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Top 10 tips to control your anger


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Top 10 tips to control your anger

  1. 1. Top 10 Tips to Control Your Anger By Daniel Harper
  2. 2. Anger is normal. It is a human emotion and is usually healthy. But when it is misunderstood and gets out ofcontrol, it becomes destructive. It can lead to bigger problems and endanger your health as well as your life. Soif you want to live longer and be a better person then follow these top 10 tips to control your anger and beenlightened.1. Take a break. When you’re feeling angry, take a break. Give yourself some time to defuse your anger.Slow down. Take a time off from the situation or person that’s making you angry. Counting to 10 really helps.So when anger strikes, take a break, take your time and calm down.2. Express your anger properly. Once you’re calm and thinking clearly, express your anger in an assertiveway. Expressing your frustrations by shouting and lashing out will not get yourself heard. State you needs andconcerns clearly and directly without hurting others and yourself.
  3. 3. 3. Exercise your body. If it’s still difficult for you to calm down by being still, try exercising as an outlet foryour anger. Avoid smoking and get your body moving. Go stretching, do some breathing exercises, or go for awalk. Physical activity triggers your brain to release chemicals that controls pain and stress and leaves youwith a happy feeling. As I always tell myself when I’m angry, “Remedy your short temper with long walks.”4. Think first, act second. When anger is not controlled it makes you do things that you will surely regretlater. Think first. Realize that anger is trying to control you. Allow yourself some time to collect your thoughtsand use logic. Then try to express yourself without making others angry as well.
  4. 4. 5. Focus on the solution. When we’re angry, we think more about what makes us angry and what can we doto satisfy that anger. And that always lead to a destructive result. Instead, focus on the solution to your angerand your problem. Remind yourself that anger makes you stupid.6. Stop pointing fingers. Avoid criticizing and blaming others. Doing so will only increase tension and willfurther cause anger to all people involved. Be respectful and specific. Choose your words carefully. Instead ofsaying, “You don’t do your job!” say, “I’m upset because you’re not putting a lot of effort in your work.”
  5. 5. 7. Don’t hold a grudge. Learn to forgive others and yourself. When your anger is not properly expressed, itwill turn into grudge and eat you away. Your heart and mind will be filled with negativity and you will becomethe worst and unhappiest person you’ll ever be. Be the bigger person and forgive.8. Use humor. Humor when properly used, can lighten up the situation and help diffuse tension. Avoidsarcasm as much as possible as it can hurt feelings and make things worse.
  6. 6. 9. Meditate. Meditation allows the mind and body to enter a state of relaxation and inner peace. Detachyourself from all negative emotions and focus on what’s positive. You can also try other relaxation techniquessuch as breathing exercises, listening to music, keeping a journal, or some yoga poses. Try everything thatencourages relaxation.10. Seek help. Don’t let your anger keep you from having a normal life, a successful career or a lovingrelationship. Seek help if you can. We all know about anger management classes which can help youunderstand more about anger and how you can control it. Start surrounding yourself with people who arewilling to help you become a better person.
  7. 7. Anger is a powerful emotion and it is capable of influencing us a in a great way. The goal here is to not stopyou from getting angry, but rather to control your anger so you can avoid hurting yourself and others.“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” ~Buddha Are you really serious about becoming healthy mind, body and spirit and change your life once and for all! This Spiritual Transformation Course is 52 Lessons to Help You Connect to Spirit and Joy & Transform your Life Forever! Click Here! Is Your Understanding of Health Based on Outdated Ideas? Read on To Find Out The Truth About Your Mind, Body & Spirit, & How With The Right Techniques You Too Can Enjoy A Long, Happy & Productive Life Into Your 80’s, 90’s &Beyond… Click Here!