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How to have a wealthy mindset


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How to have a wealthy mindset

  1. 1. How to Have a Wealthy Mindset By Daniel Harper For more info visit
  2. 2. We all want to be wealthy. Everybody wants to have a comfortable life with good health and material wealth.But wanting to be wealthy always raises the question “How?” A lot would say that you need to start abusiness, start working hard, and start acquiring assets instead of liabilities. And most of those who do so failin the long run. Why? It’s because they failed to start with a wealthy mindset. Being wealthy starts in the mindand if you are not mentally prepared to be rich then you will never be. If you want to be rich you have to thinkrich. Here’s how to do it. Believe that you deserve it. If I ask you if you want to be wealthy I’m very much sure that you’d say yes. But if I ask you if you deserve to be wealthy would you answer the same? Being wealthy means you have to believe that you deserve to be wealthy. It opens your mind to opportunities and ideas that can make you wealthy. If you don’t believe then you’d just end up saying, “I don’t think I can do it,” or “It’s too risky.” If you want to be wealthy then stop doubting and start believing in yourself.
  3. 3.  Organize yourself. Stop for a while and take a look around. Does your house look like it was hit by a tornado? Is your office space cluttered? Do you think you can be wealthy and rich if you’re in this kind of environment? Your disorganized environment reflects on what kind of mindset that you have. Organize yourself, clean up, get rid of distractions and learn to prioritize. If your mind is free from clutter then you’ll be able to think about things that can make you wealthy. Increase your mental wallet. Your mental wallet is a perception of how much wealth you can attain or the amount of money they are used to having. Most people’s mental wallet is about the same size as their regular salary. For example, Bob has a mental wallet of around a thousand dollars. Then all of the sudden he gets a fat bonus of five thousand dollars. Since he is used to having a thousand dollars he uses those extra cash and splurges on a lot of things until his bonus ran out. Because his mental wallet is small he is back to living a thousand dollars a month.
  4. 4.  Visualize wealth. If you want to achieve something, you have to visualize it first. You have to see it and feel it so that you can set in your mind that it is real and attainable. If you want wealth, you have to visualize having it already. This kind of visualization brings about a positive attitude. It also opens your mind to your current blessings so you can be thankful. Visualize that wealth is continuously flowing towards you and you just have to take it. If you can perceive it, you can achieve it. Inspire yourself. Look for inspiration in everything you do to help you succeed. If you want to be wealthy then try to learn from wealthy people. Find out how they started, how they live their lives and what winning characteristics they possess that you can emulate. Let go of negative thoughts, pay no attention to people who think you will not be rich. Stop feeling envious of the truly wealthy and learn and find inspiration from them.
  5. 5. Do not forget that money is only a part of wealth and doesn’t completely dictate what a person really is.Money is just a score in a game where no one really is competing. Do not be a slave to money. You just needto accumulate enough of it so that it becomes irrelevant. That way you can focus on things that truly make youwealthy – family, friends and health. “It is not the creation of wealth that is wrong, but the love of money for its own sake.” ~Margaret Thatcher Are you really serious about becoming healthy mind, body and spirit and change your life once and for all! Bob Proctor – one of the key figures in “The Secret”- believes that the Law of Attraction is incomplete, and for the first time reveals the 11 Forgotten Laws that will finally uncover the Law’s true potential. Click Here! A simple, 3-minute, 3-step formula that has the power to generate tremendous success and happiness. By activating the Law of Attraction, The PowerPausemakes it easy to reduce stress and resolve money, health or relationship problemsClick Here!