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What does bdd mean for your business


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What does bdd mean for your business

  1. 1. What Does BDD Mean For Your Business •
  2. 2. Traditional Software Development• With traditional Software Development, the technical personnel involved often need to work much more even in the specifications and design phase of the project• Traditional software developers usually work on the assumption that the costs of changes to software can grow exponentially throughout the life of the project• Such projects often run over a specified time frame, and well over budget •
  3. 3. Flexible Development• Flexible development is an approach that attempts to reduce costs and to deliver software on time• The characteristics of a flexible development team are the absence of a ‘big design’ up front, iterative development, continuous integration and minimal documentation •
  4. 4. Flexible Development Projects• Flexible development projects are divided into many small sub-projects called iterations• The iteration has all of the normal stages of a full- blown project, that is, analysis, design, development, testing and deployment• An iteration usually last between one and two weeks •
  5. 5. BDD in Business• BDD means behavior-driven development• It’s the name of a flexible software development system• The owner, who is paying for the project, describes the ‘behavior’ of the application• BDD delivers the features and capabilities that your business requires, and then continuously listens to your feedback• BDD tries to avoid the scenario of a lengthy and costly project that does not deliver what you, the stakeholder and project owner, require •
  6. 6. Advantages of BDD• When engaged on software development for your business, BDD works to ensure that the most important features of your business application are finished on time and within budget• This is done by offering regular feedback in the form of quantifiable results on your project• It’s ensured that your application will do the job that you require of it, and that it does not crash when in use• The software produced works within the framework of local and global laws, and provide code that your programmers can implement with your other systems •