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Enabling gender equitable access to productive agricultural resources in Tajikistan, by Nodira Sidykova, Director Legal Aid, Tajikistan


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The International Symposium on Sustainable Food Systems for Healthy Diets and Improved Nutrition was jointly held by FAO and WHO in December 2016 to explore policies and programme options for shaping the food systems in ways that deliver foods for a healthy diet, focusing on concrete country experiences and challenges. This Symposium waas the first large-scale contribution under the UN Decade of Action for Nutrition 2016-2025. This presentation was part of Parallel session 3.3: Empowering women as key drivers of food system change"

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Enabling gender equitable access to productive agricultural resources in Tajikistan, by Nodira Sidykova, Director Legal Aid, Tajikistan

  1. 1. «ENABLING GENDER EQUITABLE ACCESS TO PRODUCTIVE AGRICULTURAL RESOURCES IN TAJIKISTAN» 2 DECEMBER 2016 Nodira Sidykova Deputy chief of party and Legal aid director USAID Land Reform and Farm restructuring project
  2. 2. USAID Land Reform and Farm Restructuring Project’s Purpose: Supporting the continuing progress of dehkan farm restructuring and recognition of property rights leading to a market in land-use rights Task 1: Promoting legislative reforms Task 2: Building capacity of public officials, farmers, NGOs, and other beneficiaries Task 3: Expanding awareness of land rights and farm restructuring Task 4: Providing legal consultations and legal aid
  3. 3. Promoting legislative reforms. Implementing and strengthening the rights of land users through the adoption of normative and legal acts Creating a unified system of registration of rights and transactions with land Granting land users the right of alienation and its legal approval Facilitating the development of land-use rights market Providing gender equality to land
  4. 4. Trainings for LACs and female rural activists
  5. 5. “Considering Land Disputes in Court: Resolving Land Related Disputes in Economic Court”
  6. 6. During its activities, Project developed and produced 22 booklets in total of 138,519 copies
  7. 7. Study tour to Sughd region for 50 female farmers from Khatlon region
  8. 8. “Women’s Right to Land: Capacity Building of Female Leaders in Tajikistan”
  9. 9. Farm restructuring 6,927 female dehkan farms received certificates on land-use right
  10. 10. Participating in court proceedings 25 525 land disputes 5 property disputes Total of 30 court proceedings  830 female land users restored their land rights upon court decisions  750 ha of land were returned to female land users  88,000 land users received help from USAID Land Reform and Farm Restructuring Project, 55 % of whom were women.