Exterro Fusion Enterprise Suite Product Overview


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Exterro software is powered by Fusion, an enterprise-scale platform modeled on the EDRM that simplifies technology in a comprehensive platform. Fusion provides a single collaborative framework from which legal, IT and records management teams can work through legal governance, risk and compliance management processes.

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Exterro Fusion Enterprise Suite Product Overview

  1. 1. EXTERRO FUSION LEGAL GOVERNANCE, RISK AND COMPLIANCE FUSION DELIVERS 360-DEGREE CONTROL OVER E-DISCOVERY AND MITIGATES RISKS, REDUCES COSTS, ENFORCES COMPLIANCE AND STREAMLINES PROCESSES FOR LEGAL TEAMS. Bridging the gap between legal, IT and records management. PEOPLE Automated, transparent workflow management. PROCESS Seamless integrations with best-of-breed solutions. TECHNOLOGY Automation of processes. Collaboration between people. Integration of technology. FUSION
  2. 2. BUILT ON THE FUSION PLATFORM FUSION CORE PLATFORM Exterro software is powered by Fusion, an enterprise-scale platform modelled on the EDRM that simplifies technology in a comprehensive platform. Fusion provides a single collaborative framework from which legal, IT and records management teams can work through legal governance, risk and compliance management processes. COMPLIANCE PORTAL INTERVIEW MODULE DISCOVERY GENOME LEGAL HOLD WORKFLOW FUSION PLATFORM – LEGAL GRC EDITION Dynamic Defensibility Smart Alerts Role Based Access Collaboration Workflow Engine Audits & Notifications Control Framework Business Process Collaboration Advanced Workflow Task Management Visualization Framework Orchestration Fusion Security Layer Fusion Integration Framework Matter E-Mail Fusion Web HR EDRM ERM ECM Management Archive Services Think of Fusion as your central command center. Legal process mission control. A single, integrated platform to connect the dots and fuel success.
  3. 3. EMPOWERING LEGAL TEAMS GENOME LEGAL HOLD Genome delivers an up-to-date, dynamic ESI data Fusion Legal Hold allows clients to send, track map that answers these questions: and manage defensible legal hold notifications in five easy steps, simplifying the process of • What information do we have? creating a legal hold, identifying custodians • Where is it located? and data, and issuing notifications. • Who owns it? • When was it last updated? Fusion Legal Hold provides the collaboration, • Why is the ESI relevant? automation, and usability required to provide a • How long is the retention period? defensible approach to meeting today's complex litigation hold needs. Genome is dynamic, shifting to reflect a company's information landscape as it evolves. Through intelligent workflows and automated processes, Genome enables IT departments and legal teams to quickly visualize and analyze data source information to proactively scope case parameters. DISCOVERY WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT FUSION CORE PLATFORM A comprehensive workflow management solution Fusion’s core platform allows complete visibility that delivers streamlined, collaborative and into third-party applications used in all workflows, configurable workflows around all e-discovery acting as a project management portal to provide activities, from matter, issue and cost dashboard views across each stage of each management to discovery history and business workflow, from information management and intelligence reporting. e-discovery to policy management, risk mitigation and compliance management. Discovery Workflow Management provides an automated integration hub that captures and Unparalleled user experience, navigability and translates all data from any source required for configurability provide a single platform from executing each stage of the EDRM process. It which IT, legal and records management teams then drives through each phase and provides can work through all legal governance, risk and complete discovery history and chain-of-custody compliance management processes. reports, as well as comprehensive vendor management tools.
  4. 4. MORE THAN 50 FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON Exterro's clients come from diverse industries and represent some of the most successful names in their respective fields. More than 50 Fortune 500 companies and Am Law 200 firms all trust Exterro to help them automate their business processes. Exterro’s Fusion Suite of solutions help organizations increase business productivity, increase compliance and drive cost reductions. FUSION CORE PLATFORM “As a client-focused company, we are devoted to prioritizing our clients’ interests. By keeping the lines of communication open and building flexibility into our solutions, we are able to better serve and even anticipate our clients’ needs.” – Bobby Balachandran, President and CEO, Exterro GENOME “Keeping track of what systems you have and who are the key players within those systems is an increasing challenge. Whether it is for business continuity, litigation support, legal hold, information security of data loss prevention, a data map gives you that bit of knowledge that helps you stay on top of an ever-changing landscape.” – Bruce Phillips, Vice President of Information Security, Fidelity National Financial LEGAL HOLD "Since its implementation, Fusion has reduced our legal hold related outside counsel expenditures substantially, cut our spoliation and human-error related risks, and given us the transparent and fully defensible legal hold process.“ – Kevin Anderson, Director of Litigation Support, Family Dollar Stores DISCOVERY WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT “The impact Fusion Discovery Workflow Management provided was impressive. The ease of use, detailed tracking mechanisms and constant collaboration aided early adoption. The state-of-the-art tool advance work product to a level the group was previously unable to achieve. Fusion's design forces compliance, delivers consistent and centralized documentation and repeatable procedures, reduces errors and reduces staff on-boarding time.” – Randy Girouard, Manager of Legal Services, Haynes and Boone LLP To schedule a demo: