The 3Ps of Mobile Advertising - Past, Present and Promise


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Presentation by Arno Peperkoorn, managing director, Exponential The Netherlands at App Day 2013 in Copenhagen, 23rd January 2013

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  • The way that we consume media has changed, it’s got more complicated and key to that has been digital but more importantly instant digital through mobile and tablet
  • We’re now also dividing our attention – 77% watch TV with another device, for 49% that’s a smartphone and for 34% it’s a PC/laptop device In fact 90% of us use multiple screens to accomplish a goal – 67% shopping, 46% managing finances, 43% travel bookings
  • On smartphones, we see a high amount of gaming (39%) and social networking (24%) and on tablet gaming (67%), social networking (10%) and entertainment (9%) So how are people using their smartphones and tablets? And how can we utilise it?
  • Take over user screens with engaging expandable banner experiences
  • Reach & Frequency reports to show your message has been seen by the right audience Gauged by running brand lift studies (e.g: Vizu) Click to site, engagement measurement, time spent, video completion rates, expansion rates, social activity, games played, etc. Purchase, sign up, voucher request, calendar entry, take a test drive,
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  • The 3Ps of Mobile Advertising - Past, Present and Promise

    1. 1. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack The three Ps of Mobile Advertising – Past, Present and Promise
    2. 2. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack The 3Ps Past Present Promise 2
    3. 3. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack How do we know anything about this stuff? Appsnack helps brands and their agencies build rich, engaging, app-like creative experiences that reach audiences at scale, across mobile and tablet. Appsnack is a division of Exponential Interactive – a global provider of advertising intelligence and digital media solutions. Exponential provides Appsnack the ability to leverage: •A presence in more than 26 countries •700+ employees worldwide •The e-X Advertising Intelligence Platform •Exponential’s massive proprietary database •More than 450m unique users every month 3
    4. 4. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack II give you the give you the tablet tablet P1 Past 4
    5. 5. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack We’ve changed... Or at least how we consume media has • In 2012, approximately 68 million people will access the internet from a mobile device in the EU-5 countries (Western Europe Mobile Ad Spending, eMarketer, February2012) • Of 117 million in the USA who have smartphones, approximately 80% were using them for shopping activities (Digital Shopping, Nielson, October 2012) • Globally, there were 181 million blogs by December 2011 compared to 36 million in December 2006 (State of the Media, Nielsen, Q4 2011) 5
    6. 6. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack We don’t have their full attention anymore 77% 49% use another device while watching TV (Google) while using a smartphone (Google) 6
    7. 7. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack Look ––I’ve invented handsfree! Look I’ve invented handsfree! P2 Present 7
    8. 8. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack As the audience is multi-device, we need to be too 8
    9. 9. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack Smartphones and tablets are gaining on PCs • 75% of smartphone users in Europe used a mobile to go online in October 2011 • 62% increase on the previous year 9
    10. 10. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack And Apple isn’t dominating the market European smartphone users favour Symbian (comScore, Connected Europe) USA smartphone users favour Andriod ( 10
    11. 11. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack And Europe’s growing faster than everyone else 11
    12. 12. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack For better or worse 12
    13. 13. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack Anti-Social 13
    14. 14. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack Really Anti-Social 14
    15. 15. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack Making us less private 15
    16. 16. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack Changing everyday experiences 16
    17. 17. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack So how are we using tablet and mobile? Smartphones Tablets Flurry Analytics, Sept 2012 17
    18. 18. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack The top 10 apps for 2012 1. Facebook • So we’re really... 2. PhotoSynth o Socialising (Facebook, PhotoSynth, Skype) 3. Run Keeper o Entertainment (Movie by 4. Pulse Flixter, Tone Pad) 5. Dropbox o News (Pulse, National Rail 6. National Rail Enquiries Enquiries, Thomson Reuters 7. Skype News Pro) o Utility (RunKeeper, Drop Box) 8. Movie by Flixter 9. TonePad 10. Thomson Reuters News Pro 18
    19. 19. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack But we’d prefer to be advertised to rather than pay • 73% of tablet users would not pay a subscription but would accept advertising on a site BUT • 52% would prefer to be invited to the advert rather than it invading the screenIAB UK, Three Device Lives: Tablets in Content 19
    20. 20. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack Right now, we’re putting what we know onto mobile Display advertising 124% in UK on mobile the fast growing ad format in Europe 20
    21. 21. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack But is this really working? 21
    22. 22. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack P3 Promise 22
    23. 23. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack Rich Media 23
    24. 24. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack Rich media makes an impact 24
    25. 25. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack And again 25
    26. 26. 26
    27. 27. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack Relevancy 27
    28. 28. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack Relevancy: transform data into intelligence Aggregate over with associated attributes Segment users 2 billion daily datatopics Contextualize based on 50,000 events Content Location Demographics Device All of the above The right I am into fine person, in the I’m a 35 years I own an wine and in the I live in right place, at old and married iPhone market for a Chicago, Il the right time with 2 children and iPad luxury car alongside the right content 28
    29. 29. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack Relevancy: transform data into intelligence Effective targeting requires scale ...with access to thousands of publishers acrossusers Reach more than 450 million unique monthly mobile and tablet worldwide… Content Location Demographics Device All of the above The right person, I am into fine in the right I’m a 35 years I own an wine and in the I live in place, at the old and married iPhone and iPad market for a Chicago, Il right time with 2 children luxury cars along the right content 29
    30. 30. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack ROI 30
    31. 31. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack ROI – so what should we measure? To ensure campaign success and that all objectives are met, it is essential to employ back- end analytics detailing all user engagement. Awareness Awareness • Reach & Frequency reports Interest Interest • Brand lift studies (e.g: Vizu) Desire Desire • Interaction Rates (e.g. Click to site, time spent, social activity) Action Action • Conversions (e.g: Purchase, sign up, voucher request) 31
    32. 32. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack Then again, we could be wrong... 32
    33. 33. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack Or could we 33
    34. 34. @arnopeperkoorn @theappsnack Thank You For more information please contact: Arno Peperkoorn ‫ ﺍ‬managing director, The Netherlands, Exponential 34