BDent, Bart de Witte, MAppSc Healthcare Industry Leader CEE / ALPS


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  • What is bringing about the need for a new era of computing. In large part it is because of the explosion of data. And not just the typical structured data we find in computer databases, but through voice, social media, and sensors throughout the world. Up to 80 percent of this data is projected to be unstructured data by 2015.As you can see, data is just beginning its rapid growth. We’re sill on the blade part of the hockey stick.
  • BDent, Bart de Witte, MAppSc Healthcare Industry Leader CEE / ALPS

    1. 1. The Future of Healthcare is Smart BDent, Bart de Witte, MAppSc Healthcare Industry Leader CEE / ALPS October 2013 – Expo 2020 Event, Izmir IBM Confidential © 2012 IBM
    2. 2. Smarter Healthcare Human to Machine Interaction • Many new innovations, projects, safety devices, computer systems and improvements require more time and effort on the part of the front line. We have to stop adding work….we must to find a way to take hard work away and make success easy for the front line. . 2 IBM Confidential © 2012 IBM
    3. 3. Smarter Healthcare “I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do” HLAL9000, 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) 3 IBM Confidential © 2012 IBM
    4. 4. Smarter Healthcare IBM the 5 in 5 Innovations that will change our lives in the next five years 4 IBM Confidential © 2012 IBM
    5. 5. Smarter Healthcare British Journal of Cancer 108, 941-950 (5 March 2013) | doi:10.1038/bjc.2013.44: A nanomaterial-based breath test for distinguishing gastric cancer from benign gastric conditions In the study (n=37) 90% of the time, the breath test could tell the difference between early and latestage stomach cancers. 5 IBM Confidential © 2012 IBM
    6. 6. Smarter Healthcare See Better – Hospital Smartrooms 6 IBM Confidential © 2012 IBM
    7. 7. Smarter Healthcare New information layers Track your: 7 - Sleep Patterns - Food Intake - Activity - pH Level - Tooth Brushing - Mood - vO2max - Respiration Rate - EEG - Medication Intake -… IBM Confidential © 2012 IBM
    8. 8. Smarter Healthcare Big Data: this is just the beginning 9000 Volume in Exabytes Percentage of uncertain data 80 7000 60 Social Media 6000 40 5000 4000 You are here 3000 VoIP 20 Percent of uncertain data 8000 Sensors100 & Devices Enterpris e Data 0 2010 2015 Source: IBM Global Technology Outlook - 2012 8 IBM Confidential © 2012 IBM
    9. 9. Smarter Healthcare Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink. ST Coleridge, 1798 9 IBM Confidential © 2012 IBM
    10. 10. Smarter Healthcare “In the next 10 years, data and the ability to analyze them will do for doctors’ minds what Xray and medical imaging have done for their vision” 11 IBM Confidential © 2012 IBM
    11. 11. Smarter Healthcare IBM‟s Watson Healthcare strategy focuses on solving 3 problems in clinical practice  Medicine is a science but practiced as an art  Impossible to keep up and have access to existing knowledge  The number of untapped information that can be used as a source of knowledge is growing exponentially 12 IBM Confidential © 2012 IBM
    12. 12. Smarter Healthcare 13 IBM Confidential Bart de Witte – June „11 © 2012 IBM
    13. 13. Smarter Healthcare Creating a Corpus of Knowledge for Cancer Care Ingestion of NCCN guidelines for breast cancer and lung cancer:  Roughly 500,000 unique combinations of breast cancer patient attributes.  Roughly 50,000 unique combinations of lung cancer patient attributes. Over 600,000 pieces of evidence ingested, from 42 different publications/publishers, including:  The Breast Journal, National Comprehensive Cancer Network (Clinical Practice Guidelines, Drug and Biologics compendium, et al.), American Journal Of Hematology, Annals Of Neurology, CA: A Cancer Journal For Clinicians, Cancer Journal, Cochrane, EBSCO, Hematological Oncology, Hepatology, International Journal Of Cancer, Journal Of Gene Medicine, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Journal of Oncology Practice, Massachusetts Medical Society Journal Watch, Massachusetts Medical Society New England Journal Of Medicine, Merck, Nephrology, UptoDate, Clinical Lung Cancer, Current Problems in Cancer, Cancer Treatment Reviews, Elsevier's Monographs in Cancer (multiple), Clinical Breast Cancer, European Journal of Cancer, Lung Cancer (the journal). Watson has received 14,700 hours of training from clinicians Accurate: in the cases run, it's 90% accurate, the goal is 100% accurancy, today physicians are about 50% accurate. 14 IBM Confidential IBM Confidential © 2012 IBM
    14. 14. Smarter Healthcare Our medical knowledge will advance at record speeds “The application of what we know will have a bigger impact than any drug or technology likely to be introduced in the next decade” Sir Muir Gray, Director NHS National Knowledge Service & NHS Chief Knowledge Officer 15 IBM Confidential © 2012 IBM
    15. 15. Smarter Healthcare recommendations  Create a legal framework and space to manage the massive amounts of health-related data.  Advocate the value of anonymised (big) data sharing and data portability  Drive policies towards open data to accelerate research and investments  Re-orient funding, focus on creating research on language support for nateral language processing. 16 IBM Confidential © 2012 IBM
    16. 16. Smarter Healthcare TEŞEKKÜRLER THANK YOU 17 IBM Confidential © 2012 IBM