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Extentia on SlideShare for Small and Medium Businesses


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Why small and medium enterprises should use this knowledge sharing platform.

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Extentia on SlideShare for Small and Medium Businesses

  1. 1. LINKEDIN SLIDESHARE Present yourself, present your business.
  2. 2. Introduction ■ When: October 4th, 2006 ■ What: YouTube for slide shows ■ A Web 2.0 slide sharing service capable of supporting a variety presentation formats and viewing devices ■ How: Users upload files privately or publically ■ Why: Make knowledge sharing easy
  3. 3. When LinkedIn Met SlideShare ■ With an estimated 70 million unique visitors a month and 38 million registered users, LinkedIn acquired SlideShare in 2012 ■ It now boasts of a deeper integration with professional social networks and a new feature — ‘Clipping’
  4. 4. The Business of SlideShare ■ Current focus on content marketing ■ More than 400,000 new slide decks added every month ■ An audience of over 70 million for every upload — boosts your online visibility and reputation
  5. 5. An Ocean of Information ■ Discover. Share. Present. ■ Concise, well presented, expert content through presentations, infographics, documents, and more on: ■ Design ■ Sports ■ News and Politics ■ Health and Medicine ■ Internet ■ Education and more
  6. 6. Content Marketing For Every Business ■ Traditional marketing techniques are now redundant ■ Art of communicating with customers ■ Creates and distributes relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience ■ Non-interruption marketing — delivering information that makes the buyer better informed ■ Customers will respond with business and loyalty
  7. 7. Visual is Viral, Viral is Viable ■ Why SlideShare? The nitty gritty: ■ Infographics four times more viral ■ Visuals processed 60,000 times faster than words ■ Global mobile audience — more than half outside the US with a quarter using mobile devices ■ Five times more traffic from business owners than other social media
  8. 8. How Can Your Business Use it? ■ Create a presentation ■ Useful information — Give to Get Rule ■ Call to Action — what do you seek from the viewer ■ Eye catching graphics ■ Clear linear structure ■ Upload and promote ■ Share it on Facebook and Twitter ■ Let LinkedIn propel it forward ■ Insert your homepage URL ■ Ask viewers to share
  9. 9. Get Creative With It! ■ Analytics — Track and study content performance ■ Traffic sources ■ Visits by country ■ Engagement statistics ■ Haiku Deck facilitates visually appealing presentations ■ Integrate videos ■ Le mot juste — Direct and hard hitting e.g. ‘You Suck at PowerPoint! 5 shocking design mistakes you need to avoid’
  10. 10. Lead Generation on SlideShare ■ A way for brands to create their audience ■ Identify key consumers ■ Engage with professionals around the world ■ Convert viewership to prospects ■ Initiation of consumer interest
  11. 11. How Can It Help? ■ More than 70% of traffic from targeted searches ■ Lead forms can be customized ■ Allows geo targeting
  12. 12. Step by Step ■ Click on ‘Collect Leads’ ■ Upload a presentation ■ Create a lead form, preview, and publish ■ Lead forms in the last slide — fewer but higher quality leads ■ In the middle — more leads, people tend to not finish the presentation
  13. 13. Strategies — B2B ■ Most effective lead generation tactic ■ Provides compelling content ■ 5% - 10% of leads convert to customers
  14. 14. Testimonials ■ Steve Crepeau, founder of True Sales Results: ■ “Intuitive and easy to use” ■ “Cost effective” ■ “Drives traffic and leads” ■ “Higher quality leads than other sources” ■ “Tailor your content to attract the right audience”
  15. 15. Use Cases — Knowledge @ Wharton ■ Great use of Give to Get ■ An impactful video — academic trailer ■ Features new research ‘Data Skills are Key to Social ROI’ ■ Pertinent data for businesses and students — social media analysis must span all departments ■ Embedded relevant links ■ Received more than 25,000 views of which some are prospective students and corporate partners ■ Further their own academic reach and reputation
  16. 16. Branching out with Gwenyth Paltrow ■ Publicity to the ‘T’ ■ LinkedIn Studios New York interviews Paltrow as she launches her new business ■ Paltrow’s new concern receives visibility ■ LinkedIn garners celebrity endorsement ■ 781,464 views
  17. 17. Social Media Plans and Post Planner ■ A Social Media Engagement App ■ How to Build a Dynamic Social Media Plan ■ Relevant information — How to optimize social networks ■ Eye catching description: ‘the best kept secrets for hot content, top time management tools, and much more’ ■ Visually interactive slide show ■ 58,942 views
  18. 18. Results ■ Increases brand awareness ■ Symbiosis at work ■ Visibility for the enterprise ■ Information for the viewer ■ Highlights your expertise ■ Demand generation ■ Social cross pollination (highlight social media links) ■ Share in depth information — financial, technical, or other data
  19. 19. More Information ■ Find us on LinkedIn SlideShare at: ■ If you have an idea or want to innovate, contact us on: ■ Write to inquiries(at) or call +91 20 6728 5200 (India)/+1-408-627-4094 (United States)