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Israel ministry of justice


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I am pleased to inform that the Israel Ministry of Justice case study is now live on

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Israel ministry of justice

  1. 1. Microsoft Dynamics Customer Solution Case Study Justice Ministry in Israel Improves Collaboration Across Districts with CRM Software “Litigants—whether prosecutors or defendants—willCustomer:Ministry of Justice Israel get a better service from our department because Size:1,800 Microsoft Dynamics CRM our processes will link moreCountry or Region:State of IsraelIndustry:Government—Justice agencies effectively and become more transparent.”Partner:E4D Solutions Moriya Zisovitch, IT Manager, State Attorney Department, Ministry of Justice IsraelCustomer ProfileThe Ministry of Justice Israel offers a The Ministry of Justice Israel needed to standardize therange of legal advice and services for the technology used for managing legal case data and processes togovernment and citizens of Israel. Theministry consists of a large number of improve collaboration between attorneys. It chose Microsoftdepartments, all running different Dynamics CRM customer relationship management (CRM)technologies and applications. working with Microsoft Services for design. Administrators haveSoftware and Services a central view of court workloads, while attorneys now access Microsoft Dynamics − Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 relevant precedents, sentences, documents, and previous judgments at the click of a mouse. Business Needs A key requirement was for a standardized The Ministry of Justice Israel—through the legal data and processes management State Attorney Department—is one of the system that would hold information about central bodies governing law in Israel, and every prosecution or civil action in the the main body representing the State of courts. Moriya Zisovitch, IT Manager at the Israel in court. The ministry employs State Attorney Department, Ministry of hundreds of attorneys and other Justice Israel, says: “Our previous systems professionals, who are charged with differed from one district to the next, providing services to the public and the making overview of case loads and justice system. Each department had its collaboration between attorneys and ownIT infrastructure solutions, so the administrators hard to achieve. We were ministry wanted to improve efficiency by looking to use CRM software to help us integrating and standardizingall of its track the progress of court cases fromFor more information about other business process systems, including those initial indictment or summons to trial andMicrosoft customer successes, please visit: of the State Attorney Department. disposal by the magistrate or judge.”
  2. 2. Zisovitch and her colleagues needed an months, deployment began in early 2011 Administrators centrally monitorexperienced partner, as well as help from an to 300 users. Another 200 people will have workloads in the courts. The StateIT vendor, to ensure the right design for all the solution by the end of 2011, with the Attorney Department will gainsix districts. They also needed to ensure that remainder following by the end of 2012. consolidated real-time informationthe CRM system was intuitive and user about court workloads. Zisovitch says:friendly. She says: “While many of our Zisovitch says: “When professionals in law “Having a single view of throughput inattorneys are familiar with the Microsoft enforcement can securely connect with the courts means we have a clearerOffice suite of products, their knowledge of each other and share information, business picture of cases. It will also becomethe law matters more to them than IT. Some processes become more streamlined. easier to allocate resources to thewere still using manual processes.” Microsoft Dynamics CRM impressed us districts.” from the start because it offered a flexible Department values improveSolution way to connect and describe the knowledge sharing. MicrosoftThe State Attorney Department considered relationships between any two entity Dynamics CRM will help promotedeveloping its own solution using the records in the system.” teamwork and collaboration amongMicrosoft .NET Framework. But Microsoft attorneys in different districts. “TheDynamics CRM Gold Partner E4D Solutions E4D has successfully handled the connections feature makes it easy to linkrecommended customizing Microsoft customization work required to integrate records about particular offenders orDynamics CRM because it could provide Microsoft Dynamics CRM with offences with each other,” says Zisovitch.most of the functionality out of the box. Documentum. It has extended its Search feature makes it easier to find functionality for the justice system by precedents. Previously, if attorneysYaniv Arditi, Chief Technology Officer, E4D using custom business logic based on wanted to alert a colleague in a differentSolutions, says: “The State Attorney Microsoft Dynamics CRM web services API. district to a precedent or previousDepartment was using technology that was Zisovitch says: “We will upgrade to judgment, they needed to exchange20 years old. It needed a new system to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 in 2012 and information by email. Now, all cases areintegrate with its existing Documentum accommodate all the E4D customization stored on the same server so the searchplatform.” work into the next CRM infrastructure.” feature makes the link at the click of a mouse. Zisovitch says: “This is helpingMicrosoft Services supported E4D during Benefits make justice more consistent andthe presale and diagnostic stages, with an The State Attorney Department of the avoiding duplication.”architecture assessment, requirement, and Ministry of Justice has gained a better User-friendly toolset speeds adoptionprocess review. The partner and Ministry of overview of its legal case load and helped by administrators. Because mostJustice Chief Information Officer met at ensure attorneys have all relevant administrators and attorneys are familiarMicrosoft in Redmond, with a Microsoft information, from a single repository, with Microsoft Office, adoption hasServices solution architect being involved relating to litigation. The six districts will been rapid even for those whothroughout. complete the move to an integrated e- previously used pen and paper. justice system by the end of 2012. It will Zisovitch adds: “DepartmentZiva Khaiat, Dynamics Lead, Microsoft Israel, help attorneys share information and staffrecognize the value of a seamlesssays: “Part of our job was to validate that support more effective monitoring of and easy-to-use mechanism forthe infrastructure met the customer’s litigation. Zisovitch says: “Litigants— obtaining services.”business requirements. We also ensured whether prosecutors or defendants—willthat customizations were supported and get a better service from our departmentaligned to future deployment of Microsoft because with Microsoft Dynamics CRM ourDynamics CRM 2011.” processes will link more effectively andAlthough the presale, design, and become more transparent.”diagnostic timeframe extended over 18This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THISSUMMARY.Document published October 2011