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  1. 1. How to get Cheap Airport Parkingparkinggames
  2. 2. The words cheap and airport parking would never have been found in thesame sentence, ten years ago As air travel became more popular, and thenumber of people travelling by air rose, so did competition for parking atairports
  3. 3. The Airport parking operators took the opportunity to raise their prices, andairport parking became almost a prohibitive cost However, co-inciding with therise in cheap flights that became available from the low cost airlines such asEasyjet and Ryanair, we saw a boom in the number of people travellingoverseas by air
  4. 4. Businesses, having seen this trend, began buying up large parcels of cheapland The parcels of land that they obtained, were often near industrial estatesand within a ten minute drive of the airport
  5. 5. Requiring little more than a secure compound, a secure office, 24 hour staff,and vehicles to transport customers to the nearby airport These lowoverheads meant that the new parkinggames parking operators could slashthe cost of parking, and gain customers from the airport operators
  6. 6. As with any market, competition brings price reductions, and travellerssuddenly found that they had a number of choices for airport parking, atdiscount prices The advent of readily available internet connections, coupledwith the cheap airport parking providers building websites to sell their parkingservices, suddenly put the power back in the hands of the consumer, andprices dropped again
  7. 7. The last phase of development has seen the rise of airport parkingcomparision sites, which will find a selection of available parking spaces andprices for given travel dates In short, the airport paring customer has neverhad it so good
  8. 8. In addition, parking can now be booked in advance, often qualifying forfurther discounts, and a number of services have sprung up to take the stressout of the airport parking picture These are primarily meet and greet services,where the parking operator drives the customer to their airport from their base,then securely parks their car for the duration
  9. 9. On return, the customer is picked up in their own car, before travellingonwards
  10. 10. parkinggames