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Eze Castle's "Best of Hedge IT Awards"


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This is a slideshow of the top Hedge IT blog articles.

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Eze Castle's "Best of Hedge IT Awards"

  1. 1. Eze Castle Integration presents the HEDGE IT BLOG AWARDS In honor of our 200th Hedge IT blog article, we’ve gathered the most popular posts according to our readers – as well as a few of our personal favorites. Enjoy!March 13, 2012
  2. 2. BEST VIDEO A Winning Team in Action: The Eze Castle Help Desk Spotlight “Like most outsourced Help Desks, client satisfaction is of the utmost importance at Eze Castle Integration. We use a number of different methods to obtain and analyze client feedback, as we feel that maintaining a continuous flow of information between our team and our customers is vital in providing superior service.” Read thisarticle now!
  3. 3. HOTTEST TOPIC Cloud Computing Top Articles: • Understanding Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures Read these • The Top Ten Questions to Ask a Cloud Services Providerarticles now! • A Refresher on Data Center Tiers
  4. 4. MOST LIKELY TO SAVE YOUR FIRM FROM A DISASTER Whats the Difference between Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery?Business continuity planning.Disaster recovery. BCP. DR.You know the terms. You know investorsare looking for them. But do you knowwhat the real differences are betweenthem? Read this article now!
  5. 5. MOST POPULAR GUEST BLOGGER Demetrios Gianniris Demetrios is the director of Project & Technology Management (PTM) here at Eze Castle. A Six Sigma Master Black Belt, he is responsible for the development and implementation of the Program & Project Management Office worldwide. Demetrios also acts as a client guide through fundamental issues such as mission and structure, tactical issues including procurement and logistics, and financial decisions about IT capital investment and cost reduction. “The most valuable and least used word in a project manager’s vocabulary is “No” (but use it wisely).” – Demetrios GiannirisTop Articles: • Multitasking: Surviving Project Overload • The Eze Castle Project Management Diamond • Ten Ways to Ensure Project Failure Read these articles now!
  6. 6. BEST PRESENTATION 8 Considerations for Evaluating Outsourced IT Providers Read thisarticle now!
  7. 7. SOCIAL MEDIA STANDOUT Leveraging LinkedIn: Tips to Help You Boost Your Brand Customizing Your Profile Read thisarticle now!
  8. 8. BEST SERIES Considerations for Launching a Hedge FundArticles in this Series: • Launching a Hedge Fund: Insights from our Webinar • Legal Considerations for Launching a Hedge Fund: Insights from our Webinar Part 2 • Technology Considerations for a Hedge Fund Launch: Insights from our Webinar Part 3 Read thesearticles now!
  9. 9. OUTSTANDING OUTSOURCING ARTICLE Outsourced IT: Understanding SaaS, PaaS & IaaS To learn more about the benefits of outsourced IT for investment firms, be sure to read our 24-page guidebook, Read this “A Guide to Technology Outsourcing for Hedge Funds.” article now!
  10. 10. TOP TRENDS ARTICLE Trend Watch: What to Look for in Technology in 2012 Read thisarticle now!
  11. 11. MOST FUN Why We Love Technology "I have been away from home for almost 10 years, and technology has allowed me to keep in touch with my family and friends back in Bosnia. Thanks to Skype and other video chat options, I was able to meet my youngest nephew who was born after I left!" - Munira Okovic, Customer Relationship Manager (Stamford) "Every day is a new adventure with new "Technology makes our lives moretechnologies constantly evolving and changing convenient and easier. You can search the intricacies of the landscape." all the information you need online and - Alexandra Bizani, Customer get all the answers you need. With allRelationship Manager (San Francisco) the new technologies coming out every day, there’s definitely a product out there that can fulfill your needs.." - Jay Chiang, LAN Engineer Read this (NYC)article now!
  12. 12. We would like to send a big THANK YOU out to all of our loyal Hedge IT blogfollowers! We look forward to sharing many more insightful articles with you in the future! Subscribe to the Hedge IT blog