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AnyConnect Gateway by Eyeball Networks


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AnyConnect Gateway protects enterprise networks from attacks with topology hiding and provides secure delivery of SIP, voice, and video conferencing services. AnyConnect Gateway supports TLS encryption for secure SIP signaling and SRTP encryption and VPN connections for secure data transport with confidentiality, message authentication, and replay protection. Together these protocols protect voice, video conferencing, and unified communications from eavesdroppers, hackers and spoofers.

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AnyConnect Gateway by Eyeball Networks

  1. 1. Eyeball Networks Guaranteed Device-to-Device Connections and Communications
  2. 2. Eyeball Networks The leader in voice and video over IP software which enables: ‣ handset/tablet makers ‣ application developers, and ‣ service providers to deliver carrier-grade communications services: ‣ over any home, mobile, public, or enterprise network, ‣ through any NAT or firewall, ‣ to any device, and ‣ interconnecting any communications protocol GUARANTEED.
  3. 3. Eyeball Networks Company Founded: 2002 End users: 100M+ Employees: 60 Offices: San Francisco Tokyo Seoul Dhaka Singapore Vancouver AnyFirewall embedded in products & services used by 100s of millions of end users including: 98% of the Fortune 500 100% of the Fortune 100
  4. 4. Customers / Deployments 2010 85M videotelephony users Guaranteed connections, voice/video 2008 40+ video conferencing products 400K+ enterprise customers Guaranteed connections 2012 32M video conferencing users Guaranteed connections 2013 VidyoGateway Guaranteed connections with legacy conferencing systems 2012 Common Connectivity Framework Guaranteed connections for mobile apps 2014 enables guaranteed WebRTC connections, voice/video
  5. 5. Eyeball Networks Patents Patents: Fundamental to: RFC 5245 - ICE RFC 6544 - ICE-TCP RFC 5389 – STUN XEP – 0166 – Jingle XEP – 0167 – Jingle RTP XEP – 0176 – Jingle ICE-UDP XEP-0234 - Jingle file transfer XEP-0260 - Jingle SOCKS5 XEP-0261 - Jingle In-Band MS-SIP - Microsoft Lync
  6. 6. Eyeball Networks “Best in Class” product and technology portfolio: ‣ End-to-end IP communications solutions ‣ Patent portfolio fundamental to IETF, CableLabs, and 3GPP standards Field-proven: ‣ 200+ licensees, 100M+ end users ‣ Tier 1 fixed line (e.g. Polycom) and mobile (e.g. RIM) ‣ Tier 1 consumer (e.g. Nokia) and enterprise (e.g. Shoretel)
  7. 7. Multiple Applications & Services
  8. 8. Signalling UPnP HTTP/S ICE STUN TURN Media MS-ICE2 MS-STUN MS-TURN MS-SDPEX T MS-SIPRE GE MS-ICE2BWM MS-TURNBWM Extensions MS-SIP AntiSPIT™ SMNP Policy Control Legacy VoIP endpoints DDoS mitigatio n TLS SRTP Topology Hiding SIP MS-SIP XMPP Jingle STU/TURN/ICE Standards compliant endpoints SIP Servers Security Universal Connectivity
  9. 9. Architecture
  10. 10. B2B Collaboration
  11. 11. Enterprise or Cloud Deployment
  12. 12. Interconnection
  13. 13. Remote Endpoint Collaboration
  14. 14. Remote Endpoint Collaboration Carrier-class server scalability 1. Edge/State Server capacity reached 2. Install additional Edge/State Servers 3. Update Server configuration 4. Update DNS records 5. Edge Servers may query, update new State Servers 6. Endpoints register to new Edge Servers
  15. 15. Remote Endpoint Collaboration 100% Service Uptime 1. Edge Server goes offline 2. Endpoint is deregistered 3. Endpoint performs DNS lookup 4. Endpoint reregisters 10. State Server goes offline 11. Server is disconnected 12. Edge Server reconnects to a State Server 13. State Server fetches user state data
  16. 16. Guarantees Load Balancing Geographic load balancing 1. DNS query 2. DNS response 3. SIP registration
  17. 17. Mitigates VoIP Spam Subscriber Protection 1. Jill calls Jack 2. AntiSPIT rates call 3. AntiSPIT forwards good call 4. Spammer calls Jack 5. AntiSPIT rates call 6. AntiSPIT blocks spam call
  18. 18. Contact Eyeball Networks • • Email: • Phone: 604-921-5993 • Headquarters: • 1201 W Pender St. Ste. 730 • Vancouver, BC V6E 2V2 Canada