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Preparing for your annual review


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Preparing for your annual performance review

Published in: Business
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Preparing for your annual review

  1. 1. TMP/Hudson Global Resources Annual Performance Review
  2. 2. Preparing for your Annual Performance Review  Lee Thomas
  3. 3. What is Performance?  Ability Personal skills and knowledge.  Effort Degree of application and motivation to the tasks / objectives.  Opportunity Available work, personal development and learning, timeframes, resources and facilities, recognition.
  4. 4. Self Review  Consider your progress over the last year.  Identify any barriers that, may have restricted your performance  Your level of Job satisfaction  Your level of challenge.
  5. 5. Career Development Plan/ Performance Goals  Identify your performance goals for next year.  Actions required to assist you to achieve your goals.
  6. 6. Next Step  Consider your short and long term goals.  Are they achievable - what support/tools do you require to achieve these goals.
  7. 7. Preparation  Ensure you have your last performance review document with you.  Include any documents that support your performance – scorecards, project plans etc.
  8. 8. Performance Goals  SMART  Specific  Measurable  Attractive  Realistic  Time Framed
  9. 9. Bringing goals to life  Develop a Desire  Record your goal  Identify the obstacles  Time frame your goal  Create a plan  Get a mental picture  Back your plan with persistence
  10. 10. The Manager’s Responsibility  Track Progress  Continually assess needs  Make changes in consultation with staff  Manage expectations  Provide support, assistance and feedback
  11. 11. Examples of Questions  Likes / Dislikes – current motivation  Factors restricting performance  Major Achievements  Measure of Performance  Performance Targets / Developmental Activity  Learning and Development  Improvement Goals  Agreed commitment and outcomes
  12. 12. Making the most of your Performance Review  Review your objectives and goals prior to your meeting.  Consider information that supports your level of achievement for each objective.  Consider what factors contributed to either meeting or not meeting these objectives.  Were there any additional achievements not covered?  Ensure that your plan moving forward meets the needs of the business.  Be open, honest and positive.  Ask clarifying questions.  Be objective and willing to consider alternatives or new ways of doing things.  Use feedback to improve your performance.  Help provide solutions – ask the question of what else can you do.