Eye For Pharma eMarketing Europe 2011


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6th Annual Pharma eMarketing Europe Conference 2011.Increase Sales and Raise Brand Awareness:Engage Physicians, Patients and Payers

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Eye For Pharma eMarketing Europe 2011

  1. 1. Join over 400 delegates for Europe’s largest and Developed by: most anticipated pharma eMarketing summit Save €300 Register before January 14th6th Annual Pharma 2011eMarketing EuropeMarch 1-3, Hilton MunichIncrease Sales and Raise Brand Awareness:Engage Physicians, Patients and Payers Learn from over 15 industry leading case studies: Benchmark your strategies from social media engagement and proven eDetails to against our expert speakers innovative serious gaming and mobile apps. Christpoh Ferse Sr Director, Head of E-Marketing Save on costs by NOT using online tactics: take a step Grunenthal back from online engagement and establish if your Dr Clive Selwyn campaign is suitable for digital activities. Senior Medical Director Astellas What key lessons can we learn from other highly regulated industries? Cross-industry experts will give Irene Anderson, you the exact insights needed to track all your online Marketing Director Boehringer Ingelheim activities. Amy Kornbluth Partner with your audience with proven innovative Head of Employee & tactics: new hot topics for 2011 include mobile, seri- Client Communications EMEA ous gaming, Participatory medicine, payer influencing Citi Bank and building your brand to the Pharma 3.0 model. Gillian Tachibana, Director, Global eMedia Communications “One of the best conferences I have attended! Merck Serono There is so much to learn in this new and evolving environment.” Ray Chepesiuk Commissioner Katarina Béasse-Barnas, Global Brand Manager, Ferring Pharmaceuticals PAABGOLD SPONSORS: EXHIBITING SPONSOR: SUPPORTING SPONSORS: OFFICIAL MEDIA PARTNER: OFFICIAL SOCIAL MEDIA SPONSORS: For the latest speaker line up, agenda updates and free pharma eMarketing guides visit: www.eyeforpharma.com/emarketing
  2. 2. Developed by:6th Annual Pharma eMarketing EuropeMarch 1-3, Hilton Munich A message from our challenges but more I look forward to seeing you all Keynote: importantly all areas backed up in Munich next March. I’m sure you’d agree that the with case studies! The elusive digital landscape is a quickly case study from pharma! For moving and tricky me personally taking time out environment to stay on top of. of the o ce has to meet 2 With as many reports as there essential needs – actionable are conferences, I find that I’m learning and networking. With overwhelmed with choice. over 300 delegates in 2010 With that in mind, it’s been a and an expected 400 for 2011 Manuela Pastore welcome relief working with I’m confident this is the one Director, Online Jon and the team at event for the myself and the Communications & Strategy eyeforpharma. The agenda team. Boehringer Ingelheim really tackles the keyExpert speakers include:Christpoh Ferse Michel Baes Gillian Tachibana Len Starnes Irene Anderson Peter VanovertveldSr Director, Head of VP, EMEA Innovation Director Head of Digital Marketing Director Director Communications,E-Marketing Janssen Global eMedia Marketing & Sales Boehringer Ingelheim Government A airs & PublicGrunenthal Communications Bayer Schering Policy Merck Serono Baxter HealthcareLucien Engelen Ufuk Apaydin Amy Kornbluth Kay Wesley Axel Nemetz Irina OsovskayaHead of the Regional Acute Head of Strategic Head of Employee & Global Director Head of Health e-Business ManagerHealthcare Network; Advisor to Planning & Business Client Communications Complete Digital Solutions Janssenthe Executive Board & Development EMEA VodafoneDirector Roche Citi BankREshape & Innovation CenterTom Pryzgoda Gary Monk Philip Haldar Ray Chepesuk Mark Peterson René NeubachSenior Director Product Manager Senior Brand Manager Commissioner CRD Centre Manager Manager, Viennae-Marketing Janssen X-ray Contrast Media, PAAB Boehringher Ingelheim eMarketing CenterAbbott Europe, The Middle Co-Lead Programme East, Africa and Russia Strategy & Innovation GE Healthcare lead Specialty Care PfizerDr Clive Selwyn Dr Matt Jameson Evans Jan Geissler Peter Hinssen Slija Choquet Meredith Abreu RessiSenior Medical Director Co-Founder Co-Founder, CML International Thought Owner and CEO VP of ResearchAstellas HealthUnlocked Advocates Network Leader, Author of “The whydot GmbH Manhattan Research and LeukaNet New Normal”Lawrence Sherman Jens Monsees Fonny Schenk Carwyn Jones David Hunt Fred BassetPresident and CEO Head of FMCG & Managing Partner Head of Director DirectorThe Physicians Academy for Healthcare Across Health Pharmaceutical Sales CreativeLynx Blue LatitudeClinical and Management Google Schenck and MarketingExcellence Doctors.net.uk For the latest speaker line up, agenda updates and free pharma eMarketing guides visit: www.eyeforpharma.com/emarketing
  3. 3. Developed by:6th Annual Pharma eMarketing EuropeMarch 1-3, Hilton Munich CONFERENCE AT A GLANCE New for 2011 Pre Day - March 1st Day Two - March 3rd • Network with over 400 leading minds on Pre-event workshops: • Measurement and metric analysis - essential eMarketing in Europe • Social Media for pharma - the essential guide tricks and tools for successful engagement • Exclusive insights from over 15 industry case • Embracing innovation - Mobile, apps and studies • 101 of Digital marketing - from the first click serious gaming to optimizing your campaign, discover all the • Get the latest updates on digital innovation • Case study insights into physician tricks for a water tight campaign for pharma engagement • Places are limited so book early! • 3 days of interactive panel discussions and • Increase HCP congresses with proven digital networking tactics • The only forum in Europe where you can Day One - March 2nd learn from pharma, leading agencies, • eMarketing strategy and overview - planning patients and physicians for 2012 and beyond • Regulatory updates and recommendations to electively engage in 2011 • Focused workshops • Detailed case studies into all elements of the marketing mix • Increase brand awareness and support with Patient engagement NETWORKING AND EXHIBITION Even with such strong online communication and networking channels, face-to-face learning is the key to prospering in 2011. This is the only forum in Europe where you can rub shoulders with over 400 innovators in pharma eMarketing. The design of the event maximises networking time with over 10 hours applied over the 3 days. No other event can provide you with the 3 days of business focused networking with some of the most influential people in your field. Build relationships and grow your contact list in 2011 to transform the future of your business. The only exhibition floor you’ll need The European eMarketing exhibition floor is an opportunity to see, discover and understand new products and solutions in action. Spaces are limited; get in touch today to secure your place. Contact Ed Harris, SVP of Sales at: eharris@eyeforpharma.com or the Event Director, Jon Gwillim at: jgwillim@eyeforpharma.com“This is a one-of-a-kind networking event “eyeforpharma’s European emarketing summit isfor meeting hundreds of industry thought going from strength to strength; it o ers a uniqueleaders and pharma marketers from opportunity to meet old friends, expand youraround the globe.” network, explore potential business partnerships and stay updated on the newest trends and best practices. For me, it is the best investment of the year!” Meredith Abreu Ressi, VP Research Fonny Schenck, Managing Partner Manhattan Research Across Health For the latest speaker line up, agenda updates and free pharma eMarketing guides visit: www.eyeforpharma.com/emarketing
  4. 4. Developed by:Day One - March 2nd Section A - eStrategy: Global to local Section B - Regulatory insights and advice BAXTER digital integration for digital success in 2011 Choose your investments CASE STUDY wisely, take the BaxterKeynote speaker: Why pharma isn’t even Keynote speaker: What can approach to identify the appropriate disease NEW FOR 2011halfway into the digital revolution: a strategic Europe learn from the CEO of areas for online engagement to maximise ROIoverview Canada’s Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory • Identify the exact needs of your audience and how• Understand how your digital customers will live and Board (PAAB). this relates online before you push a campaign how you must adapt to their needs. • Gain insight from over 25 years of regulatory online.• Develop digital strategies with memorable ROI in experience and adapt these lessons to a European • Insights into how Baxter has developed ‘best this quickly moving landscape. framework. practice’ for each stage of a products lifecycle with• Build relationships with customers that don’t • Learn from innovations taking place in Canada and digital strategies. embrace digital engagement. how this can be replicated for your European • Gain strategies that you can apply today from thisPeter Hinssen, International Thought Leader, Author organisation. successful pilot to ensure your product reaches itsof “The New Normal” • Hear success stories that you can apply tomorrow full potential. with a guide for regulatory clarity. Peter Vanovertveld, Director Communications,How Roche is moving from Ray Chepesiuk, CEO, PAAB Government A airs & Public Policy, Baxter Healthcare ROCHEMarketing 2.0 to Web 3.0 CASE STUDY• Be the first to hear how Roche Embrace digital marketing in this regulated Cross the chasm: Quickly CRM overcame the key obstacles to become a market environment. move from digital pilots to a CASE STUDY leader in digital 2 way communication. • Hear the latest updates and recommendations from fully integrated• Understand and embrace the future of pharma the Prescription Medicines Code of Practice customer-facing model with e ective ROI marketing and the transition to the pharma 3.0 Authority. • Define the digital component of your marketing mix model. • Understand how the environment is developing and – effective tactics, specific budgets, and focused• Tackle the internal structure to get buy in for digital prepare your campaign for innovative changes. customer groups adoption to position your brand as a digital leader. • Social media in a regulatory context; understand • Implementing central concepts in several markets –Ufuk Apaydin, Head of Strategic Planning & Business what the future holds to position your social media essential do’s and don’tsDevelopment, Roche campaign for success. • Measure the impact of digital: embrace dashboards Heather Simmonds, Director, PMCPA and CRM analyticsExclusive insight into BOEHRINGER Fonny Schenck, CEO, Across Health & a PharmaBoehringer Ingelheim’s INGELHEIM CASE STUDY Section C - Fully integrate digital for a Colleaguecontent management system successful multi-channel campaign(CMS) to maximise e ectiveness and Closed-Loop Marketing 2.0 GE HEALTHCARE MOBILEe ciency – the future of e ective• Gain maximum impact with limited resources by PANEL: Increase NEW FOR 2011 engagement CASE STUDY applying an innovative CMS platform and extracting eMarketing e ciency by • Exclusive insights into the GE Helathcare global CLM relevant metrics. understanding the aims and reservations of Pilot with the Apple iPad – how they overcome• Optimise all internal and external communication the marketing department. barriers to the adoption of new technology and activities to guarantee a quick and e ective launch. • Demonstrate to the c-suite the importance of engage both the digital natives and digital• Launch updates across mobile, desktop and tablets your digital o ering to make it fundamental to immigrants platforms with a single click. your marketing campaign and not just a • Use innovative CLM products to rejuvenate yourManuela Pastore, Director of Online Communications compliment. brands and drive maximum ROI& Strategy, Boehringer Ingelheim • Match up the aims of senior Marketers with your • Adopt the new wave of CLM tools and embrace digital o erings to ensure digital projects reach innovation to guarantee future success. PANEL: Communicate internally to make their full potential. Philip Haldar, Senior Brand Manager, X-ray Contrast digital marketing a core organisational Moderator: Len Starnes, Head of Digital Marketing Media, EMEA, GE Healthcare competency. and Sales, Bayer Healthcare • A best practice guide to getting buy-in for making Irene Anderson, Marketing Director, Boehringer PANEL: Innovative strategies from across the digital marketing an essential organisational Ingelheim market into the next generation of Closed competency. Ian Talmage, Senior Vice President, Bayer Loop Marketing (CLM) • Create the right environment for digital to prosper Healthcare • Understand how the future of CLM will evolve for in your company. Other panellists TBC leading companies: Grunenthal, Janssen, Merck, • Hear how Janssen and others have made GE Healthcare. digital innovation a sustainable success with Keynote speaker: Harness Multichannel • Increase sales through implementing proven CLM simple and user friendly initiatives. Marketing: prepare for 5 years of innovation tactics Moderator: Irina Osovskaya, ebusiness Manager, • Cement digital as your marketing backbone by • Take the relationship between CLM tactics and Janssen applying the key learning’s from a range of sales to demonstrate the efficiency of CLM. Other Panellists TBC industries. Moderator: Christoph Ferse, Sr Director and Head • Ensure your offline channels drive engagement to of eMarketing, Grunenthal your digital platforms. Michel Baes, VP of EMEA Innovation, Janssen-Cilag • Understand what the digital maturity curve and Gillian Tachibana, Director of Global eMedia channel selection matrix means for your business Communications, Merck Serono and customers. Philip Haldar, Senior Brand Manager, X-ray Kay Wesley, Global Director, Complete Digital Contrast Media, EMEA, GE Healthcare Capture your audience by CASE STUDY creating e ective copy • Understand how to compose compelling copy to hook and hold a physician’s online engagement. • Discover a physician’s value perception on content and tailor your message to meet these needs. • Shift your content to be “smart” through personalisation and semantic technology so your message matches the individual physician’s specific requirements. Erna Kimp, Director - eBusiness Development, Elsevier For the latest speaker line up, agenda updates and free pharma eMarketing guides visit: www.eyeforpharma.com/emarketing
  5. 5. Developed by:Day Two - March 3rd Section D - Engage Physicians on their terms Section F - Mobile & Innovation: the future to maximise ROI and raise brand awareness Section E - Social Media and Enterprise 2.0 of pharma eMarketingEngage with the modern day physician – Exclusive case study insight CITI BANK Mobile Migration – After 18 years in the into Citibank’s employee CASE STUDYinsights from a Senior Medical Director spot-light, the web-browser is being replaced• Insights from Astellas on how your customer is social media strategy by younger, faster and more engaging changing and their preferred methods for • Apply key learnings from the financial sector to alternatives engagement. successfully develop and implement the rules of the • We spend all of our time online, but increasingly• Understand the evolution of the physician to game in a pharma environment. little of it on the web. Position your business to position yourself ahead of the trends. • Ensure your employees are active brand advocates - adapt and prosper in the mobile environment.• Discover what physicians prefer; Rep vs online – proven tips and tricks for enhanced engagement in a • Meet the new needs of your customer by delivering tailor your strategy accordingly to the specific regulated industry. what they want, when they want and how they requirements of the individual’s needs. • Successfully engage all levels of employees and want.Dr Clive Selwyn, Senior Medical Director, Astellas management in your organisation to understand • Review the success stories within the healthcare and embrace the possibilities of social media. industry, and the ideas that led to their development, PANEL: Online physician NEW FOR 2011 Amy Kornbluth, Head of Employee & Client including Diagnosaurus; the PASI calculator; the eye engagement Communications EMEA, Citibank test from 4 feet and many more. Understand the di erent views of David Hunt, Director, Creative Lynx physicians by learning directly from a Use educational social media to engage panel of experienced physicians with physicians, patients and other stakeholders. Embrace digital and mobile technologies to • Adopt an effective multimedia approach that transform stakeholder engagements mixed backgrounds, preferences and benefits all 3 parties, pharma, physicians & patients. • Use mobile technologies in your business to save levels of online engagement. • Improve relationships with key stakeholders and • Understand and identify the educational needs of time and engage your key stakeholders your customer through integrating on this unobtrusively physicians by supporting their daily challenges. knowledge sharing platform. • Extend your value proposition from product to • Ensure your message reflects your audience and • Effectively connect online even with the most beyond the pill services understand how one size doesn’t fit all conservative of physicians or late adopters to ensure • Support compliance and management of patients • Tailor your strategy to specific demographics to you reach your entire target market. with long-term conditions remotely and at home raise brand perception before pushing sales. Dr Tjalf Ziemssen, Neurologist, Uniklinikum Dresden Axel Nemetz, Head of Health Solutions, Vodafone Moderator: Emma Darcy, MD, Medpharmaconnect Dr Matt Evans, Healthunlocked Dr Clive Selwyn, Senior Medical Director, Astellas Drive forward R&D, sales and CASE STUDY Learn how Pfizer uses mobile PFIZER marketing with e ective CASE STUDY Dr Lucien Engelen, Head of the Regional Acute technology to teach and Healthcare Network; Advisory to the Executive Enterprise 2.0 engage HCPs at conferences board & Director, REshape & Innovation Centre • Learn from the latest and most innovative internal • Use mobile technology and online tools to Increase Dr Tjalf Ziemssen, Neurologist, Uniklinikum communication platform. engagement and build momentum before, during Dresden • Overcome internal reservations to enhance and after an event. communication and product development. • Guarantee HCP audience interaction and improveIncrease physician engagement • Understand how to effectively engage all regions CASE STUDY clarity with easy to use mobile tools. and overcome cultural hurdles.with exclusive insights into • Improve post event interaction to maintain Speaker TBCsuccessful and unsuccessful electronic relationships and increase return visits with theseContinuing Medical Educations (eCME) clear guidelines. Discover what ROI means for digital -platforms René Neubach, Manager, Vienna eMarketing Centre, essential metrics and analytics Pfizer Speciality Care• Develop an eCME platform to successfully engage and hold the attention of physicians. Fill your toolbox with all the available tips and Insights from a Boehringer BOEHRINGER• Understand the importance of integration of CME tricks Google o ers to ensure your digital INGELHEIM with eCME through emphasising e ective content strategy reaches its full potential Ingelheim ground breaking CASE STUDY and layout. Serious Gaming platform that • Clearly isolate and analyze your analytics for concise• Learn from successful and unsuccessful eCME increased brand awareness and adherence and useable data. platforms to adapt and optimise your own projects. • How serious gaming can help patient adherence • Embrace the latest tools google offers forLawrence Sherman, SVP, Prova Education healthcare to ensure your reports illustrate and assist with educating patients to cope with long actionable takeaways. term care.What do pharma marketers LATEST RESEARCH • Use the latest dashboards to consolidate data and • Discover how to integrate brand messages intoneed to know about pull out essential stats. gaming platforms without undermining the gamingConsumer and Physician’s Use of Technology Jens Monsees, Head of Consumer Goods and experience. Healthcare, Google • Learn why the modern day child/adult requiresfor Health? much more motivation to follow drug plans and• Get the latest European data on consumers using how a serious gaming platform compliments their onlne channels to research health information and Maximise your campaign’s ROI through life style. make treatment decisions understanding how to set precise goals and• How does the evolving physician channel change Mark Peterson, CRD Centre Manager, Boehringer metrics you need to measure success. best practices for pharma marketing and Ingelheim Denmark • Get the basics right, learn how to measure the communications? familiar - Awareness, Reach, Frequency to the• Position yourself for the rise of the “empowered unfamiliar - Sentiment and Influence to finally Engage payers: Mapping influence and patient” and the evolving physician-patient establishing to the bottom line Competitive Results information flow relationship. and Value. • Design a strategy that responds to payer dynamicsMeredith Abreu Ressi, VP Research, Manhattan • Understand how much budget and resource you and their ecosystemResearch should invest in social media for an attention getting • Identify the sources of information, influence and and relationship building vehicle. information flow within the ecosystemEngage with international KEY PHYSICIAN • Apply the most effective and proven tools for online • Leveraging network analysis to help make sense of INSIGHTS the connectionsdoctor networks measurement from key suppliers in the industry. Speaker TBC • Position your organisation and data to impact• Develop trust and transparency to prescribing and medical decisions engage doctors by learning what makes a good online professional network. Fred Basset, Director, Blue Latitude• Discover how online networks differ across Europe and why you need to tailor your approach with segmented relevant messages. “Very nice to be inspired as well as confirmed in marketing• Understand how physicians vary according to other initiatives.” demographics: age, speciality, experience. Trine Nygård, Multi Channel Communications Co-ordinator, Merck & CoGareth Thomas, International Development Director,Doctors.net.uk For the latest speaker line up, agenda updates and free pharma eMarketing guides visit: www.eyeforpharma.com/emarketing
  6. 6. Developed by:Day Two - March 3rd Exclusive and new for 2011 Panel: Pharma & the NEW FOR 2011 ePatient: Build the Section G - Engage e ectively with Patients right level of engagement – the future KOLs • Raise disease/treatment awareness through understanding the type of support patients needKeynote speaker: The future of healthcare: before, during and after treatments.Integrate the patient into your (healthcare) • Engage physicians effectively and offer the rightteam type of support and online education within this• Learn the benefits of bringing the patient into the heavily restricted environment. team to overcome traditional challenges of patient • Create clarity for your organisation’s online and engagement offline activities to build engagement and trust.• Innovate and engage now to ensure your company • Understand how leading ePatients can interact stays at the forefront of healthcare and is positioned and collaborate to provide best support to to tackle future digital healthcare challenges. patients.• Understand what role the family and informal care Moderator – Silja Chouquet, MD, whydot.com will have in healthcare in the future Lucien Engelen, Head of the Regional Acute Healthcare Network; Advisory to the ExecutiveLucien Engelen, Head of the Regional Acute Board & Director, REshape & Innovation CenterHealthcare Network; Advisor to the Executive Board & Jan Geissler, Co-Founder CML Advocates NetworkDirector, REshape & Innovation Center and LeukaNet Alex Butler, Digital Strategy & Social MediaSuccessfully engage and JOHNSON & JOHNSON Manager, Janssen-Cilagsupport patients and carers CASE STUDY Erik Hawkinson, Head of Global Digital, Rocheusing online video• Get internal buy in when implementing video usage for a digital campaign “Very well organised and interesting• Understand how to get your message viewed and be meeting with top speakers. I really seen as a thought leader for increased engagement learnt a lot about Web 2.0 applications with patients.• Measure success by creating trust and easy access and e-marketing in general.” to your audience. Marina LemmensGary Monk, Product Manager, Janssen-Cilag Product Manager, Sanofi-Avent Catch every presentation… Business Opportunities for It can be difficult to catch every presentation. We will Solution Providers: record every presentation so you don’t have to miss a • We are dedicated to providing a forum where our thing. Simply purchase a ‘Gold Pass ’ when you register. attendees can learn about the most advanced and You’ll be given access to the online recordings within 10 tailored solutions available on the market. days of the event. • There are a limited number of spaces available for Register on page 7 now. companies with an innovative solution in the areas of Social Media strategy, CRM, Digital strategy and integration, Multi channel marketing • This event will build new prospects and strengthen A great event should be complimented current business relationships. by a great venue. The 2011 eMarketing summit Opportunities available include: will be held at the Hilton, Munich • Meetings with key decision makers • Take a speaking slot and address 400 sales & Weve managed to secure a marketing executives reduced rate of €129 (inc VAT, • Show off your latest products and services in our exc breakfast) exhibition hall • Build your brand with exclusive promotional The cut off date for this will be opportunities Feburary 1st, 2011. • Host interactive workshops with core clients and prospects... and much more! Booking information will be sent with your confirmation If you want to meet with senior decision makers from pharmaceutical and biotech companies across Europe then Contact Ed Harris on +44 (0) 207 375 7173 Turn to page 7 to secure your eharris@eyeforpharma.com place. For the latest speaker line up, agenda updates and free pharma eMarketing guides visit: www.eyeforpharma.com/emarketing
  7. 7. Developed by:Register NOW in 3 easy steps6th Annual Pharma eMarketing Europe March 1-3, Hilton Munich 1. YOUR CHOICE OF REGISTRATION PACKAGE Super Early Bird Price Early Bird Price Standard Price FOR PHARMA COMPANIES Before December 12th Before January 14th Platinum Pass • Access to Pre - event workshop • Two day full access pass • Access to all workshops • Full event recording €2195 €2495 €2795 • Exclusive eMarketing Report • Access to eMarketing webinar Gold Pass • Two day full access pass • Access to day 1 workshops €1795 €2095 €2395 • Full event video recording Silver Pass • Two day full access pass • Access to all the Workshops €1595 €1895 €2195 FOR SOLUTIONS Super Early Bird Price Early Bird Price Standard Price PROVIDERS Before December 12th Before January 14th Platinum Pass • Two day full access pass • Full event recording €2495 €2795 €3095 • Exclusive eMarketing Report • Access to eMarketing webinar Gold Pass • Two day full access pass • Full event video recording €2095 €2395 €2695 • Access to eMarketing webinar Silver Pass • Two day full access pass €1895 €2195 €2495 Full Pre-day workshops €500*NB: FULL PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE EVENT 2. DELEGATE DETAILSMr / Mrs / Ms / Dr: _________________ First name: ______________________________ Last name: _________________________ Company:______________________Position / Title: ____________________________________________________________Telephone: ___________________________ Fax: _________________________E-mail: ______________________________________ Country: ____________________ Address: _____________________________ Postcode: ____________________ 3. PAYMENTI enclose a cheque/draft for: €____________ (payable to FC Business Intelligence Ltd) Credit card number: __________________________________________________Please invoice my company: € ____________ Purchase Order No.: __________ Expiry date: _______________ Security Number (last three digits on back) ________Please charge my credit card: € _______________________________________ Name on card: ______________________________________________________Amex Visa Mastercard Signature:_____________________________ Country:______________________ FAX THIS FORM TO +44 20 7375 7576 4 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER TODAY! ONLINE: Go to www.eyeforpharma.com/emarketing then click on Register. Group Discounts E-MAIL: The eyeforpharma Registration Team at Take advantage of eyeforpharma’s unique team discounts. Every fourth register@eyeforpharma.com person in your group comes for free FAX: Send this form by fax to: +44 20 73 75 75 76 Contact the eyeforpharma team on +44 (0)207 375 7594 or jgwillim@eyeforpharma.com CALL: Eyeforpharma on +44 20 73 75 75 75Terms & Conditions All prices displayed are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated but, VAT will be charged, where applicable, at thePlaces are transferable without any charge. Cancellations before January 28th 2011 incur an administrative charge of 25%. prevailing rate on the invoice date and the relevant details will appear on the invoice. FC Business Intelligence takes everyIf you cancel your registration after January 28th 2011 we will be obliged to charge you the full fee. Please note - you care to ensure that prices quoted are correct at time of publishing however; bookings will only be accepted if there is nomust notify eyeforpharma in writing of a cancellation, or we will be obliged to charge you the full fee. The organisers material error in the price advertised on the website. Please read the complete text of term & conditions at:reserve the right to make changes to the program without notice. www.eyeforpharma.com/emarketing/terms For the latest speaker line up, agenda updates and free pharma eMarketing guides visit: www.eyeforpharma.com/emarketing
  8. 8. Join over 400 delegates for Europe’s largest and Developed by: most anticipated pharma eMarketing summit Save €300 Register before January 14th6th Annual Pharma 2011eMarketing EuropeMarch 1-3, Hilton MunichIncrease sales and raise brand awareness by creating the perfectmulti-channel campaign to engage physicians, payers and patientsOur promises to you. Hear what last years attendees thought about the event:1 The onlycase studies. you can get insights from over pharma 15 specific forum where One of the best eyeforpharma After listening to your feedback from 2010 it was clear that you wanted 2 events Ive seen to date! things in 2011: guidance and case studies. With exclusive stats and never Irina Osovskaya, eMarketing Manager heard before insights you’ll learn more in 3 days than from weeks of Janssen-Cilag research or the purchasing of reports Great event! Great way to2 Hand picked expert speakers. the most innovative and inspiring speakers We spend months searching for network! to ensure that every minute of every presentation is engaging and benefi- Alexandra Keil, Web Manager cial. Your business is guaranteed to benefit from their key insights which LEO Pharma will ensure your online campaign reaches its full potential The program handled all3 Unrivalled networking with eyeforpharma’s first conference APP. For the first time you’ll be able to connect with speakers, delegates and aspects of e-marketing, very complete overview. vendors before during and after the event with the eyeforpharma APP. This Linda Engels, Product Manager, free app will give you access to the latest agendas, blogs and industry Sanofi-Aventis insights. The app will be downloadable for everyone but only registered attendees will get access to network Certainly one of the best pharma social media events4 No Sales pick all vendors to ensure their presentations are educational and We hand pitches. -interesting topics with a global view. not focused on self promotion. Only the leading and most innovative Jeremy Bird, Creative Director agencies are chosen to ensure you leave the event with all the tools and Bird & Schulte Advertising expertise to drive your business forward It was great to see that the summit evolves positively and a “Great event - much inspiration gained” wide range of topics is covered. Excited to visit the 2011 event. Bettina Nekman, Integrated Relations Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim René Neubach, Manager, Vienna eMarketing Center Pfizer, Specialty Care EuropeMedia Partners HealthcarePromotions.co.uk helping you raise awareness For the latest speaker line up, agenda updates and free pharma eMarketing guides visit: www.eyeforpharma.com/emarketing