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FB Presentation from Brian Johnson

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  • Headlines from press in 2012…...
  •  We’ve heard loud and clear that the speed at which we launch new products can be confusing for the marketplace and hard to keep up with. Now, we’re not planning to slow down our pace of innovation. But in 2012, we built all of our products to align with the unique needs of our clients. We put clients at the core……And we did this by further connecting our solutions with the purchase funnel. Now, to be clear, I realize that every company and agency has their own interpretation of the funnel. This isn’t one-size-fits-all. But it’s helpful to view Facebook’s marketing solutions through the lens of the traditional funnel, because we think we’re uniquely positioned out of all your platform options to drive results at every step, from awareness to consideration to conversion to loyalty.And looking at the funnel, we made a major push in 2012 to focus on the bottom, particularly conversion. I want to highlight two of the solutions I’m especially excited about for this year: Facebook Exchange and Custom Audiences.
  • In the U.S., we launched a partnership with Datalogix to measure the impact of Facebook marketing on actual customer purchase decisions. Across more than 60 campaigns, Datalogix showed 70% of clients achieving 3x or better ROI; nearly half achieved 5x or better. I want you to know that it’s a priority for us to bring a comprehensive solution to the UK as well. You may have seen a recent report from WARC (World Advertising Research Council) that argues that marketers need to apply the same rigorous standards to planning, budgeting and measuring social campaigns as traditional campaigns – and I couldn’t agree more. So we’re focused on working with UK clients to measure their investment in Facebook the same way they measure other channels. We’ve worked with quite a few of you in the room on this and we’ve seen great results…with companies like Unilever, Nestle, General Mills, Pimms (Diageo) and others.If you’re picking up on a trend…it’s that we’re serious about taking Facebook out of your “social’ bucket and proving that we can compete with and beat any platform.
  • You may have heard me say before that we were all taken aback by how quickly the move to mobile happened in 2012. We all knew the shift was coming, but it was more like a tidal wave. In fact, over the past few weeks, we’ve started to see days when Facebook is accessed by more people on mobile than desktop for the first time ever. One thing we know for sure—that trend is only going to accelerate. We knew that we’d have to become a mobile-first company. That required a major shift in how our engineering team was built. We not only made some major acquisitions to enhance our mobile capabilities, but we launched a major training initiative to improve our own in-house capabilities.
  • Our “mobile first” strategy began with making Facebook seamless across all devices. A year ago, the Facebook experience on desktop was awesome. It was great on most tablets. And it was pretty bad on smartphones. Midway through the year, we totally rebuilt our iphone and Android apps, and now the Facebook experience is more seamless than ever.
  • Now, we’ve certainly heard the criticism that Facebook ads are too small…and aren’t a good creative canvass. And if we were still offering nothing but right-hand side ads, there would be some truth to that. But let’s do a side-by-side comparison of our mobile ads product, sponsored stories. When you compare the typical mobile ad unit to ours, there’s no comparison. A sponsored story, delivered right to news feed, can take up virtually the entire mobile screen. Brands are doing some incredibly beautiful, print-quality creative, and they’re seeing amazing results.
  • What’s unique?Measurement system in place (measuring sales, store traffic) Simplicity (optimized for engagement off the page) Scale – big enough of a national effort that we could measure the impact of the work being done on Facebook
  • Facebook expion presentation 2.7

    1. 1. 2013 Preview & MeasuringBusiness ResultsBrian Johnson2.7.13
    2. 2. Tex
    3. 3. Facebook Storieshttp://www.facebookstories.com/ 4
    4. 4. Facebook Works: ROI throughout the funnel Across 63 campaigns 3X ROI or better in 70% of campaigns 5X ROI or better in 49% of campaignsSource: Variety of 3rd party methodologies like panels and mix media models, all client initiated Products to Solutions Facebook Works Mobile First
    5. 5. Products to Solutions Facebook Works Mobile First
    6. 6. Making Facebook seamless across all devices. Products to Solutions Facebook Works Mobile First
    7. 7. Industry standard Facebook vs. Products to Solutions Facebook Works Mobile First
    8. 8. +
    9. 9. Business ObjectivesDrive incremental sales and store trafficIncrease trial against premium productsImprove taste perceptions 11
    10. 10. Crunched for Time?Consumers are increasingly pressed for timeand tend to skip lunch, bring in leftovers, etc… 12
    11. 11. Creative Samples 13
    12. 12. Measurement PlanReach / FrequencyResonanceReaction 14
    13. 13. The ResultUp to and over 4x return on adspend 15