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  1. 1. Both Windows and Linux offer excellent operating systems to computerLinux Hosting
  2. 2. servers and workstations as well Which one to pick? You mayconsider the cost of the product and 24/7 support Learn moreChoosing the appropriate operating system is based on the server`sfunction
  3. 3. Linux is powerful and has a versatile operating system whileWindows is well-known for its easy to use operating system andversatility Deciding the right server was certainly a trial as a decadeago, Microsoft`s Windows NT and Novell`s NetWare4 wereprominently in use, but today NetWare has totally disappeared andthe Linux version is found to be a good choice Both Windows andLinux come in server and desktop editions Maintenance andsecurity are one of the significant areas to comprehend the actualdifferences between the operating systems
  4. 4. Linux are commonly referred to as distributions, also known as`distros`, and are released around the same time frame using thesame kernel version (operating system) Linux needs carefulconsideration of hardware drivers as the hardware newly releasedshould be appropriate and Linux Hosting this includes themotherboard as well Linux installation should be done by peoplewho have proper knowledge to run the operating system and itsapplications Linux is stable and more secure than Windows
  5. 5. On the other hand, Windows offers easy installation and runs evenin default modes, besides it includes a series of drivers regardless ofthe hardware type and has the extensive variety of softwareHowever it suffers with frequent security problems demanding criticalpatches involving rebooting Moreover it is expensive right from thepurchase price to the applications, besides ongoing maintenance is amust to keep it updated and stable The comparison of Linux vs
  6. 6. Window includes other considerations such as the price, specializedoptions and support Linux has server oriented versions availablewith vendors and some are offered with 24/7 paid support There areless expensive distribution versions obtainable at Mepis, Centos andXandros and others, which are offered at a very low cost to getstarted, while Debian, Slackware, Mint, Mandriva, Fedora of Red Hatand Ubuntu are all free versions On the other side MicrosoftWindows server is regular with 32 and 64 bit versions withspecialized options such that it is ideal for small as well as mediumsized businesses
  7. 7. However, the biggest hit is that Windows is buoyed up by a multibillion dollar company and is compatible with the majority ofsoftware, besides it is very easy in using and understanding thateven an average user can make the best of it Windows pricingvaries dramatically based on the numbers purchased and on theyearly maintenance agreement or the licensing plan The significantdifference in Linux version does not speak about the software qualityor the drivers` availability, but the support offered Depending uponthe Linux distribution package, the user may get a quick and 24/7paid support, and this should well suit any corporate environment
  8. 8. Purchasing the operating system and hardware together ensuresthe support for installed hardware, else it may be requiredresearching to ensure the motherboard, network adapter, chipsetand others are supported by the Linux version The other non-Linuxoptions include OpenSolaris and many variants of Berkley Softwaredistribution
  9. 9. Linux Hosting