investigation together with colleagues.
  60. 60. Privacy and Security
  61. 61. Privacy (warning: none of these tools are fail-proof) 40. Hushed Temporary anonymous phone numbers. 41. Mailveloppe Browser extension to encrypt webmail. 42. Signal Encrypted messagings and calls. Alternatives: Chatsecure/Spideroak Kloak
  62. 62. Privacy (warning: none of these tools are fail-proof) 43. Mattermost Open source, privat cloud, slack alternative. 44. Lookout Mobile security and theft protection in one app. 45. Spybot Comprehensive anti-spy, anti-malware package.
  63. 63. 46. Salama Security risk assesment for individuals and organizations + library of tools and best practices.
  64. 64. Need more tools? Twitter: @Journalism2ls Medium:
  65. 65. 47. Online tools platform
  66. 66. Thank you! Twitter: @Journalism2ls Medium: