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Outsourcing human resources


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Outsourcing human resources - The last craft

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Outsourcing human resources

  2. 2. Why this new phenomenon? Why is HR the “last craft” Outsourcing HR since the 70’s Revisited with organisational restructures “Core business” arguments
  3. 3. Common inclusions Payroll, recruitment, legal representation, occupational health services, HRIS, psychometric testing, learning & development activities, employee assistance programs, superannuation etc…
  4. 4. Not-So-Common inclusions HR Strategy & design work HR Audits and due diligence Complete HR infrastructure
  5. 5. Why bother? Access to better practices Access to better research Access to better resources Price, profit and expenses Culture
  6. 6. How do you outsource HR? Determine what is and isn’t acceptable (both current and future) Set goals and benchmarks Evaluate providers
  7. 7. Determine what is and isn’t acceptable? Current state of HR in the business Desired services Determining what is in scope Metrics Outcomes (financial and other)
  8. 8. Outsource Company credentials Track record Referees Research Infrastructure Licences and insurance
  9. 9. Tenders Simplicity Identical information Service level agreements
  10. 10. Communications Strategy Variable audiences Reasoning Timing Transition Expectations of everyone affected
  11. 11. Building the “new” HR relationship Personable Reliable Expert Advanced
  12. 12. Building the “new” HR relationship The responsibility of the provider The responsibility of the company The responsibility of the line manager
  13. 13. What does success look like? To the provider To the company To line manager
  14. 14. What if it goes wrong? Service level agreements Insourcing Changing providers
  15. 15. The future of HR Outsourcing Gradual acceptance Increased elements in scope Globalisation spread of concept
  16. 16. Thank you