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Best of hedge it slideshow 2013


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This slideshow commemorating the 300th post on the Hedge IT blog highlights the best articles from the past year.

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Best of hedge it slideshow 2013

  1. 1. Eze Castle Integration presents the In honor of our 300th Hedge IT blog article, we’ve gathered the most popular posts from the past year according to our readers – as well as a few of our personal favorites. Enjoy!February 28th, 2013
  2. 2. BEST VIDEO The Eze Castle Mythbusters Series Episode #1: Cloud Security Myths Episode #2: Testing Disaster Put to the Test Recovery & Business Continuity Planning Myths
  3. 3. HOTTEST TOPICSecurity & Data Protection Don’t miss these popular security & data protection articles:  Hedge Fund Cybersecurity: Preparing Your Firm for an Intrusion  Five Simple Security Practices to Keep Your Hedge Fund’s Cloud Safe  The Biggest Security Threat to Your Firm Might Be Sitting Next to You
  4. 4. MOST LIKELY TO SAVE YOUR FIRM FROM A DISASTER What Hedge Funds Can Learn from Hurricane Sandy“Hurricane Sandy created a pathof devastation, disruptedcountless lives andbusinesses, and taught us manylessons.”
  5. 5. MOST POPULAR GUEST BLOGGER Jason Lisnak (Eze Castle’s Resident Apple Expert)Check out some of Jason’s top articles fromthe past year:  Apple’s ‘mini’ Additions to Your Christmas List?  iPhone5: New Features Review  iPhone 5 and iOS 6: First Impressions
  6. 6. FAVORITE WEBCAST OR PRESENTATION Ready for Liftoff? Launching a Hedge Fund in 2013 “Starting a hedge fund is a thoughtful and time-consuming process that requires skillful considerations and supportive collaborations to drive success. But with the changes that have swept through the industry of late, now seems like as good a time as any to launch a new fund.” For more resources to help with a new hedge fund launch, visit the Hedge Fund Launch Kit in our Knowledge Center.
  7. 7. SOCIAL MEDIA STANDOUT What’s Hot: Social Media Compliance & Archiving for Investment Advisers“Social media, in the mainstream, may be a toolfor chatting, researching or staying up-to-date oncurrent events. But for investment firms, socialmedia can be a great marketing opportunity and away to spread their message. It must also beclosely monitored, though, particularly asregulators seek to address its prevalence witharchiving requirements.”
  8. 8. BEST SERIES Cloud Adoption Survey Results: Parts 1 & 2Read all the results of the 2012 CloudAdoption Trend survey now: Cloud Adoption Survey Results Revealed: Part 1 Cloud Adoption in the Investment Industry: Survey Results Part 2
  9. 9. OUTSTANDING OUTSOURCING ARTICLE Why Outsource? The Advantages of Using a Third- Party Help Desk “Your team’s primary focus is on making sound investment decisions. For third-party technology providers, the focus is on delivering IT solutions and the accompanying services necessary to support your objectives. Leveraging the expertise of their staff can help your fund remain focused on what’s most important, while trusting that your technology is in good hands.” To learn more about the benefits of outsourced IT for investment firms, be sure to read our 24-page guidebook, “A Guide to Technology Outsourcing for Hedge Funds.”
  10. 10. TOP TRENDS ARTICLEWhat’s Trendy in Technology? Predictions for 2013
  11. 11. MOST FUNHappy Birthday Eze! The Castle Turns 17 History of Eze Castle: Milestones John Cahaly & Sean McLaughlin pitch their May first trading solution to Fleet Investment 1995 Advisors Eze Castle Consulting reorganizes, splitting January into two entities: Eze Castle Integration & 1999 Eze Castle Software Eze Castle Integration opens its first Nov. international office in London, UK 1997 The Eze Private Cloud surpasses the 2,000 May user milestone 2012
  12. 12. MOST HELPFUL SECURITY ARTICLE Hedge Fund Tech Compliance: Archiving, Security & Mobile Device Management “In order to meet the requirements of the SEC, firms must retain and archive more than just email. Instant messages, Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters messages and other electronic communications are also considered required archival material.” If video is more your style, you can view this content in our webcast, “Hedge Fund Compliance & Technology Directives.”
  13. 13. BEST CLOUD CONVERSATION Public vs. Private Cloud Infrastructures “A case can be made that there’s a time and a place for each cloud platform and both offer their own advantages for hedge funds. We’ve taken a look at some of the key areas firms will consider when looking at public and private cloudsCheck out these popular articles on public & private and identified who weclouds: think takes the cake.” Public vs. Private Clouds: There’s a Time and Place for Each Why Should I Choose Private Cloud Services Over Free File Sharing Services or Public Cloud Tools?
  14. 14. HOTTEST *NEW* TOPICBig DataBig data is a currentindustry hot topic that ifharnessed provides theopportunity to spottrends, find insights, andanswer questionspreviously out of reach.What is the significance ofbig data? How will itaffect Wall Street?
  15. 15. MOST TALKED ABOUT TECH NEWS BlackBerrys Reinvention: A Look at the BlackBerry Z10 “BlackBerry has finally unveiled the long awaited BlackBerry Z10 in hopes that this will bring them level with Android and Apple who have taken a large chunk of the market share.”
  16. 16. We would like to send a big Thank You to all of our loyal Hedge IT blog followers!We look forward to sharing many more insightful articles with you in the future! Subscribe to the Hedge IT blog