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  1. 1. mySupermarket MiniStores Based on the Fairtrade Foundation’s MiniStore®
  2. 2. The MiniStore Concept • mySupermarket lets shoppers compare and shop online at the leading supermarkets in the UK. • Any organization can create its own mini-store using the mySupermarket MiniStore® technology • The MiniStore contains items which are recommended by the organization (“White List”) • The organization may also warn against specific items which should be avoided (“Black List”) • The “Recommended” / “Not Recommended” items are presented in two modes – Clearly marked and integrated in the standard shelves of the various retailers at mySupermarket – Grouped together into an exclusive virtual shelf which contains all, and only, the recommended items
  3. 3. MiniStore® products Integrated in regular shelves Products of the Fairtrade’s MiniStore are ‘recommended’ or ‘not- recommended’ with icons at all the stores’ shelves. 
  4. 4. Fairtrade Foundation’s MiniStore® - Grouped together in their own exclusive shelf The Fairtrade Foundation’s MiniStore® displays all the items which were recommended by the organization – and only these items. Think of it as a special shelf created for the exclusive use of the Fairtrade Foundation’s MiniStore® Shoppers may subscribe to this MiniStore® and add it to their favourites.
  5. 5. Technical Aspects • Store creation: organization representative easily marks all items that the organization recommends (white list) or bans (black list) • A MiniStore® is automatically created. Organization may add a unique graphic to brand it. • Creators of the MiniStore® get a URL to the store and can use it to send shoppers to the store from their site, facebook pages or emails. • mySupermarket shoppers can subscribe to MiniStores and: – Get direct access to these stores. – MiniStores are added to their favorite Shelves
  6. 6. Subscribing to a MiniStore® mySupermarket shoppers can subscribe to the stores they like. After subscribing, The MiniStore® appears in their favorite shelves and they can shop from it when they do their weekly shopping.
  7. 7. Informing your loyal visitors about products that you approve The Fairtrade Foundation sends its users to safely shop for fair-trade products at their MiniStore® on mySupermarket. When users click on ‘Start Shopping’ they are directed to The Fairtrade Foundation the MiniStore®
  8. 8. A Fairtrade MiniStore® The MiniStore® shelves are long and can display hundreds of products. This slide tries to illustrate it… A Fairtrade MiniStore® The MiniStore® shelves are long and can display hundreds of products. This slide tries to illustrate it…