Top 8 healthy desserts


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Top 8 healthy desserts

  1. 1. Top 8 Healthy Desserts By Daniel Harper For more info visit
  2. 2. Desserts are one of life’s pleasures. A piece of chocolate, a slice of pie, a donut, or a cone of ice cream, surely,a week won’t go by without giving in to these pieces of heaven. But for those wanting to lose weight or havinghealth issues with sugar, your sweet tooth can be a little difficult to manage and you’ll sometimes find yourselffeeling deprived. Fortunately there are ways to satisfy your sweet cravings without sacrificing your health.Here is a list of top eight healthy desserts.1. Grilled fruits. Some would advise having fruits as an alternative for sweets. It’s good advice but peoplerarely follow it because it isn’t as sugary as candy. If that’s the case, take your favorite fruit then toss it into thegrill. Grilling fruits such as pineapple, pear, peach, banana, and apple, make them sweeter because the heatreleases the fruits natural sugar and caramelizes it. Now these are healthy sugars that don’t pack a lot ofcalories.2. Dark chocolate barks. Melt dark chocolate then spread it evenly on thin foil. Sprinkle other ingredientssuch as dried fruits or sunflower seeds then refrigerate it for five minutes then break it to smaller pieces. Darkchocolate is good for the heart and has less sugar than milk chocolate. Plus, the fruits and nuts make it tastierand healthier. Remember, consume in moderation.
  3. 3. 3. Yogurt with fruits. If you’re craving for frozen treats, yogurt is a good alternative. Get a scoop of yogurtthen sprinkle some of your favorite sliced fruits. You can also add some whole grain cereals for a tastier andhealthier punch.4. Healthy smoothie. Smoothies can still be a healthier alternative. Make a healthy smoothie by combiningfresh fruits and berries with skim milk, fat free yogurt and ice in your blender. Blend until smooth. Not only afruit smoothie is healthy, the fiber from the fruits can keep you feeling full which in turn helps you loseweight.
  4. 4. 5. Low fat ice cream sandwich. You can still enjoy the sweet benefits of an ice cream sandwich by making ahealthier, low-fat version of it. Simply take two graham crackers or low fat cookies then sandwich a nonfatwhipped topping. Put it in the freezer until it is firm enough to eat.6. Sugar free Jell-O. Instead of going for ordinary Jell-O, buy the sugar free alternative then serve it with ascoop of a low fat whipped topping. If you’re craving for more flavor then mix in some of your favorite fruitsand berries.
  5. 5. 7. Oatmeal cookies. Cookie lovers don’t need to be deprived as well. Instead of indulging in high-sugarchocolate chip cookies, go for the healthier route with oatmeal cookies. Usually these cookies can be bought inthe grocery store but it would be better if you can bake some yourself. That way you can control the amount ofsugar and add other healthy ingredients such as raisins and nuts.8. Dark chocolate covered fruit. Here’s another alternative to a chocolate dessert. Heat some dark chocolatebar until it’s fully melted, then dip your favorite fruits such as strawberries, bananas, mangoes, peaches,papaya, and apples. Fruits combined with dark chocolate are always a good and healthy combination comparedto having chocolate only. But to keep your calories in check, just make sure that there are more fruits thanchocolate.
  6. 6. Desserts don’t always have to be unhealthy. If you’re craving for something sweet don’t immediately give into it by going to the nearest grocery store then buying the first chocolate bar, donuts or cake that yousee. There are lots of healthier alternatives. You just have to pay more attention and be smart and creative withwhat you eat. “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are.” ~Brillat-Savarin Are you really serious about becoming healthy mind, body and spirit and change your life once and for all! Learn the truth about transforming your body into the body of your dreams. Discover the new you by joining Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Body building. This program is filled with the stuff they don’t want you to know. Click Here! Lose fat and gain muscle without cardio. Discover the cardio free fat loss workouts using weight training exercise and interval training to burn fat, get rid ofstubborn belly fat, and build muscle. Click Here!