Pharma e marketing canada 2010 nov 1-2 (3)


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Pharma e marketing canada 2010 nov 1-2 (3)

  1. 1. Over 200 YOUR PASSPORT TO CANADA’S MUST ATTEND EVENT FOR PHARMA Developed by: Registered DelegatesPharmae-marketing Canada2 day conference - November 1 - 2, Marriott Bloor Yorkville, TorontoCreate the Perfect Social Media Strategy within yourMarketing Mix to Engage Customers and Improve ROI Expert Speakers Include: Gain Insights from PAAB, ASC, & Rx&D: Hear their exact Ray Chepesiuk recommendations towards Social Media Marketing and Chief Executive O cer of the autonomous Create the Perfect Campaign. Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory Board Embrace all the Opportunities within Social Media: Linda J. Nagel President and CEO Engage Physicians, Pharmacists, Nurses and Consumers to Advertising Standards Canada increase brand awareness and sales. Christian Roy Build a Bespoke Multi-Channel Approach: Develop a Vice President, Marketing, Primary Care Business robust marketing strategy inspired by proven case studies Unit Pfizer Canada delivered by industry innovators. Declan McGuiness Head, Growth Brand Ensure a Strong ROI: Apply measurable resources to Management Bayer Inc. guarantee profitability with eChannels. Henry Anderson Global Interactive "Canada has been looking to the US and Europe for too long on this Marketing Manager topic. For the first time we have an event purely focused to the Novartis Canadian market. This will be one event we cant miss." Dr. Shafiq Qaadri Christian Roy, VP, Marketing, Pfizer. Physician, Medical Lecturer & Writer In Association With: Diamond Sponsor: Water Bottle Supporting Gold & Lunch Sponsor: Sponsors: Sponsors: Gold Sponsors: O cial Media Partners: TM Co ee Break Sponsor For the full speaker line-up and the most up to date information visit:
  2. 2. Pharma Developed by:e-Marketing CanadaNovember 1-2, Marriott Bloor Yorkville, Toronto A note from PAAB For the first time in Canada there is an agenda areas, internal business, mobile, eCME, award show to showcase Canada’s best. It is a that o ers a comprehensive list of topics and eDetailing the list goes on.. and I’ll be on hand chance to get out of the routine business day experts in this new emerging marketing area. to help ensure it all fits within the Canadian and expand your mind and your marketing You’re guaranteed to gain essential insights regulatory framework. e orts. I hope to see you there. and be truly ahead of the game at the end of this summit. The opening sessions on Social More than the learning, I look forward to Media will help you uncover the challenges opportunity meet and network with pharma using this medium for targeting patients, industry folks who are looking to the future in physicians , pharmacists, nurses and others. I their marketing e orts. Although you can learn think one of the most important areas for about the technology and science, making Ray Chepesiuk, pharma is how to establish a total marketing marketing happen in the real world still PAAB Commisioner mix. I know this is at the heart of several depends on knowing the right people. Oh, and presentations. This event really will cover all I look forward to the first digital marketing34 Expert Speakers Include:Ray Chepesiuk Patrick Massad Linda J. Nagel Nicole Bellam Chrisoula Nikidis Michelle Read-Kulig Peter WestChief Executive Chief Review President and CEO Vice President Director of Ethics Senior Communications Senior MarketingO cer of the O cer ASC ASC Clearance and Compliance Advisor, Digital & Social Directorautonomous PAAB PAAB Services Practices Media, Ontario Ministry Wyeth/Pfizer Rx&D of Health & Long-Term Care Christian Roy Declan McGuiness Elena Chouw Claudio Battaglin Henry Anderson Danny ShenkmanTom Pryzgoda Head, Growth Manager, Senior Market Global Interactive eChannel Brand Vice President,Director, Brand e-Marketing Manager, Marketing Manager Marketing, PrimaryInternational Management Pfizer Canada E-Marketing Manager Eli Lilly Canada Inc. Care Business UnitMarketing Operations Bayer Inc. Bayer Inc. Novartis Pfizer CanadaAbbotDr. Shafiq Qaadri Lily Holmyard Neil Follett Greg Cook Natalie Bourré Janet Smith Rick CampbellPhysician, Medical Partner Managing Director Managing Director Medical Marketing Executive Editorial DirectorLecturer & Writer Essential Research Brightworks MDBriefcase and Social Media Publisher Rogers Healthcare Inc. Consultant Rogers Healthcare Group CFWH Group Alec Melkonian Lori Grant Paul Kosto Kim Bercovitz Dave Pattenden Martin FisherGreg Rice Senior Vice Senior Vice CEO President Director - Health Vice PresidentManaging Director, President - Sales & President - Brand MediResource The Research Microsoft Canada Clearly Health IncHealthcare Client Services Development & DoctorConversionMarketing- Klick Pharma Digital StrategyCommunication Klick PharmaLarry Lubin Derek Patterson Dr. Michael Lee Segal Day 1 Chair Day 2 ChairCEO Regional Director Churchill-Smith CEO and president Brian O’Donnell Dr. John ReevesBlue Rush Manulife Bank Director of Klick Executive President International A airs, Vice-President - Kyp Canada Inc McGill University Interactive Services Health Centre Klick Pharma
  3. 3. Pharma Developed by:e-Marketing CanadaNovember 1-2, Marriott Bloor Yorkville, Toronto CONFERENCE AT A GLANCE REASONS TO ATTEND Day One – November 1 Day Two – November 2 • Only eMarketing summit Summary Summary focused purely to Canadian Much anticipated PAAB Create an e ective pharma workshop marketing mix • Premier event to learn about the most innovative market ASC and Rx&D insights. Create e ective e-Details ing approaches. Understand all levels of Social Media. Website optimisation • Vital Industry Topics • Discover the elusive ROI Establish physician search Metrics & Analytics within e-channels. characteristics Mobile media, current apps • Host to Canada’s first eCme > importance and and future potential Pharma Digital Awards potential Digital awards and cocktail party! NETWORKING AND EXHIBITION Face-to-Face networking is key to prospering in 2010. Over 150 leaders and innovators in eMarketing will be in the same room as you and eager to exchange ideas and share experiences. The design of the event maximizes networking time with over 10 hours applied over the 2 days. No other event can provide you with 2 days of business focused networking with some of the most influential people in your field. Build relationships and grow your contact list in 2010 to transform the future of your business. The only exhibition floor you’ll need The eMarketing Canada Exhibition floor is an opportunity to see, discover and understand new products and solutions in action. Spaces are limited. Get in touch today to secure your place. Contact Ed Harris, SVP of Sales at, DIGITAL AWARDS Discover how Canadian Pharma is Erupting into 2011 with Digital Innovation eyeforpharma is proud to partner with Kyp Canada to bring you Canada’s first Pharma Digital Awards. Submission information and judging criteria can be found on For the full speaker line-up and the most up to date information visit:
  4. 4. Developed by:Day One - November 1st, 2010 Welcome to the SUPER panel Target Physician Segments EXCLUSIVEKeynote Industry Overview Pharma + Regulators + Agencies + Physicians by Leveraging the Power of CANADIAN EPHYSICIAN eMarketing INSIGHTSStay ahead of Your Competitors Design a Successful Digital KEY • Realize the importance ofby Identifying the Top Digital NOTE Campaign– a discussion on how the segmenting your message to gain higherTrends in 2011 regulatory authorities and pharma can engagement and increased ROI ; urban vs.• Restructure your organization and get ready work together to achieve harmonious rural, males vs. females, higher vs. lower for the top social trends on the horizon. goals. prescribers, younger vs. older, heavier vs.• Improve your products and brand adoption • Learn key strategies in building a successful lighter internet users etc… through utilizing the innovation in search and online engagement platform. • Understand how to engage with these mobile technologies. • Develop best practice approaches in segments by addressing their personal needs• Plan your digital strategy by identifying how negotiating online hurdles and obstacles. and boundaries relative to eTactics. foreign markets influence Canadians. • Establish exactly what SMM success can look • Apply the appropriate communications mix to• Increase brand awareness by embracing like. maximize reach and relevance for each the latest patient engagement programs. customer segment. Moderator:Brian O’Donnell, Executive Vice President Ray Chepesiuk, CEO, PAAB Lily Holmyard, Partner, Essential ResearchInteractive Services, Klick Pharma Inc. Panelists: Christian Roy, VP Marketing, Pfizer CanadaCreate True Regulatory Clarity Neil Follett, MD, Brightworks Henry Anderson, Global Interactive Marketing Digital AwardsDevelop a successful Social Manager. Pre-Award panel: A panel of digital Shafiq Qaadri, Physician, Government MedicalMedia Marketing campaign. Lecturer experts will highlight some of Canada’s• Discuss a thought process which most innovative and successful online will help you navigate through the campaigns. regulatory framework without a GPS unit Successfully Engage Using • Learn where Canada currently stands as a• Explore various SMM opportunities by Social Media “digital industry” and what are the best considering several options and examples on the market. overcoming possible barriers and pitfalls Pharma E -Marketing - Fact or • Understand how to overcome the potential KEY barriers holding Canadian pharma back.• Layer features and applications onto your Fiction? NOTE • Discover what to expect for digital pharma in social media marketing (SMM) platform which • Understand Bayers rationale for 2011 and know exactly what NOT to do. satisfy the end-user’s appetite without questioning this highly complex channel Moderator super-sizing the manufacturer’s regulatory • Understand how to make online channels the Dr. John Reeves, President, Kyp Canada Inc risk backbone of a product launch and overcomePatrick Massad, Chief Review O cer, PAAB the obstacles when launching without a sales Panelists force Michelle Read-Kulig, Senior CommunicationsConnect E ectively • Establish the holy grail; ROI. Advisor, Ontario Ministry of Healthwith Consumers to Ray Chepesiuk, CEO, PAAB Declan McGuiness, Head, Growth Brand Dave Pattenden, Microsoft CanadaEnhance Brand Awareness Management, Bayer Inc. Lee Segal, President and CEO, Klick Pharma• Understand how to ensure that Information Claudio Battaglin, Senior Market Manager, Natalie Bourre, Social Media Consultant doesn’t become Advertising E-Marketing , Bayer Inc. Paul Kosto , CEO, MediResource• Gain Key Insights to Guarantee Regulatory Engage Successfully with CASE Compliance in the e-universe STUDY• Learn the ASC’s Exclusive top tips and traps for Physicians by learning from a social media marketing Physician: Surely a No Brainer?Linda J.Nagel, President and CEO, ASC • Hear it from the source – understand whereNicole Bellam, Vice President, ASC Clearance when and why physician interact onlineServices • Discover exactly what a physician would want in an ideal eMarketing situation.Rx&D Code of Ethical Practices, Going • Learn the potential impact media-savvyBeyond Compliance. physicians can have on your drug.• Understand the key elements in applying the Dr Shafiq Qaadri, Physician and Government fundamentals of the Rx&D Code of Ethical Medical Lecturer Practices.• Successfully engage health care professionals Increase Patient Satisfaction and through applying an in-depth understanding Brand Awareness – Examine The The networking drinks at the end of Day One of these requirements. Future of Patient Support Programs is your chance to catch up with old friends• Learn how the most successful websites • Find out how to increase patient satisfaction and network with the sharpest minds in promote and support ethical business by harnessing the latest technology and Canadian Marketing and eMarketing. practices and adhere fully to the Rx&D code. identifying the patient’s exact need.Chrisoula Nikidis, Director of Ethics and • Boost program performance by integratingCompliance Practices, Rx&D smartphones and the latest wireless technology. • Maximize your brand awareness by developing an innovative and successful patient support program. Alec Melkonian, Senior Vice President Sales & Client Services, Klick Pharma Lori Grant, Senior Vice President Brand Development & Digital Strategy, Klick Pharma For the full speaker line-up and the most up to date information visit:
  5. 5. Developed by:Day Two - November 2nd, 2010Establish the Behavior and EXCLUSIVE Get your Canadian pharma Enhance Brand Awareness and CASE CASENeeds of the Online RESEARCH company to be "Social Media STUDY Increase Sales by Utilizing STUDY INSIGHTPharmacist and Nurse: Ready" – Learn from The Pfizer Online VideoFrontline Key Insights Canada experience • Learn how to use innovative PAAB compliant• Identify and engage by knowing what they • Transform your organization to be strategies to connect directly with patients want and deliver what they need digitally-friendly in a web 2.0 environment. • Review case studies that showcase online• Maximize engagement by effectively • Learn the planning and resources required to video used in healthcare. provoking your audience. get your organization ready for this new era in • Understand how to fully embrace this essential• Discover key insights into their e-habits and Canada. channel and integrate video into your learn the tips to attract both the technically • Create a practical flowchart for a Web 2.0 marketing mix. savvy and the online neophyte conversation with Canadian physicians Martin Fisher, Vice President, Clearly HealthJanet Smith, Executive Publisher, Rogers Christian Roy, VP Marketing, Pfizer Canada IncHealthcare Group Elena Chouw, Manager, e-Marketing, PfizerRick Campbell, Editorial Director, Rogers CanadaHealthcare Group Increase Internal E ciency & Clear out the Cobwebs and IntegrateExamine how Eli Lilly’s Enhance Physician Education CASE Digital into your Marketing MixSuccessful Health Care Portal STUDY • Understand how to build a PAAB compliant Achieve Significantly Increased ROIwas Built and its Level of non-branded strategy by Switching to Online CMESuccess • Fill your tool box with innovative tricks and • Benefit from the significant increase in health• Define the vision for your portal to meet the tactics • Save time and cost by creating a full online care professionals using the internet to fulfill needs of Canadian HCPs and your company their learning needs.• Learn to apply the right content and resources support program • Understand the importance of investing in to e ectively attract the right audience to your Neil Follett, MD, Brightworks eCME and establish clear ROI site • Learn the key elements to a successful eCME• Understand what metrics and results actually Exclusive Insight into CROSS program INDUSTRY matter when calculating ROI Manulife One’s Multi CASE STUDY Greg Cook, MD, MDBriefcaseDanny Shenkman, eChannel Brand Manager, Channel Campaign – AEli Lilly Canada Inc. Creating Water Tight Operational Digital End to End Success Story E ciency: Embrace the Digital AgeInsight into a Physician’s CASE • Increase sales and exposure through learning STUDY how their strategic planning resulted in a • Overcome the current challenges we face withSuccessful Digital Plan to the marketing and business modelPrevent the Spread of H1N1 successful multi-channel campaign. • Discover how each challenge was overcome • Understand how to utilize the current• Understand how to Successfully engage with including the hurdle of compliance. technology and opportunities in the consumers to raise disease awareness. • Apply their success to your organisation by marketplace• Create a significant online impact with adopting these key learning’s and using • Create value for your organization by knowing minimal budget and resources. essential metrics. what technology and people to back.• Learn the appropriate balance of digital media Henry Anderson, Manager, Global Interactive to o er your audience. Derek Patterson, Regional Director, Manulife Bank. Marketing, NovartisDr. Michael Churchill-Smith, Director of Larry Lubin, CEO, BlueRush Digital MediaInternational A airs, McGill University Health Reaching Today’s PhysiciansCentre Build a successful e-marketing • Trends in physician behavior with focus on EU platform – Learn from a European • Physicians with comparison to US Physicians Success Story. Physician trends driving new commercialCreate the Perfect Marketing models • Identify the exact steps needed whenMix implementing any regional campaign. • Best practices for engaging today’s physicians • Know the exact elements needed in research, Jeremy Schneider, Vice President, PharmaOptimizing Your Existing Digital Sales, Reaching Today’s Physicians development and implementationProgram • Discover the entire campaigns ROI• User Experience: how simple changes can make it better Pete West, Senior Marketing Director, Pfizer Round Table session• Content: How the “Brand Publishing” mindset Create a successful EUROPEAN Brain storm and strategize on all the will help you maintain relevancy over time marketing mix by applying CASE STUDY topics discussed over the past 2 days with and help drive business results. the essential fundamentals the speakers, sponsors and delegates;• Maximizing Drive. Findability. • Establish the exact percentage and time scales probably the most valuable session of the Discoverability. Shareabilty. Phygital you should include towards eMarketing event. Programs. All key to driving tra c in the new channels. world. • Effectively reduce your organizations sales• Measurement: Some key web analytics that costs though eMarketing. marketers need to “own”. • Increase your ROI by applying this provenGreg Rice, Managing Director, Healthcare, formula.Conversion Marketing-Communication Tom Pryzgoda, Director, international Market- ing Operations, Abbott For the full speaker line-up and the most up to date information visit:
  6. 6. Pharma Developed by:e-Marketing CanadaNovember 1-2, Marriott Bloor Yorkville, TorontoAfter months of intensive research with and Rx&D. Gain the latest updates from Our 5 Guaranteessenior level pharma and regulators, it them and hear first hand how to have abecame obvious that Canada is screaming regulated online relationship with payors. to you:out for a summit on eMarketing but PAAB will also make up an exclusive social 1focused purely to Canadian Pharma. media workshop along with senior A roadmap for action pharma representatives and physicians to -practical steps for yourThe opportunity is here to engage both put your questions on pharma social company to movephysicians and patients through the media to bed.E-channels they already use. For those confidently towardswho get it right, and avoid the pitfalls, the Thanks to the exciting innovation taking strategic eMarketing userewards can be great. Join us in Toronto place in Canada, it is only fitting that anto hear case studies from pharmacompanies on successful multi-channelmarketing campaigns will form the awards ceremony will take place on Day 1 to mark industry talent and best practice. Be a part of it and join now. 2 Knowledge brands today the biggest from some ofbackbone of Pharma E-marketingCanada. Learn how to successfullymeasure ROI for social media; a metric 3 New relationships withset of highly targeted, senior awhich is notoriously hard to define. How peerselse can E-channels be used for pharma?Learn how to implement patientmicro-sites and successfully optimize for Jon Gwillim 4 Insights from theatmost in dynamic figures work Marketing todaysearch so your content is being found by VP – eyeforpharmathe right people. Furthermore, learn to jgwillim@eyeforpharma.commeasure and understand analytics toensure your site is used properly. One of + 44 207 375 7203 P.s. Share the experience, huge discounts 5 A benchmark of what you companies, and leadingthe key reasons many of you and your and promotions for group bookings. need to do to take yourcolleagues will attend this event is the Contact me directly for further place amongst themappearance of regulators like PAAB, ASC, information Business Opportunities For Catch every presentation… Solution Providers It can be di cult to catch every presentation- and with the expertise on o er, you’ll want to. We will We are dedicated to providing a forum where record every presentation so you don’t have to miss a attendees can learn about the most advanced and thing. Simply purchase a ‘Gold Pass’ when you tailored solutions available on the market. register. You’ll be given access to the Online Video • There are a limited number of spaces available for within 10 days of the event. companies with an innovative solution within eMarketing • This event will build new prospects and strengthen Register on page 7 now. current business relationships. Opportunities available include A great event should be • 1 to 1 meetings with key decision makers complimented by a great venue. • Take a speaking slot and address over 100 Marketing, eMarketing, Product and Brand specialists. This years event and awards ceremony will be at the • Show off your latest products and services in our Marriott Toronto Bloor Yorkville. exhibition hall • Build your brand with exclusive promotional Weve managed to secure a opportunities reduced rate of $179 exc tax • Host interactive round table sessions with core clients and prospects... and much more! Booking information will be sent with your conformation. If you want to meet with senior decision makers from pharmaceutical and biotech companies then contact Turn to page 7 to secure your the SVP of sales Ed Harris at place For the full speaker line-up and the most up to date information visit:
  7. 7. Developed by:Register NOW in 3 easy stepsPharma eMarketing Canada, November 1-2 Marriott Bloor Yorkville, Toronto 1. YOUR CHOICE OF REGISTRATION PACKAGE Super Early Bird Price Early Bird Price Standard Price FOR PHARMA COMPANIES Before 13th August Before 17th of September Platinum Pass • Two day full access pass • Access to all the Workshops $1799 CAD $2099 CAD $2399 CAD • Full event video recording • Exclusive eMarketing Report Gold Pass • Two day full access pass • Access to all the Workshops $1599 CAD $1899 CAD $2199 CAD • Full event recording Silver Pass • Two day full access pass $1399 CAD $1699 CAD $1999 CAD • Access to all the Workshops FOR SOLUTIONS Super Early Bird Price Early Bird Price Standard Price PROVIDERS & CONSULTANTS Before 13th August Before 17th of September Platinum Pass • Two day full access pass $1999 CAD $2299 CAD $2599 CAD • Full event video recording • Exclusive eMarketing Report Gold Pass • Two day full access pass $1799 CAD $2099 CAD $2399 CAD • Full event recording Silver Pass • Two day full access pass $1599 CAD $1899 CAD $2199 CAD NGO $699 CAD*All prices are in Canadian dollars *NB: FULL PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE EVENT 2. DELEGATE DETAILSMr / Mrs / Ms / Dr: _________________ First name: _____________________________ Last name: ___________________________ Company:___________________________Position / Title: ____________________________________________________________Telephone: ___________________________ Fax: ________________________________E-mail: ______________________________________ Country: ____________________ Address: _____________________________ Postcode: ___________________________ 3. PAYMENTI enclose a cheque/draft for: $____________ (payable to FC Business Intelligence) Credit card number: ________________________________________________________Please invoice my company: $ ____________ Purchase Order No.: __________ Expiry date: __________________ Security Number (last three digits on back) _______Please charge my credit card: $ _________________________________________ Name on card: _____________________________________________________________Amex Visa Mastercard Signature:_____________________________ Country:____________________________ FAX THIS FORM TO +44 20 7375 7576 4 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER TODAY! ONLINE: Go to and submit your Group Discounts details for instant confirmation of your place. Take advantage of eyeforpharmas unique team discounts. The more you E-MAIL: The eyeforpharma Registration Team at bring, the more you save! For example: ***Register for 3 full price tickets and get 1 FREE! FAX: Send this form by fax to: +44 20 73 75 75 76 Groups should contact Jon Gwillim: CALL: eyeforpharma on +44 20 73 75 75 75Terms & Conditions All prices displayed are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated but, VAT will be charged, where applicable, at the prevailing ratePlaces are transferable without any charge. Cancellations before 24th September 2010 incur an administrative charge of 25%. If you on the invoice date and the relevant details will appear on the invoice. FC Business Intelligence Ltd. takes every care to ensurecancel your registration after 24th September 2010 we will be obliged to charge you the full fee. Please note - you must notify that prices quoted are correct at time of publishing however; bookings will only be accepted if there is no material error in theeyeforpharma in writing of a cancellation, or we will be obliged to charge you the full fee. The organisers reserve the right to make price advertised on the website. Please read the complete text of term & conditions at:changes to the program without notice. For the full speaker line-up and the most up to date information visit:
  8. 8. Over 200 YOUR PASSPORT TO CANADA’S MUST ATTEND EVENT FOR PHARMA Developed by: Registered DelegatesPharmae-marketing Canada2 day conference - November 1 - 2, Marriott Bloor Yorkville, TorontoCreate the Perfect Social Media Strategy within yourMarketing Mix to Engage Customers and Improve ROI5 great reasons to attend this conference: Industry Buzz around eMarketing Canada: Get the latest information and analysis at your fingertips.1 Key case study insights from Bayer, Pfizer, Eli Lily, Novartis as well as key Eyeforpharma is at the top of the recommendations from PAAB and the ASC. You’ll gain more insights in 2 list when it comes to E-Marketing days than from weeks of market research or the purchase of reports. Conferences for Pharma. The 300 Understand how to truly optimize your multi channel approach into strong European show was a clear 2011. example of this and I look forward to working with Jon on this Canadian2 Industry Expert Speakers. have come together allowing you to For the first time all the key players focused summit in November. Claudio Battaglin, Senior Marketing create the perfect strategy for your marketing mix. Let your business Manager, e-Marketing, Bayer, Inc. benefit from their key insights and ensure your product makes the sales it deserves. Great agenda and line up. Addresses many of the challenges3 Unrivalled networking. to networking, you’ll be guaranteed to With over 10 hours dedicated and hot topics specific to Canadian pharma. leave eMarketing Canada with your smart phone full of new valuable Henry Anderson, Global Interactive contacts. Marketing Manager, Novartis4 Senior level descision-makers in attendance. players from Rub shoulders with 100+ of the leading pharma executive eyeforpharma always deliver cutting-edge, concise conferences Canada and abroad to give you’re a truly global perspective. on a global scale, I am proud to be associated with them and see them5 No sales pitches! is an independently researched forum committed to emarketing Canada as a key player in delivering up-to-date intelligence to the equipping you with the tools and expertise to drive your business industry forward. Every single presentation is rigorously reviewed to ensure an Len Starnes, Head of Digital Marketing unrivalled high quality. and Sales, Bayer ScheringMedia Partners: We all know 2 heads are better than 1. Bring along your colleagues to receive free upgrades and tickets. email Jon Gwillim directly at: For the full speaker line-up and the most up to date information visit: