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TechBlue / Dux Diligens webinar - Business Value Analysis - Enterprise Architecture


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Part 1 of the webinar series focusing on Enterprise Architecture

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TechBlue / Dux Diligens webinar - Business Value Analysis - Enterprise Architecture

  1. 1. EnterpriseArchitectureBusiness Value Analysis 1
  2. 2. About the presenters Claye Greene Javier Rincón Managing Director Director - EspañaTechBlue, Inc. Dux Diligens, Inc.1940 Duke Street Santiago Grisolia 2, 163Suite 200 PTM / Parque Cientifco de MadridAlexandria, VA 22314 28760 Tres Cantos, Madrid, EspañaT: +1.412.255.3799 T: +34.918.064.442E: E: 2
  4. 4. Enterprise Architecture Strategic business valueOptimizer Transformative Innovative• Well run IT shop • Partnered goals with the • New markets, products and business services• Understood technology enablers • Value management • Business first organization 3 2 1 4
  5. 5. Enterprise Architecture Increase integration across value-webs, infrastructures, multi-role / multi-partner enterprises • emphasis on overall effectiveness rather than single-point ‘efficiency’ • increase overall agility, adaptability, responsiveness, resilience, management of opportunity / risk • increase synergies between processes and partners • increase overall engagement in innovation, productivity, quality fourth wave: EA = whole-of-enterprise architecture (WEA) third wave:VALOR EA = EWITA + Business Architecture (EITA+EBA) second wave: Increase enterprise agility and alignment with business strategy EA = Enterprise-Wide IT Architecture (EWITA) • enable changes in business strategy with quick-response changes in enabling processes and technology solutions • inform strategy more effectively with strategic paths to identify and first wave: integrate technology-enabled opportunities (and threats) EA = IT technical architecture (TA ) Reduce complexity and cost of IT systems • increased convergence consolidates purchasing, lowers training costs, etc 5 TIEMPO 1990 2000 2010 2020
  6. 6. ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTUREUnderstanding the value 6
  7. 7. Enterprise Architecture Business Drivers for Enterprise Architecture Manage Improve operational costs competitiveness Increase Improve profitability collaboration 1 3 $ 2Leverage new Regulation compliancy technology Improved resource Mergers & Acquisitions utilization 7
  8. 8. Enterprise Architecture Benefits of Enterprise Architecture Alignment with corporate strategy Improved change visibility Improved quality of work Reduced integration complexity output Consolidated systems andImproved business flexibility applications Reduced time to market Increased IT efficiency Better asset utilization Collaborative business unit interaction 8
  9. 9. Enterprise Architecture The core of effective business transformation Effectiveness Efficiency Improving the effectiveness of Accelerating enterprise the enterprise across systems efficiency through and organization streamlined processes and strategies Agility Durability Enhancing the agility of the Increasing enterprise enterprise to better respond to durability to function in opportunities and threats dynamic operating environments 9
  10. 10. Enterprise Architecture The path to Enterprise Architecture can be daunting AGATE RM-ODP EABOK MODAF DNDAF GOD NAF ARCON TRAK Praxeme ? IDEAS DoDAF SABSA TOGAF MEGAF Dragon1 Framework? Expectations? Governance? Methodology? Starting point? Management? Objectives? Opportunities? Coordination? 10 ROI? Roadmap? Necessity?
  11. 11. Enterprise Architecture The path to Enterprise Architecture can be daunting Challengers Leaders IBM Mega alfabet Troux OpenText Casewise Software AG Ability to execute BiZZdesign QualiWare SAP-Sybase Atoll Technologies Avolution iteratec Future Tech Systems Sparx Systems Niche players Visionaries 11 Completeness of vision Source: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools 2012
  12. 12. Enterprise Architecture The path to Enterprise Architecture can be daunting Common bad Enterprise Architecture practices Mitigation strategy Opp Risk Proactive collaboration across Lack of integration with Enterprise Architect strategic planning units  Allow for framework Rigid adherence to Enterprise Architecture frameworks customization  Too much standardization “Just enough” standards  Analysis paralysis Follow strong EA methodology  Incorporate business Insufficient business focus objectives  Ineffective collaboration Engage effective leadership  Lack of open communication Improve asset accessibility  Develop feedback No effective feedback channels communication channels  Refocus EA as an enterprise Too much technology influence objective, not technology  Dominant technology skills and talent Diversify EA staff  Employ formal tools later in Tools driving the Enterprise Architecture the process  Documenting current state is Too much focus on current state not Enterprise Architecture  Enterprise Architecture is an 12 Premature or incomplete initiative conclusion adoption, not a project * Based on Gartner research
  13. 13. ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTUREGetting there 13
  14. 14. Enterprise Architecture TechBlue Business Value Analysis Business Value Analysis processUnderstand: Assess: Engage:Capture target operating Closing gaps to effective Initiative launchstates for the enterprise transformationUnderstand Identify Assess Select EngageS.M.A.R.T. business Transformation Maximum value Transformation Transformationobjectives opportunities starting point initiation readiness Identify: Select: Capture opportunities to Strategic planning to meet transform the enterprise enterprise objectives 14
  15. 15. ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTUREUnderstanding enterprise objectives 15
  16. 16. Enterprise Architecture Understanding enterprise objectives Business Strategies, documents and diagrams that describe the business structureDataPolicies and standards governing which data iscollected, and how it is stored, arranged and integratedwithin the enterprise. Organization Focuses are engaging the right people, in the rightTechnology place, at the right time.Availability, scalability and reliability of technologyassets including computer systems and telephonyinfrastructure. Application Ensures enterprise applications are scalable, reliable, available and manageable 16 Understand Identify Assess Select Engage 
  17. 17. Enterprise Architecture Understanding enterprise objectivesSpecific Measurable Attainable Realistic Time-boundObjectives have to A goal achievement It should be The objective The goal has tobe specific and should be attractive for the needs to be set within a timepositively measurable project team to achievable in a framedescribed reach the goal realistic way 17 Understand Identify Assess Select Engage 
  18. 18. Enterprise Architecture Common business objectives Business Data  Increase business agility  Improve data value  Expand competitiveness  Extend data accessibility  Speed time to market for  Increase data security across new products and services the enterprise Application Technology  Enhance user productivity  Improve system availability  Reduce capability rollout  Decrease employee lost time  Increase usability of key  Improved collaboration application assets across business units 18 Understand Identify Assess Select Engage 
  19. 19. Enterprise Architecture Case studyBusiness challengeCustomer organization initiated a program to become more effective at processing financial transactions, and improving theoverall performance of the business units within the enterprise. Historically, each corresponding business unit appliedindependent decisions to prioritize high value transactions, however without shared information between them, theirefforts were often uncooperative, duplicated, and resulted in strategic decisions that benefited each individual group ratherthan the enterprise.DetailsApproach Focus areas Outcomes• TechBlue proposed an Enterprise • The TechBlue BVA highlighted key • The BVA established an EA adoption Architecture Business Value Analysis mission objectives across each roadmap to significantly improve key to lay the foundation for effective business unit, and determined performance indicators. transformation. plausible approaches for closing the • Development of EA best practices gaps and measuring key performance• Key goals of the BVA were to better and governance for effective indicators. align business objectives with adoption. enterprise mission, and streamline • Key identified transformation • Improved support for future financial with financial transaction business opportunities were to improve data program rollouts, increasing business processes to improve performance. availability, and centralize key agility, flexibility and ability to analytical decision-making that each respond to market opportunities. group would leverage. 19 Understand Identify Assess Select Engage 
  20. 20. Enterprise Architecture Leveraging enterprise objectivesObjective Enhance collaboration Gaps: Business, Technology, DataObjective Increase agility Gaps: Technology, DataObjective Speed time to market Gaps: Business, Application 20 Understand Identify Assess Select Engage 
  21. 21. Enterprise Architecture Identifying transformation opportunities Business Value Analysis process Understand: Assess: Engage: Capture target operating Closing gaps to effective Initiative launch states for the enterprise transformationUnderstand Identify Assess Select EngageS.M.A.R.T. business Transformation Maximum value Transformation Transformationobjectives opportunities starting point initiation readiness Identify: Select: Capture opportunities to Strategic planning to meet transform the enterprise enterprise objectives 21 Understand Identify Assess Select Engage 
  22. 22. Enterprise Architecture$ROI EA Transformation Transformed Enterprise Applications # 5 years Release #4 Start of EA 4 years Legacy Enterprise Transformation Release #3 3 years Hundreds Apps, (Enterprise) Release #2 Enterprise 2 years Release #6 4 years Threshold Release #5 The Point of Suffocating PP Release #7 Release #4 3 years Tens Apps. Release #8 (Company) 2 years Release #3 POC 5 years 1 year Release #1 Release #2 Spaghetti Architecture $TCO 22
  23. 23. Enterprise Architecture Do You Have Any Questions? We would be happy to help. 23