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  1. 1. Everyone has freedom to choose who to share herlove with. In some cases, some may choose to have a cross cultural relationship. This is basically to explore other cultures or even because of love. It is this cross cultural freedom that has seen many Asian women date white men. It is important though to ask the question what Asian women think about white men.The following are some points of what do Asian women think about white men.Asian flush
  2. 2. LovingAnyone in a relationship will like a loving partner White men areloving caring and that is why Asian women date them When dating awhite man, you get a lot of love and feel cared for too This means thatyour relationship will be stable because it has the foundation of love
  3. 3. If you are an Asian girl looking for a white man, you will be sure to beloved and cared for and definitely get the best the relationship could offerGrownupsThere is nothing as frustrating as being a baby in a relationship Asian ladies think that white men are grownups who know what theywant To be unsettled in a relationship is very disappointing and is usuallythe beginning of unfaithfulness
  4. 4. White men are settled and know what they want when they are datingyou This means that you not only enjoy your man but also be sure tokeep them Besides, you are sure of having an adviser who can adviseyou on matters related to daily life With this kind of a relationship, youare sure to get the best of life not only in love related matters, but also thewide spectrum of life
  5. 5. Open mindedAsian ladies think of white men as being open mindedpeople This is because a white man will never discriminate you based onwhere you come from, your family, cultural background, social status andeven your appearance What he wants is to show you love and that is itFurthermore, his Asian flush family members will embrace you as if youwere their own
  6. 6. When dating such kind of a man, you will not feel lonely or abandonedby their family members This means that you will be adopted to thefamily and be like one of it Open mindedness of white men makes it easyto see things from a broader perspective This means that you will havemany options while embracing many aspects in life
  7. 7. You are not going to be forced to do what you do not want to do as longas it pleases you Because of this, you are sure of living your life to thefullest as you get the best love moments from your partner HonestyAsthey say, honesty is the best policy
  8. 8. With white man by your side, you will be sure of being told all the truth asthey are This means that between you and your partner, there will be nosecrets Asian guys think white guys are honesty with their lives, theinformation they give and the way they love
  9. 9. When a white guy tells you that he loves you, be sure that that is thetruth If you are an Asian girl who asks what Asian women think aboutwhite men, the above points could be the answer for you Asian womenwhite men match is the perfect match because of different cultures andlove too
  10. 10. Therefore, this thing of white men being sugar daddies is just astereotype It normally comes from the fact that white guys are loving,caring, advice, honesty and open minded
  11. 11. Asian flush