EYEPARTNER.COMEYEPARTNER, INC.5409 Overseas Hwy. | Number 219 | Marathon, Florida 33050 | Tel: 305.289.4557 | Fax: 509.756...
www.eyepartner.comMarathon Florida.Eyepartner has had expressed interest from a small community,Marathon Florida, in integ...
www.eyepartner.comSince going LIVE, the city of marathon has hosted over 20 council meetingsand provided their residents t...
EYEPARTNER, INC.5409 Overseas Hwy. | Number 219 | Marathon, Florida 33050 | Tel: 305.289.4557 | Fax: 509.756.2423www.eyepa...
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TikiLIVE Destination Broadcasting


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Add your location as a TikiLIVE Channel by installing the latest HD quality broadcasting solution. Now anyone from around the world may watch your broadcast over the internet!

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TikiLIVE Destination Broadcasting

  1. 1. EYEPARTNER.COMEYEPARTNER, INC.5409 Overseas Hwy. | Number 219 | Marathon, Florida 33050 | Tel: 305.289.4557 | Fax: 509.756.2423www.eyepartner.comEYEPARTNER.COMWe offer complete turnkey solutions with multiplebroadcasting camera installations. Contact us today foryour free evaluation and phone consultation and fineout how you can become part of our TikiLIVE Islandnetwork today!1BROADCASTER TIKILIVE SERVERSTART A CHANNELat TikiLIVE.comPLUG IN CAMERA(optional microphone)Click STARTBROADCASTING in HDWORLDWIDE AUDIENCE23www.tikilive.comAdd your location as a TikiLIVE Channel by installing thelatest HD quality broadcasting solution. Now anyonefrom around the world may watch your broadcast overthe Internet. The TikiLIVE broadcaster is a complete HDsolution that delivers incredible quality video andstereo sound.Expand the viewership on your websiteby embedding the real time HD videoplayer into your current website.Integrate a social network to add fanclubs from around the world. Bringvisitors back time and again to check outyour latest facilities while offering them away to live the experience prior tomaking travel plans.TikiLIVE makes it possible to know your visitorsand who is interested in your location.TikiLIVE reports give you complete informationon those viewing your stream. Comprehensiveanalytic reports are available to view who isvisiting, when they visited, how long yourvisitors stay on your site and what area of theworld they are coming from.The website viewersare great targets to send advertising messagesto.Start a TikiLIVE Channel in 3 easy stepsTikiLIVETIKILIVE.COM
  2. 2. www.eyepartner.comMarathon Florida.Eyepartner has had expressed interest from a small community,Marathon Florida, in integrating IPTV solutions to broadcast andarchive community events as well as in aiding in reducing videosurveillance control costs.This article examines two living examples of how IPTV has bothreduced the cost to the taxpayer as well as increased the accessto both community events and surveillance systems relyingsolely on affordable PC’s and standard Ethernet connections.The two case studies that will be examined in detail are the livebroadcasts of the Marathon city council meetings and thesurveillance system in place at the City of Marathon Marina.Communities have been broadcasting their local city councilmeetings via local cable channels for years. Bound by publicrecord requirements, these broadcasts are typically recorded andsupplied to the residents at their request for a nominal fee.This fee is to cover the cost of the VHS or DVD and the timerequired for the city clerk to produce the requested recording.To broadcast these town meetings live, the location must havethe appropriate infrastructure and hardware installed to push thecontent to their local channel through their cable provider.This particular set up may cost thousands of dollarsper broadcast. Therefore, the majority of thesetown meetings are rebroadcasted at a later date viaone of the recorded methods.Since many of the decisions made may haveimmediate implications the community’s responsecould be greatly affected by the length of timebetween the meeting and the broadcast.Because of the high cost and infrastructurerequired, the communities are extremelyinterested in pursuing an affordable and efficientway to deliver their meetings in real time as well asan effective method for archiving the content as arecorded video.Utilizing IPTV and VOD technologies, Eyepartner has assisted thecity of Marathon Florida in setting up an easy to use affordablesolution on their Streaming Social Networking Solution, TikiLIVE.After the city of Marathon Florida finished the construction oftheir firehouse they quickly utilized the modern facilities forseveral additional community events and proceedings. One suchevent is the weekly city council meetings in which legislation wasreviewed and voted upon on an open forum.This particular facility already possessed professionalbroadcasting equipment to control the individual cameras andmicrophones and well as having a high speedEthernet connection.What the facility did not possess was a way to pushthe broadcast live to the local cable televisionstation. The city received a quote of severalthousand dollars to install a cable that was capableof pushing the feed to the local cable station in realtime.The city then pursued alternative means for grantingthe residents of Marathon Florida access to the citycouncil meetings that were more cost effective.Eyepartner, being a local company based inMarathon Florida, was then contacted by the city clerk’s office foran IPTV solution.Eyepartner then suggested that the city sign up for a demoaccount on their Streaming Social Networking site, TikiLIVE.TikiLIVE provides the broadcaster the ability to get their streamlive and record that content directly to the server, simultaneouslyeliminating both the required direct connection to the localcable station as well as the DVR equipment to create and produceVHS or DVDs when requested.As seen inCity Council Streaming LIVE To Their ConstituentsTikiLIVE
  3. 3. www.eyepartner.comSince going LIVE, the city of marathon has hosted over 20 council meetingsand provided their residents to the recorded events for public records.Additionally, the live meetings have an interactive chat room that providesall users who have logged in to view the meeting the ability to discuss thecity council’s decisions and views.Here is a screenshot:An added benefit to providing affordable access to the meetings in realtime as well as the recorded video library is that utilizing an IPTV solutionallows those residents who are unable to attend the meetings access aslong as they have a connection to the internet from their computer.This means that even residents who do not have access to the localtelevision station and are unable to visit the city clerk’s office have access tothe town meetings. By broadcasting community proceedings via IPTV thecity of Marathon has allowed residents to gain access to the meetings fromanywhere, even if abroad.To get the broadcast live the city only needed to install a broadcasting PCwhich was connected to the video source and Ethernet connection. Amember of the city’s staff simply starts the broadcast with the when themeeting begins and the stream is LIVE.The person monitoring the broadcaster and studio equipment may thenenter the designated title and description of what was discussed in theparticular meeting to allow the city’s residents to easily locate the meetingof interest.This content can then be directly linked to from the city’s website via uniqueURL’s for live events as well as previously recorded events. The city can alsoallow their residents to view the content directly from their own site byembedding the live stream and recorded videos. As this utilizes thestreaming services directly from TikiLIVE, there is no additional requiredsoftware licenses that need to be integrated on the server hosting the city’swebsite, and all subsequent streaming traffic will not be pushed throughthe server hosting the city’s website. This allows the city to stream allrecorded and live content on their site without affecting the performance ofthe city’s site.A second application where IPTV solutions have muchpublic interest and potential is the security sector.By streaming live feeds, archiving for records andadding the ability to manually control where thecamera is focused one can monitor any location fromanywhere in the world with an Ethernet connection.Eyeparther has managed to do this with their RealSafeproduct.Currently security systems deployed throughout thecity of Marathon require on-site control centers thatone must be monitoring to control the camerapositions.Infrastructure and operation costs may increasedrastically due to the number of locations requiringcamera feeds and the number of operators to supporteach individual console as well as expensive DVRequipment to record the stream on-site.Integrating an IPTV solution will reduce the operatingcosts by removing the requirement for dedicatedsecurity console stations as well as the number ofoperators.This in turn saves on both hardware and operationcosts by relying on a pre-existing Ethernet connectionto stream, record and control all camera feeds.TikiLIVE
  4. 4. EYEPARTNER, INC.5409 Overseas Hwy. | Number 219 | Marathon, Florida 33050 | Tel: 305.289.4557 | Fax: 509.756.2423www.eyepartner.comEYEPARTNER.COMEyepartner has had a live demo of such an application at the city of Marathon Marina, inwhich a 360 degree security camera has been mounted overlooking the beautiful boot keyharbor which you can view this stream at:http://www.ci.marathon.fl.us/index.aspx?NID=600This camera is set to give one an automated tour of the harbor, but it also has the ability forone to access the orientation interface and point the camera in the desired location andeven zoom in and out of a desired target via a simple interface.This stream can then be recorded from the server and accessed at a later date for referencepurposes. This reduces the on-site hardware to a camera and a broadcasting PC connectedto the internet, potentially saving thousands of dollars in consoles and cable.This specific feed has had much success as both a monitoring tool for the city marina staffas well as an example of community pride. The first, as a monitoring tool, is extremelyimportant as it has helped the city keep track of incoming and outgoing boats within theharbor. The second, as an example of community pride, can be witnessed throughoutseveral local businesses that proudly display the webcam feed on monitors throughouttheir locations.Eyepartner is contacted several times a week by marathon residents abroad who inform usthat they are able to keep an eye on their boat through the web cam feed.Below is a sample of LIVE HD TikiLIVE video feed.As wireless technologies are everincreasing the uplink speeds, applyingIPTV security cameras can be integratedwith police cruisers, ambulances or firetrucks.This will provide first responders anddispatch agents with visual feeds ofparticular scenarios that could provideinvaluable information to otherresponders.Recording this content via a server will alsoprovide an affordable means for archivinglive scenarios and situations for trainingpurposes in the future.In summary, IPTV solutions are currently avery affordable and reliable solution toproviding live events to residents andpublic servants alike, utilizing standardhardware typically already integrated atmost businesses and households.These IPTV solutions can also providevaluable automated archiving abilitieswithout the need for expensive DVRequipment.As Marathon Florida is located in the heartof the Florida Keys, it provides a greatexample of how a remote community canutilize simple internet connections tostream video content to all interestedresidents and parties.TikiLIVETIKILIVE.COM