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How to Get Links for Your Business | BrightonSEO


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Want to build better links for your business or client? Not sure how to get links in niche industries? Charlie has got you covered.

Charlie's BrightonSEO presentation shows you link building methods that you can use regardless of your business. She uses content marketing case studies for businesses that are super tricky to get links for, just to show you how effective these strategies are.

All of these examples are Exposure Ninja clients, but the goal is not to tell you how great EN is (though there is DEFINITELY an element of that), but to share these examples because we know exactly what happened, how well it worked, and to show you the numbers.

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How to Get Links for Your Business | BrightonSEO

  1. 1. Charlie Marchant @charliejeanm EXPOSURE NINJA How to Definitely Get Links for Your Business
  2. 2. @charliejeanm How To Definitely Get Links for Your Business
  3. 3. @charliejeanm Links for all types of businesses, especially niche or difficult industries e.g. e-cigarettes, gambling, PPI
  4. 4. @charliejeanm
  5. 5. @charliejeanm Small business features and interviews
  6. 6. @charliejeanm YouGov and Google surveys
  7. 7. @charliejeanm Media / news jumping
  8. 8. @charliejeanm Influencer marketing and blogger outreach
  9. 9. @charliejeanm Flickr photos and links
  10. 10. @charliejeanm I’m not talking about...
  11. 11. @charliejeanm Businesses where it’s easy to build links e.g. fast fashion, huge travel companies, household brands with uber massive budgets
  12. 12. @charliejeanm All the free links It’s always an exchange and you’re either trading time or money
  13. 13. @charliejeanm Directory listings, videos and other SEO basics
  14. 14. @charliejeanm Before you start link building...
  15. 15. @charliejeanm Easy website navigation and clear user journey
  16. 16. @charliejeanm CTAs that are actually worth clicking on
  17. 17. @charliejeanm SSL certificate, testimonials, reviews and other trust devices
  18. 18. @charliejeanm Keyword research that pulls out high-opportunity keywords
  19. 19. @charliejeanm E-A-T Expertise Authority Trust
  20. 20. @charliejeanm Make sure your author bio shows relevant experience and qualifications
  21. 21. @charliejeanm Know where you’re going to pitch and what types of sites you want links from
  22. 22. @charliejeanm Competitor backlinks Throw 5 competitor domains into Majestic and compare metrics
  23. 23. @charliejeanm Enter the competitor domain (change the option to "Root Domain" instead of "URL")
  24. 24. @charliejeanm Identify backlinks with a similar and higher Domain Trust Flow
  25. 25. @charliejeanm Check for quality directories and quality links from articles, blogs, news websites, sponsorships, local sites, partners, etc
  26. 26. @charliejeanm Link building for an e-cigarette eCommerce store
  27. 27. @charliejeanm Background US e-cigarette eCommerce store was unprofitable. We started a Content Marketing and SEO campaign to increase their website traffic and sales.
  28. 28. @charliejeanm Features in industry publications, including Spinfuel, Vaping360, Cigbuyer and
  29. 29. @charliejeanm Giveaway had over 38,000 entries! Tripled our client’s Facebook likes Doubled our client’s Twitter followers
  30. 30. @charliejeanm We ran a survey with YouGov to find out the UK’s opinion on vaping vs smoking
  31. 31. @charliejeanm
  32. 32. @charliejeanm Outreach on this topic secured large publications, including Yahoo Finance
  33. 33. @charliejeanm 267 links and a total global potential audience of 80.6 million people
  34. 34. @charliejeanm We scour science news and journals for relevant studies
  35. 35. @charliejeanm Outreach on topics relating to this study with unique content
  36. 36. @charliejeanm
  37. 37. @charliejeanm After a year-long campaign, traffic to the website improved by 1340% Results
  38. 38. @charliejeanm Position 1 for 777 keywords Top 3 positions for 2,831 keywords Results
  39. 39. @charliejeanm Highest ranked retailer for “e cigarette” Top of Google for “vape pen” Results
  40. 40. @charliejeanm
  41. 41. @charliejeanm Link building for a gambling website
  42. 42. @charliejeanm Background It can be difficult to get respectable websites to link to gambling sites. Content has to be unique and relevant.
  43. 43. @charliejeanm Video games are making a controversial killing by selling players “loot boxes”
  44. 44. @charliejeanm Ran a Google Survey and designed the survey in a way that would get a headline grabbing result
  45. 45. @charliejeanm 60% of Brits asked were in favour of regulating loot boxes
  46. 46. @charliejeanm Outreach on the results of the survey got articles placed
  47. 47. @charliejeanm The story started to get picked up organically by other publications, including an organic article and link from The Guardian Results
  48. 48. @charliejeanm
  49. 49. @charliejeanm 250 backlinks were earned from smaller publications Results
  50. 50. @charliejeanm We piggybacked on the credibility of the study to pitch follow-up pieces to gain links, including this one from Venture Beat
  51. 51. @charliejeanm That article then started to pick up its own organic links from other big websites like TechRadar
  52. 52. @charliejeanm Initial study Outreach articles Secondary visibility Follow up outreach articles Secondary visibility
  53. 53. @charliejeanm How to Get Data
  54. 54. @charliejeanm Your client may already collect data that might be interesting
  55. 55. @charliejeanm Freedom of Information Request
  56. 56. @charliejeanm YouGov surveys
  57. 57. @charliejeanm Google surveys
  58. 58. @charliejeanm Link building for a warehouse racking safety website
  59. 59. @charliejeanm Background Warehouse racking inspections is a niche and dry industry. The client was keen to look for unique link building angles to improve their online presence
  60. 60. @charliejeanm I know BrightonSEO-ers hate them, but...
  61. 61. @charliejeanm
  62. 62. @charliejeanm Our infographic got picked up by various websites and secured coverage across social media platforms
  63. 63. @charliejeanm Page 1 ranking for 21 keywords Top 3 ranking for 8 keywords... …in just 4 months Results
  64. 64. @charliejeanm
  65. 65. @charliejeanm Link building for a PPI company
  66. 66. @charliejeanm Background PPI claims deadline is coming up in August 2019 and the sector has got competitive
  67. 67. @charliejeanm Start outreach with finance bloggers to start building links and earning credibility
  68. 68. @charliejeanm
  69. 69. @charliejeanm Move onto business-related links from small business websites
  70. 70. @charliejeanm
  71. 71. @charliejeanm Increase the amount of authority links with relevant article topics
  72. 72. @charliejeanm
  73. 73. @charliejeanm
  74. 74. @charliejeanm Most Brits don’t know when the PPI claims deadline is 16% were aware, 54% of people had “no idea” and everyone else guessed the wrong date
  75. 75. @charliejeanm Secured 243 links to the blog post containing the survey results, including this link from the Mirror Results
  76. 76. @charliejeanm
  77. 77. @charliejeanm 870% increase in organic traffic over the 14 month campaign 682% increase in organic conversions in the same period Results
  78. 78. @charliejeanm
  79. 79. @charliejeanm Obtained 25 position 1 keywords Results
  80. 80. @charliejeanm
  81. 81. @charliejeanm News Jumping for Any Business
  82. 82. @charliejeanm #journorequest #prrequest
  83. 83. @charliejeanm My boss (I know he sometimes wears an England shirt to work though ) Tweet from well-known biz journalist Fast responses required
  84. 84. @charliejeanm Featured in an article with Zuckerberg, Jobs and Branson
  85. 85. @charliejeanm ● Data studies and surveys ● Trade/industry outreach ● Media/news jumping ● Infographics piggybacking on trends ● Flickr galleries Link Building Techniques
  86. 86. Charlie Marchant @charliejeanm