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  1. 1. Shared web hosting is the entry level hosting serviceand most basic type of web hosting in which a large number of websites and user accounts are hostedon same server. In other words shared web hosting is kind of web hosting in which all the resources ofweb hosting server are shared between a number ofusers and users have limited access to server such users don't have root access or administrator access. Almost every web developer of the world had started with shared web hosting as it is cheap and affordable and good for all kind of simple andmedium level websites. Shared Hosting comes with easy to use control panel for users by which they can manage all the features and services such as FTP, Databases, Email accounts, application installation hosting
  2. 2. The technical support available in shared hosting is better than otherkind of hosting in most cases as it comes with a control panel which is athird party application, so support documents are available There is aseparate web forum of WHM/CPanel where you can easily get solutionsfor most of problems and issues Shared hosting plans are equipped withlots of features that helps developers to build their websites from scratchthat means if you are totally new to website development and websitehosting and don't have technical knowledge, still you can installvarious scripts and CMS systems like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla,PHPBB, Dolphin etc
  3. 3. on a single click You can also host more than one domain on a singleshared web hosting, this makes it more cost effective for developers andthey can easily utilize the available resources to maximum extent While ifthere is any website with lots of memory and resource consumingmodules like that of big Drupal and Joomla websites, shared hostingcreate issues as PHP memory, size of databases, Size of files used andbandwidth
  4. 4. For such big sites it is advised to opt for VPS hosting or DedicatedServers, so website performance is not downgraded Shared web hostingis good for newbie to web hosting as there is sufficient support availablefor it and novice users can also handle it easily The most importantfactor that makes it the best choice is that users need not to care aboutthe knowledge of server administration, updating server, security issuesand other related problems
  5. 5. Depending upon the configuration of web hosting server on which theshared web hosting account is configured, it is considered as morereliable than Virtual private servers or dedicated servers in some casesBut the reliability of the shared web hosting server depends on theconfiguration of the server and hardware used But in shared hostingserver there is not SSH or root access given to users that restrict themfrom adding certain modules to servers that might be required by certainwebsites and CMS
  6. 6. It's always recommended to use VPS or dedicated servers for largewebsites or co-operate websites as you need large amount of memoryand bandwidth resources that shared hosting can't provide You canalso cheap hosting install additional firewalls and custom securitysoftware and SSL on VPS and dedicated servers, so shared servers arerecommended to new users for simple websites while for advance andbig sites you should choose VPS and Dedicated servers to overcomeissue of resource usage
  7. 7. cheap hosting