Personal Safety App For Women


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SOS Stay Safe! is an innovative, discreet, personal safety app for women. It empowers women against abuse and acts of violence. Users can send SOS alerts to their friends and family on sensing danger, simply by shaking their phone. Text and email messages are sent at regular intervals to provide real time GPS tracking from your exact location. The alerts are sent discreetly, without you having to even look at your device.

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Personal Safety App For Women

  1. 1. Your Personal Safety
  2. 2.  Being stalked when walking  Being followed by a strange vehicle at night  Attempted assault in a deserted area  Hiking/camping/picnic emergencies  Attempted burglaries at home  Being robbed  Accident Dangerous Situations Download SOS - Stay Safe!
  3. 3. SOS – Stay Safe! Children of every age, gender, and race are vulnerable to child abduction and abuse Every 8 minutes a child goes missing in India Download SOS - Stay Safe!
  4. 4. Safety tips  Be aware  Always walk with friends or in a group if possible  Tell your parents and friends where you are going and when you will be home  Keep to crowded, well-lit areas  Stick to the routes you know well Download SOS - Stay Safe!
  5. 5. Safety tips  Scream and shout if you are attacked  Trust your instincts  Get away as fast as possible if you feel uneasy  Your voice is one of your best forms of defense  Try to call help  Say No Download SOS - Stay Safe!
  6. 6. SOS – Stay Safe! on Android  97% of mobile users are never away from their device.  Of the world’s 4 billion mobile phones in use, 3.05 billion are SMS enabled.  Android is the platform of choice by a majority of customers on a global scale. Android has the highest market share of 46.9% among all smart phone platforms. Download SOS - Stay Safe!
  7. 7. SOS – Stay Safe! on Android  70.1% of worldwide smart phone shipments were Android in Q4 of 2012.  The risk to personal safety on the streets is a real and increasingly serious issue in most countries. There’s documented evidence of this.  Every day more than 1 million new Android devices are activated worldwide. Download SOS - Stay Safe!
  8. 8. Thank You & Stay Safe! Download SOS - Stay Safe!
  9. 9. For More information Visit Email us at