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San Francisco Explicit Portfolio

  1. 1. San Francisco EXPLICIT A Professional Paintball Team EXPLICIT CONTACT INFORMATION Rob Montiero /Coach & Mgr email: mobile 925-584-5836 Rob Montiero /League Partner of NPPL-USPL Jana Kruska / Asst Mgr email: mobile 510-453-1653 EXPLICIT TEAM ROSTER • John Thai • Adam Florendo • Ryan Pruitt • Jason Vitalich • Jackson Cheung • Bryan Hamann • Brian Farid • Auzie Kanzler • Matt Jones • Greg Siewers • Shane Howe PAGE 2
  2. 2. Sponsor’s of San Francisco EXPLICIT Please take a moment to visit our Sponsor's website. These sponsors are all integral parts of the paintball industry and have each made great con- tributions to the sport. We could not be where we are today if it were not for each and every one of these Sponsors. Our Sponsor Logo’s are also on our Pro Team Jersey and Websites. We will have banners for each Sponsor at the USPL Events.
  3. 3. 2009 Season Key Information • EXPLICIT is a Professional Team in the US Paintball League • EXPLICIT will be competing in 4 National Events • EXPLICIT looking to compete in 1 International Events • EXPLICIT will Conduct 4 California Clinics in 2009 • Words to describe us TEAM EXPLICIT "Commitment", "Desire", "Energy" and "Hard Work" • EXPLICIT is Professional in our skills and behavior • EXPLICIT is the freshest and hottest team to hit the world series of Professional Paintball circuit. We are dedicated to bring honor to the team name, our sponsors and the events we are involved with. • EXPLICIT will not only give our Sponsors brand exposure, but also positive brand exposure with plenty of added value. SAN FRANCISCO EXPLICIT MARKETING WWW.TEAM-EXPLICIT.COM PBNATION FORUM — BALLERSCAFE FORUM — XTRM SPORTS NETWORK— SF EXPLICIT FACEBOOK PAGE —
  4. 4. The Making of San Francisco EXPLICIT EXPLICIT’S HISTORY There are some great stories about how some of the best paintball teams got their start… THIS IS OUR STORY… In August of 2009, My son Ryan wrote an article that was published in Paintballx3 Magazine. Its only fitting that we include this in our Portfolio since Explicit was started from the bonding of Father & Son! Don’t Stop Till You Hit the Top Article By Ryan Pruitt As the day goes on he just can’t take it. Just standing around while his son and friends play around is tiresome. He starts to wonder if maybe just maybe I could do this. It went from just a drop off to the start of a great journey and an inspiring captain. The rise of Explicit and the future that lies ahead of them. Robert Montiero was just another father at the field learning the sport. Making sure his son had fun and supporting him in whatever he does. He has a family and runs a transportation company but today he takes on one of the greatest challenges. Paintball. As his son plays for the first time his mind starts to wonder and impulse kicks in. He buys everything: Marker, hopper, tank and all the apparel you could think of. Once you begin playing there is something that just over comes’ you. Adrenaline starts pumping and you want more. Paintball had already grabbed him before he started playing. Here’s where it all was set in motion. Paintball had turned this father and son duo into weekend warriors. They continued this every weekend streak of practice for two months before meeting friends that loved the sport too. As they grew together so did their knowledge of the game. A couple young gun tourna- ments here and there and they were ready. Explicit set out to their first big tournament with a team of 9. XPSL is one of the many leagues that were around for the experienced players. This introduced Ex- plicit to 7-man style of play. XPSL Vegas ’06 was the unveiling of Team Explicit. Although they finished 23rd out of 74 teams they held their heads high. Rob was determined to make this team a top con- tender. Practice schedules came soon after this tournament. Explicit started practicing non-stop against the best teams around. Rob had a saying that “You only get better by practicing the best.”
  5. 5. *** CONTINUATION *** Don’t Stop Till You Hit the Top Article By Ryan Pruitt Tournament after tournament they missed the cut just barely to make the day that everyone hopes for, Sunday. This only made Rob train the team harder and harder. This led to practicing both Saturday and Sunday. They began trying out new things and different players. One thing you have to learn is that players come and go. Rob only wanted players that have the hunger to win and play for Explicit. As things came together and they had a few wins under their belt Rob made a promise no one would for- get. “We will go pro in two years no matter how we do it.” This resonated in the boys mind for months to follow. As the season continued they would win a 3rd place in XPSL San Jose but this wasn’t good enough. With the ’08 year coming to an end and only the NPPL Commanders Cup left, Explicit went in guns blazing. They ended up placing 7th but had learned a lot and only made them want more. A couple weekends had passed and Rob got a call that would change Explicit forever. With the NPPL going under and new leagues emerging they were offered a once in a lifetime opportunity. With USPL coming into play as the new 7-man league they had met and made a huge decision. Every pro team manager had met and chose to bring a select few divisional teams up into the big leagues. Robert was offered a spot to become a professional paintball team. As the entire team had learned of the news it was unanimous. Explicit would be a new and upcoming pro team. This was a dream come true to every one of our players. We all play to get better and one day get to the level of pro. Having Robert as a coach you learn that he aims high and never misses. Becoming pro came a little faster then he had ex- pected but he got them their. Through out their journey from the bottom up they had settled down with a set squad and would go into their first pro tournament ready for anything. Family, friends and the players of Explicit weren’t ready for the fan base they were about to witness. The grand stands announced there first game on center court and the crowd went wild. Roars from every corner came in and gave the boys the confi- dence they needed to win. Ending the tournament with only missing Sunday by 20 points made Explicit proud of their first pro event. They had gained experience and more important the respect. To this day they practice double days and can’t wait till they get another chance to prove themselves. To most, paintball is a way of life and your team turns into your family, rivals turn into friends. To know that when you step on the field that everyone is gunning for the same thing is unreal. It’s a feel- ing that you never want to give up. Being pro is no walk in the park. Practice every weekend, lots of running, and a whole book of drills keeps Explicit going. They strive to get better at every turn and won’t stop till they reach the top. Explicit couldn’t have gone this far without the drive, leadership and determination of Robert Montiero at the reins. Rob reading his son’s article reminded him how special this adventure has been. The love for his son and team mates desire to be the best makes it all worth the grind!
  6. 6. San Francisco EXPLICIT will be participating as a Pro Team in the following 2009 NPPL—US Paintball League Events. 1. USPL Surf City Open Huntington Beach, CA April 3 - April5, 2009 2. USPL West Coast Open Corona, CA July 24—July 26, 2009 3. USPL DC Challenge Aldie VA August 28—August 30, 2009 4. USPL World Series Championship Las Vegas NV Oct 16— Oct 18, 2009
  7. 7. GUIDING PRINCIPALS -We Recognize the Importance of Respecting and Trusting One Another -We Recognize the Importance of Being a Family, Our Family "Team EXPLICIT". -We Understand that our Success is a direct factor of our Energy, Passion, Persistence, Dedication, Desire and Humbleness ! -We are Gracious and Thankful for the Support of Our Sponsors, Family, Friends, and Supporters. -We Understand the Importance of Being Physically and Mentally Strong. We are willing to put this Commitment in front of us and Champion it! This Commitment will prepare us for our Challenges to Come. -We will always Believe In and Trust In our Fellow Teammates. -We Recognize the Importance of Having and Demonstrating Honor and Sportsmanship. -We Recognize the Importance of Each of our Jobs and the Positive Impact it has on All of us as a “TEAM”. -We Understand that “TEAM” means that Together everyone Achieves the Mission! -We are Thankful, Grateful, and Appreciative of being a Team Member of Explicit! -We Choose to Learn and Grow as Team Members of Explicit. We will always welcome Constructive Criticism from our fellow Teammates. We will Listen and Learn from each other. We will not let our Own individual pride stand in the way of Learning New Things. -We Understand that the Road to Success is not an easy path, but that hard Work and Persever- ance Prevails! That Commitment is a line you cross... it's the difference between wishing and do- ing! “Team Explicit Are All "Doers" -We Believe that we must Work and Practice harder than others choose to. That “Excellence” comes from caring more than others feel is wise, Risk more than others feel is safe, Achieving more than others feel is Practical and Aspiring more than others feel is Possible. -We Understand that “Essence of Character” is revealed by the Clarity of our Convictions, the Choices we make and the Promises we keep. We believe in staying Strong to our core “Guiding Principals” and “We Believe in our Team”.
  8. 8. Team San Francisco Explicit Sponsors Crosley Gracie Jui Jitsu Kids Tournament
  9. 9. Explicit Supports The Paintball & Local Community! Explicit Volunteers and spends the day with Shriner’s Children Hospital News From Planet Eclipse! SF EXPLICIT Take A Timeout!! Recently Pro Paintball Team SF EXPLICIT had the opportunity to visit Shriners Children’s Hospital in Sac- ramento CA. Shriners is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing specialty care to children with orthopaedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lip and palate. Shriners is also dedicated to advancing research to provide answers to difficult medical issues that affect children as well as involving themselves in medical education. Shriners is a one-of-a-kind health care system that provides some of the best medical care for children. SF EXPLICIT joined the staff to discuss our visit with the kids who were already waiting upstairs for us. The staff held a Q & A session so that the kids would have a better understanding of what we do and who we all were. It was awesome how very interested they all were about paintball. After Q & A we all had the opportunity to join in on several different activities that were going on with the kids such as…painting, video games, cards which UNO we noticed was definitely a kid favorite. Some of the kids were confined to a bed or a wheel chair while others were able to walk around, but this didn’t seem to matter to them, they were all so curious about us. It was so amazing interacting with all of them, tons of questions, lots of laughs, and we definitely got a beatdown in a card game of UNO. We would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to Shriners Children’s Hospital and their staff for giving us the opportunity to spend part of the day with them and sharing their lives with us. What an amazing experience it was. These kids definitely left a lasting impression on all of us and would only hope we left all of them feeling the same way. A special thank you to Planet Eclipse, DGX, Rockstar and HA Logistics for donating T-shirts, Hats, and a dozen new board games. Thanks to Kahlen Limjoco from Make It To Sunday, Mike O’Malley from Rockstar and the Rockstar Factory Team for joining us on this visit.
  10. 10. Explicit’s Market Exposure ! SF Explicit Official Website • PBNation National Pro-Forum ; Ranked #3 • BallersCafe West Coast Pro Forum • Facebook for SF Explicit • Facebook for SF Explicit Fan Page • XTRM Xtreme SPrts Network • Explicit Twitter • Explicit Blog •
  11. 11. Thanks you for your support !