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WebRTC by Eyeball Networks


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WebRTC is a real time communication API for the web being drafted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), designed to bring video chat and other features directly to the browser without the need for plugins or downloads.

Eyeball Networks and Google are working together to enhance the STUN, TURN, and ICE standards as part of the WebRTC project.

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WebRTC by Eyeball Networks

  1. 1. Eyeball Networks Guaranteed Device-to-Device Connections and Communications
  2. 2. Eyeball Networks The leader in voice and video over IP software which enables: ‣ handset/tablet makers ‣ application developers, and ‣ service providers to deliver carrier-grade communications services: ‣ over any home, mobile, public, or enterprise network, ‣ through any NAT or firewall, ‣ to any device, and ‣ interconnecting any communications protocol GUARANTEED.
  3. 3. Eyeball Networks Company Founded: 2002 End users: 100M+ Employees: 60 Offices: San Francisco Tokyo Seoul Dhaka Singapore Vancouver AnyFirewall embedded in products & services used by 100s of millions of end users including: 98% of the Fortune 500 100% of the Fortune 100
  4. 4. Customers / Deployments 2010 85M videotelephony users Guaranteed connections, voice/video 2008 40+ video conferencing products 400K+ enterprise customers Guaranteed connections 2012 32M video conferencing users Guaranteed connections 2013 VidyoGateway Guaranteed connections with legacy conferencing systems 2012 Common Connectivity Framework Guaranteed connections for mobile apps 2014 enables guaranteed WebRTC connections, voice/video
  5. 5. Eyeball Networks Patents Patents: Fundamental to: RFC 5245 - ICE RFC 6544 - ICE-TCP RFC 5389 – STUN XEP – 0166 – Jingle XEP – 0167 – Jingle RTP XEP – 0176 – Jingle ICE-UDP XEP-0234 - Jingle file transfer XEP-0260 - Jingle SOCKS5 XEP-0261 - Jingle In-Band MS-SIP - Microsoft Lync
  6. 6. Eyeball Networks “Best in Class” product and technology portfolio: ‣ End-to-end IP communications solutions ‣ Patent portfolio fundamental to IETF, CableLabs, and 3GPP standards Field-proven: ‣ 200+ licensees, 100M+ end users ‣ Tier 1 fixed line (e.g. Polycom) and mobile (e.g. RIM) ‣ Tier 1 consumer (e.g. Nokia) and enterprise (e.g. Shoretel)
  7. 7. WebRTC is a standards-based open source project which embeds real-time voice and video communications in Web browsers without the need for plugins or downloads
  8. 8. The WebRTC standard calls for STUN TURN and ICE to address NAT traversal and connectivity requirements
  9. 9. Pioneered by Eyeball, STUN, TURN, and ICE are the standard protocols which enable firewall and NAT traversal for real-time communications systems including WebRTC
  10. 10. Eyeball brings the best STUN TURN technology available on the market, and the confidence our solutions can handle the largest possible deployments
  11. 11. World Leader In STUN TURN ICE Deployments 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 10 80 160 500 1,500 2014 2012 2010 2008 2002 Millions of STUN/TURN/ICE devices Google adopts STUN/TURN/ICE for Android WebRTC incorporates AnyFirewall Technology Intel adopts STUN/TURN/ICE for processors Based on AnyFirewall Technology BlackBerry adopts STUN/TURN/ICE for phones Based on AnyFirewall Technology Polycom adopts STUN/TURN/ICE for conferencing Based on AnyFirewall Technology Eyeball develops AnyFirewall Technology Patents STUN / ICE methods
  12. 12. Guarantees connectivity, maximizes peer-to-peer connectivity, call quality, and scalability, and, supports all major real-time communication systems, including SIP, Microsoft Lync, Jingle, IBM Sametime and WebRTC
  13. 13. www.anywh www.anywh Client software to support STUN TURN ICE NAT traversal and connectivity STUN TURN Server software to support NAT traversal and connectivity
  14. 14. Eyeball Networks and WebRTC Project Contributions www.anywh www.anywh 1. Sub-components of AnyFirewall Engine for performance optimizations 2. Sub-component patent license grants for WebRTC patent pool and community 3. AnyFirewall STUN TURN Server and hosted services to the WebRTC development community
  15. 15. These two offerings combined will ensure Eyeball’s position as leader in STUN TURN services to support the growing WebRTC market.
  16. 16. GOOGLE REQUIREMENTS • 1+ billion end users • Hosted connectivity service • Peer-to-peer connectivity • Ephemeral credentials • Integrate with WebRTC apps EYEBALL SOFTWARE OUTCOME
  17. 17. Contact Eyeball Networks • • Email: • Phone: 604-921-5993 • Headquarters: • 1201 W Pender St. Ste. 730 • Vancouver, BC V6E 2V2 Canada