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Met ClickDimensions kunt u uw marketingactiviteiten direct vanuit Microsoft
CRM opzetten en alle digitale marketingactiviteiten vanuit CRM beheren.
Bijvoorbeeld door (marketing) e-mails vanuit uw CRM te genereren die
direct gelinkt zijn aan uw klanten, contacten, marketinglijsten en bezoekers
van uw website. Als alle informatie in uw CRM systeem staat, wil u vanuit
dat systeem ook de volledige controle hebben over uw marketingkanalen
en materiaal. John Gravely neemt geeft u diverse praktijkvoorbeelden van
functionaliteiten die ClickDimensions biedt.

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  • Existing marketing automation systems like Marketo only have a small overlap with CRM systems. Therefore, neither system can access all the data and functionality of the other. Further, these marketing automation vendors must spend a lot of time building core features that CRM already has (like workflow) and less time building true, value-add marketing features. We are able to use all the Dynamics CRM features and focus solely on value-add marketing features in our solution
  • Within CRM we create an HTML email template to promote the eBook campaign in our monthly newsletter
  • All open, click, bounce and unsubscribe tracking is captured inside CRM
  • Click reporting shows how many clicks each link received
  • Within CRM we create an HTML email template to promote the eBook campaign in our monthly newsletter
  • Prepare eBook content
  • All channels drive traffic to a ClickDimensions landing page. The landing page is linked to a Microsoft CRM campaign so that all conversions, including the visits and form submissions, are tracked to the campaign record in CRM
  • The lead is sent an email with a link to the eBook and an internal notification email is sent to the sales team or relevant sales rep
  • In CRM we use drag and drop to create a web form for our landing page. We then embed the form into the landing page
  • Conversions are set up in Google AdWords and conversion code is placed on the confirmation page of the eBook landing page. This allows Google to know if the visitor originated from a Google ad
  • As visitors come in from Google ads and complete the web form on the landing page the conversions are tracked so we can see which ads, keywords and campaigns are driving the most conversions. Also, the form data is fed directly into CRM where workflows notify sales people and automate email back to the web visitors
  • A lead record is created for an individual that clicked on a Google Ad
  • The form submission on the eBook landing page is recorded in CRM attached to the lead record. You can see that the form was completed on January 13
  • You can see that the lead’s visit on January 13 was not his first visit to the site. However, since it was the first time he completed a form it was the visit that ‘connected the dots’ to take him from being an anonymous visitor to being identified and created as a lead
  • The visit record from the 13th shows that he came from a click on our Google remarketing campaign which was showing him our ads because he had previously visited our site. Note that his keywords indicate he was actually looking for a zoo when he noticed our ad
  • Click tracking confirms that the lead clicked on the link to the ebook
  • On the campaign record in CRM we can see all visits that originated on the eBook landing page
  • On the campaign record in CRM we can see all form postings to the eBook landing page
  • CRM allows us to easily visualize the sources of traffic to the eBook landing page
  • Drilling into the social segment of the pie chart we can see that we are about 50/50 on the social visits. They are coming almost evenly from Facebook and LinkedIn
  • It is easy to see our lead generation rate in a dashboard since the data is inside CRM
  • We can easily see the quality of visits from our various referall/advertising sources
  • True Stories of Marketing with Microsoft CRM - ClickDimensions

    1. 1. True Stories of Marketing withMicrosoft CRM John Gravely, ClickDimensions
    2. 2. 3 true stories of marketing with Microsoft CRM1 - Newsletter list building, growth and execution2 - CRM MVP and ‘True Stories’ Webinars3 - Marketing Idea eBook campaign
    3. 3. Marketing AutomationEmail Marketing Web Tracking Lead Scoring SurveysSocial Discovery Campaign Tracking Form Capture API (with Event and eCommerce Tracking) Nurture Landing Pages Search/Advertising Subscription Marketing Management
    4. 4. Traditional Marketer’s ToolsBasic lead/contact integration; constantlysynching, exporting, importing Email Marketing Social ? Discovery and/or Monitoring Web Site List ≠ List Surveys Analytics Campaign ≠ Campaign Lead (Prospect) ≠ Lead
    5. 5. CRM + Email + Analytics + Surveys + SocialClickDimensions onWindows Azure- ClickDimensions API All Data in One Place Customer Web Site(s) - Dynamics CRM data - Email Marketing Data - Web Analytics Data Recipient Inboxes - Surveys, Social
    6. 6. Marketing Story 1:Newsletter List Building, Growth and Execution
    7. 7. Always be list buildingUse any contact to build your list Auto-signature Web forms Webinar Trade show Now!
    8. 8. OutlookCast – Emails from SalesEasily sendmarketingemails usingMicrosoftOutlook
    9. 9. Asking for permission
    10. 10. Block Editor
    11. 11. Inbox Preview
    12. 12. Google Analytics Integration
    13. 13. Marketing Story 2:CRM MVP Webinar and Survey True Stories Webinars
    14. 14. Landing PageTargetedcontentSingular call toactionNo extranavigation
    15. 15. Campaign Metrics VisitsSearch Blogs Social Direct TrafficEngine Metric Email Landing page click through rate 10.7% Sign-up rate (% of campaign targets) 5% Landing page conversion rate 46%
    16. 16. Marketing Story 3:Microsoft CRM Marketing Idea eBook Campaign
    17. 17. Trackable, automated email to prospectInternal notification email tosales team
    18. 18. Social Discovery on CRM Lead and Contact records
    19. 19. For Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partners and Customers