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How to set up a final cut pro project


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How to set up a final cut pro project

  1. 1. How to set up a final cut pro project.When working on videos in class im bombarded with questions such as ‘Eyyaz,how do I save the project’ or ‘Eyyaz im so stupid, please help me’Well now im here to give a detailed step on how to set up projects on final cutpro.The first set would be to open up final cut pro, from here close any open projectsand then click on file > new project.The second step is to set the scratch disks. Now to do this you need to go intofinal cut pro (top left corner) > system settings > set disk > the HD which youwant to save it, in my case HD2 > and finally create a new folder in that HD.
  2. 2. Now once you have done this you need to do the same for the wave cache,thumbnail cache and the autosave cache.
  3. 3. Next you need to save the project (save project as) into the folder.
  4. 4. Now you need to drag the media files from your external drive into the newfolder, from here you can then import the media into FCP.NOW FOR THE LOV OF GOD, AS MY MEDIA TEACHER HAS EXPRESSED IN A LIFEAND DEATH SITUATION. Whenever you are finished editing your work, be sureto save AND close the project. This stops the project automatically opening upwhen FCP starts.
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