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A quick look at our new e-book that collects marketing tips and stories from interviews with leading ICT companies based in Europe

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ICT Marketing Tips E Book Presentation

  1. 1. An

  2. 2. WHAT’S IN THE BOOK? Seven highly successful ICT companies originating from Europe share their insights and stories in this e-book, about… •  What tools and techniques work in international ICT marketing now •  How to adapt to new ways of marketing •  How much online vs. traditional marketing? •  How to market in a recession •  Should international marketing simply be more US-style?
  3. 3. KASPERSKY | EUGENE KASPERSKY CEO and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab, which develops, produces and distributes information security solutions for end users and major corporations worldwide. “ We educate people. What's going on with malware, what's going on with cyber crime, who the bad guys are, what the police are doing etc, etc. This is the major kind of marketing we do. “ The task is how to get the communities, how to build the communities. That's not easy because the people in the communities are not slaves, they are free people. If you don't like that, then forget about it.
  4. 4. ARM | IAN DREW Ian Drew is executive VP of Marketing at ARM, the world's leading semiconductor intellectual property (IP) supplier. He joined the company in July 2005 after 14 years in a variety of senior management roles around the world at Intel Corporation. “ It will change to be more online over the next five years. More about communities. We'll make more of the partnership model, and add a lot more contextual interface to the way we do business. “ We do a lot more online community discussions with the bloggers, most of the people in my organisation have Twitter accounts and tweet away.
  5. 5. ECI TELECOM | ARIE MELAMED CEO Arie Melamed has been Vice President of Corporate Marketing at ECI, supplier of networking infrastructure to the world's largest carriers, since 2006. From tier-one national network operators to city carriers, ECI's equipment serves as the platform for key applications including business services, voice, video and wireless backhaul. “ Technology enables us to be very, very focused, so there is no reason why customer A, who has a very specific need will not have a completely different set of messaging information and flow that comes from the vendor, from ECI, than customer B, who has completely different needs. “ In the US the strength is focusing on measurable objectives... in Europe you will see more technology-oriented content, more technical content. In Asia-Pac the important thing is networking and being live.
  6. 6. NETVIEWER | DUNJA RIEHEMANN Dunja Riehemann is head of Communications and Marketing Operations at NetViewer, whose solutions create simple, secure and intuitive visual meetings over the Internet, and are used by 15 thousand corporations and medium-sized companies in 55 countries. “ I would say focus on PR, use lead-nurturing tools, set up campaigns with partners to split costs, and I think the most important thing every company has to do for the customer is to really care about them and make them happy. “ We said, ‘let's do more online marketing and really concentrate on this’, where the cost per lead is much lower.
  7. 7. NAGRAVISION | IVAN VERBESSELT Ivan Verbesselt is Senior Vice President Marketing with Nagravision, a world leader in digital content security, helping service providers guarantee a secure revenue stream for over 120 leading Pay TV operators on broadcast, broadband and mobile platforms. “ We absolutely need this very personal touch, which online tools are never going to deliver. “ In Europe, when it comes to articulating a unique selling proposition, there are definitely things we can learn from the Americans. For example, saying more with fewer words.
  8. 8. INFOVISTA | GRÉGOIRE MICHEL Grégoire Michel is Senior Vice President of Marketing & Business Operations at InfoVista, whose products collect, process and correlate heterogeneous network and system performance and application data in real time for mobile operators, broadband operators and enterprise IT organizations. “ Today we are really making a big effort on talking to people about their daily problems and business problems and less about ourselves. “ One other thing that I’ve been enforcing since I have been with the company is “integrated marketing” campaigns. You cannot run a webinar alone. The webinar needs to come as part of a complete project.
  9. 9. IP.ACCESS | DR. ANDY TILLER Dr. Andy Tiller is VP Marketing at ip.access, a major manufacturer of picocell and femtocell infrastructure solutions for GSM, GPRS, EDGE and 3G. Products include the Oyster 3G™ femtocell and nanoGSM®, the world's most deployed picocell solution. “ We It’s the smaller companies in our industry who have tended to push the technology further and show thought leadership. “ Blogging and video as the way to get the message across is very important at the moment, and obviously very cheap. But there's no substitute for putting investment into creating good quality content.
  10. 10. MOST IMPORTANT MARKETING TOOLS Our marketers think that no single tool is key, but a combination to support a specific campaign. More important is strategies such as the partnership model, industry organization, thought leadership campaigns, education of the market and customer care. Kaspersky: “We educate people, and by education we just build the brand.” ip.access: “The Femto Forum… now has over a hundred members, including some very large network operators and equipment providers. It was started by a group of smaller companies, including ourselves, picoChip and Ubiquisys, and that's been a huge boost to the industry.“
  11. 11. ONLINE MARKETING TODAY AND IN THE FUTURE ip.access: “We see online methods as just part of the mix – a growing part.” ECI: “I believe that within three years or less we will be 30% or less in traditional marketing and 70% in digital.“ ECI: “Personal URL campaigns are one of the most interesting activities for the future.“ Kaspersky: “In the future it will be 10% traditional, 90% online, and in online, it will be 10% traditional online and 90% the new generation online, communities.“
  12. 12. WHEN THINGS DO NOT WORK SO WELL… InfoVista: “In so many campaigns, in my experience, you just didn't know the results. So it may even have been good but you don't know.” ARM: “Of course we have had failures, but we do a lot of post-mortem work on them and then minimise the impact. I think if you don't fail, you don't learn.“ ip.access: “It is usually a question of getting the message right and the timing right, much more so than the tools.“ Kaspersky: “Actually, I think the major mistake is not to try different opportunities, not to risk.“
  13. 13. WHAT IS BETTER ABOUT US MARKETING InfoVista: “You tend to have better people with stronger marketing skills in the US.” ECI: “If you are a marketer in Europe and you want to do some training, you have to go to the US.“ Kaspersky: “In Europe, marketing is in addition, it's like sugar and coffee. The marketing in Europe is like the sugar. In the USA marketing, it's like the coffee… you can't get marketing out of the product, out of the business.“ Netviewer: “In the US, they just say, ‘Let's try it and if it doesn't work then let’s skip it and try something else.’ They have the courage to do it.“
  14. 14. MARKETING IN RECESSION InfoVista: “Invest in measurement practices and processes to be able to justify the money that CEOs are putting in marketing.” Kaspersky: “The reality is we should first think about the basic things – the reality is that people buy their goods and services which they really need.“ ECI: “My advice is to measure everything.“
  15. 15. GETTING YOUR COPY For more details on how to order your copy, visit: http://www.techmarketing.ch Who are we? Extendance is a high-tech product marketing and business development services company, located in Switzerland and serving IT and communication vendors worldwide. If you want to know more, or feel you have something to add to the conversation, feel free to contact us, or check out the check out the latest content and activities offered on our ICT marketing discussion website.
  16. 16. WHERE DO THE PROFITS GO 100% of the book fees collected will be donated to the Terres des Hommes organization, a charity organization that looks after mothers and their children in the world’s 16 poorest countries: Website: http://www.terredeshommes.org/ Last yearly report: http://www.terredeshommes.org/pdf/reports/07report.pdf