Eyeblaster Case Study Intel Serves Up Experts With Talkback Ads


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Eyeblaster Case Study Intel Serves Up Experts With Talkback Ads

  1. 1. Intel Serves Up its Experts from a Banner Just as Intel pushes the boundaries of innovation in technology, it’s also pushing limits in digital advertising. In 2009, Intel combined social Campaign ID media and digital display across multiple regions around the world in a breakthrough marketing strategy to support its new Vpro and Xeon Advertiser: Intel technology. To reach a global audience efficiently and consistently, Intel Eyeblaster Solution: tapped into Eyeblaster’s Talkback Ads: Expert Panel, an in-banner chat Talkback Ads, Expert Panel; format that connects brands with consumers in real-time. Intel followed Global Campaign Management the sun around the world as it covered major markets two hours at a time on selected days. From within a banner, Intel experts fielded questions from consumers on targeted IT web sites in France, Germany, Russia, the UK, the Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden, and North America. The Talkback Ad facilitates live communication between advertisers and online users without needing to click out of the ad or publisher. Using the Talkback Ad format globally, Intel experts had direct access with IT professionals in multiple countries who asked questions related to products, technology perspectives and actively engaged with the Intel brand online. © 2010 Eyeblaster Inc. All rights reserved l www.eyeblaster.com l Email: info@eyeblaster.com Page 1
  2. 2. Goals » Support the launch of the vPro and Xeon technology marketing campaign » Reinforce Intel’s position as a trusted source for valuable tools and insight to help IT professionals » Deliver real-time, customer direct, access to Intel expertise » Establish a human-side to the Intel brand across a large scale Strategy » Exercise a mixed channel approach using social media in-chat components within online display ads » Create discussions that supports the launch of Intel’s vPro and Xeon technology » Create a global channel to engage with current or potential Intel consumers » Energize the IT community with direct advertiser-consumer communication in real-time Tactics » Execute a media plan that spans across seven countries » Use creative elements that make it easy for end users to explore brand and engage with experts, without leaving the banner ad » Leverage an attractive announcement through promotional banners prior to the Live-Chat » Adopt the push strategy where content is delivered to the user within the banner ad Conclusion Intel successfully leveraged the power social media and online display ads to raise awareness and for its vPro and Xeon technology and connect its brand directly to IT decision makers and Intel customers. The development of the Talkback Ads enabled Intel to engage in direct, real-time conversations with the IT community to discuss and answer questions related to Intel’s products and expertise in the technology market. By working with Eyeblaster, Intel executed a global strategy through their media agency that centralized campaign management and unified measurement. The in-banner chats reinforced Intel’s position as a key IT source for its audience and established brand affinity through a two-way conversation, while producing valuable marketing insights and consumer feedback that will contribute to the future of Intel’s products and initiatives. © 2010 Eyeblaster Inc. All rights reserved l www.eyeblaster.com l Email: info@eyeblaster.com Page 2