Eyeblaster Case Study Emirates Smar Versioning For Quick Takeoff


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Eyeblaster Case Study Emirates Smar Versioning For Quick Takeoff

  1. 1. Emirates Enjoys a Quick Take-Off Campaign Launched in Campaign ID Record Time with Smart Client: Emirates Versioning Campaign: Business Class Cabin Fares Eyeblaster Products Used: Smart Versioning, w r Data Capture u Creative Agency: Chemistry e Media Agency: Starcom Mediavest s i w h p c l u u c Campaign Goals Emirates were looking to promote their special business class fares and encourage bookings. The offer was only to be available for 1 week, therefore raising its appeal to consumers. Emirates also wanted to ensure that although this is an offer led campaign, travelling with Emirates in Business Class is an accessible yet uncompromised experience. Primary Client Objective Raise awareness of the business class offers from London Gatwick and Birmingham and grow premium business class traffic. The Challenge: Rapid Turn-Around The creative agency knew that they would only have 8 days to get the banners live from the moment Emirates committed to a campaign. As the campaign included dozens of different options to promote reduced flight fares for business class, they needed a solution that would enable them to quickly produce all of the ads required. © 2010 Eyeblaster Inc. All rights reserved l www.eyeblaster.com l Email: info@eyeblaster.com Page 1
  2. 2. The Solution: Smart Versioning By building a shell template with editable areas enabled by Smart Versioning, the creative agency was able to have it tested and approved before even being briefed on the campaign specifics. Once briefed, they were able to quickly edit assets of the ad without building new ads from scratch for each version. Eyeblaster’s Smart Versioning tool enabled the agency to easily change the price, takeoff and destination cities to reflect the airfare specials on the fly. Without Smart Versioning, the agency would have had to build and upload dozens of different ads, a time-consuming, costly and painful process. Campaign Execution The one-week campaign focussed on geographic locations relevant to the offer within the campaign and ran across sites of the Telegraph, Guardian, FT and Reuters. In addition, each of these sites also incorporated business and travel targeting in order to reach the selected audience. Results: Nearly Double the Benchmark CTR was the primary digital success metric used for this campaign. Using the Dynamic standard ads built with Smart Versioning, the campaign delivered a CTR almost double the standard banner benchmark CTR of 0.07% in the Travel vertical. The campaign’s high CTR is even more significant given that the target audience was a very focussed and exclusive one of business class travelers over a very short time period. In addition, Emirate’s Omniture data confirms that the campaign delivered 276 flight bookings. Smart Versioning allows Starcom to be more reactive to our clients’ needs within a condensed timeframe. As the campaign needed to promote a variety of Business Class routes, the Eyeblaster tool was able to assist in producing multiple ads instantly. Joanna Poulton, Associate Digital Director at Starcom Here’s a toast to a campaign well-done. © 2010 Eyeblaster Inc. All rights reserved l www.eyeblaster.com l Email: info@eyeblaster.com Page 2