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  1. 1. I deliver UPS packages to many of the rich and famous like Woody Allen, Michael J Fox, Paul Newman, Katie Couric and many others, including the Mayor himself... Mike Bloomberg..parking games
  2. 2. I have worked for UPS for over 7 years and have been on the same route foralmost the last 5 years My route is in New York City, in Manhattan, on theprestigious Upper East Side I deliver packages on Park Ave and beautiful 5thAve by Central Park (where some residents pay as much as $30,000/month tolive) I deliver packages to many of the rich and famous including Woody Allen,Michael J Fox, Paul Newman, Katie Couric and many others, including theMayor himself Mike Bloomberg Manhattan is a small island with 8 millionresidents and it seems like just as many cars
  3. 3. There is literally no place to legally park so I have to double park I quickly runinto the building, deliver the package and get back to the truck before I get aparking ticket My job is to deliver our premium early morning packagesGenerally there are just a couple packages per building and the doorman signsfor the packages so Im not blocking traffic and not double parked for morethan a minute or so Its in and out of the building quick as a ninja, and back tothe truck Usually, I didnt get many parking tickets, maybe one or two permonth Sometimes I might go as long as two months without a single parkingticket And I never got tickets when I worked on a Saturday
  4. 4. But about 2 years age, that began to change Instead of one or two parkingtickets per month, I started getting one or two per week Over the last year thathas now escalated to one or two tickets per day and instead of no tickets onSaturday, I get a ticket EVERY Saturday Same route, same streets, sametime - The only variable is the amount of tickets parking games Last Friday, Ihit a new record high (or record low, depending on your point of view) 5parking tickets in 1 hour FIVE!
  5. 5. In One Hour! Written by 5 different traffic cops (And at $115 bucks a pop,that aint cheap) Heres what happened I got back to my truck within 2minutes of double parking it and there was a traffic cop, in the middle of writingmy third parking ticket for that day
  6. 6. I recognized the cop because he has written me many tickets in the past andwe chat every now and then When he saw me coming he said to me I loveseeing UPS trucks Its an easy ticket to write because you guys dont arguewith us and give us a hard time I move on and continue delivering packagesAbout 10 minutes later, I come out a building and there is a female cop writingme ticket #4 I pick up the other 3 tickets, show her and say to her, This is anew record, 4 tickets in less than an hour She apologetically says to me, Imsorry I didnt know
  7. 7. You should have said something Or you should have at least put the ticketson the front of the truck so we could see them I said Thanks for the tip Ithink Ill try that So I go to the next stop, but this time I have the 4 ticketsvisibly displayed on the front of the truck, tucked in by the windshield When Icome out of the building, Lo and Behold, there is another traffic cop writing meticket #5 I guess he didnt want anyone to see how many tickets I had, so hepicked up the other 4 tickets and folded them all together along with ticket #5,so it only looked like one ticket Cmon Mayor Bloomberg - Give UPS a break!
  8. 8. parking games