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  1. 1. Encinitas is a coastal city in northern San Diego County, California, United States. As of the 2000census, the city had a total population of 58,014. It is located about 25 miles (40 km) north of San Diego, and about 95 miles (153 km) south of Los Angeles.Each one has its own unique small-town charm and interesting history.bed Los Angeles CA
  2. 2. The city was incorporated in 1986 from the communities of historicEncinitas, new Encinitas (Village Park, etc ), Leucadia,Cardiff-by-the-Sea and Olivenhain These communities retain theiridentities, and their distinctive flavors The town has a main streetthat looks to be right out of a George Lucas 1950s movie scene,including a city name sign spanning the Coast Highway thatwelcomes visitors arriving into the north end of town Onceconsidered a rural beach community with its flower farms and plantnurseries, Encinitas still holds some of that charm from a bygone era Train buffs will enjoy hearing the Amtrak �Surfliner� rollthrough town daily as it travels the California coast
  3. 3. Coast Highway 101 lies four blocks east of the beaches andparallels the coast Encinitas has a plethora of antique shops, surfshops, restaurants, and local hangouts Encinitas is perfect for thoselooking for a less tourist-oriented destination The community ismainly residential and has a wonderful variety of restaurants, shops,and galleries Swami�s, a local�s beach located at the southend of Encinitas, offers stunning views of the ocean and sandstonecliffs � perfect for photographers Cyclists enjoy starting theirrides in Encinitas, heading north and south along Coast Route 101,which is bicycle-friendly
  4. 4. Encinitas attractions include the Yogananda Retreat, La PalomaTheater, Moonlight State Beach, NCTD Coaster Station (commutertrain service to/from downtown San Diego), shopping andrestaurants, annual "Woody" show and more InnAtMoonlightBeachcom offers the best Encinitas hotel facilities with great Encinitas BedBreakfast Tourists like it very much and they enjoy their daysAlmost everything can be reached by foot, including the beach bedLos Angeles CA and most restaurants and shopping
  5. 5. Bikes can be rented as well InnAtMoonlightBeach com also offersbuses and trains for transportation purposes too Beach is the mainentrance to the seemingly endless stretch of sandy beach is at CStreet A scenic outlook and stair access can also be found at theend of D Street
  6. 6. Swimming is allowed only in designated areas Surfing is a favoriteactivity in Encinitas Swamis is one of the most famous in SouthernCalifornia, which is accessed via steep stairs down the bluff from thesmall city park by the same name at the south end of town Severalsurf shops along Coast Highway can provide gear for the visitorBeaches, flowers, peace and love welcome you to Encinitas
  7. 7. IBM, teeing off for golf and a Starbucks latte in a plastic cup mightgreet you, as well Encinitas is a place where diversity rules and iscelebrated daily When the communities of Leucadia,Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Olivenhain and old and new Encinitasincorporated together as the City of Encinitas in 1986, their union onpaper did not mean that each would give up its identity and character In stark contrast, prepare for a time warp with new plazas, tracthousing and a bridge where carts from Encinitas Ranch Golf Coursepass over the fast moving, stoplight-driven El Camino Real From theopulent Self Realization Retreat and Hermitage where worldtravelers come to meditate and look out over the Pacific Ocean, tothe neighborly Moonlight Beach, where lovers look out at the sameocean and snuggle, cheek to cheek, life is beach after beach inEncinitas
  8. 8. So comes this city and get a great holiday No tension aboutEncinitas hotel InnAtMoonlightBeach com will arrange everythingwith great Encinitas Bed Breakfast
  9. 9. bed Los Angeles CA