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Diana Plazas: Global Brand Share


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Diana Plazas DoubleTree Social Story

Diana Plazas: Global Brand Share

  1. 1. Diana Plazas – Director, Global Brand Marketing
  2. 2. Social Media at DoubleTree• More than 325 hotels in 26 different countries• Thousands of team members, that speak a variety of languages• And millions of guests walking through our doors each year from all around the world…many of them using social media!
  3. 3. Why is social so important to us?
  4. 4. Facebook
  5. 5. Facebook Tab – Offers
  6. 6. Twitter
  7. 7. Foursquare
  8. 8. Cookie CAREavan Tour 10 weeks, 10,000 miles, 50 cities, 250,000 cookies More than 2 billion media impressions
  9. 9. Little Things Project – Listening Campaign • Days Running: 4 • Total Entries: 4,041 • Total Tweets with #LittleThings: 400
  10. 10. The Little Things Project OPPORTUNITY: engage travelers outside of our hotels, in person and via social media, to make their travel experience more rewarding • Goal – make travel experience brighter for people everywhere • Listen to our guests and deliver • Travel conversations – “what would make travel more enjoyable?” • Surprise travelers with some of the “little things” they ask for
  11. 11. Tell Me Tree
  12. 12. Little Things Project Results • More than 3.2 billion media impressions via 2,511 placements in national and local media and wire distribution • 16% growth in Facebook fans and 20% growth in Twitter followers • 33,000 unique entries into the LTP sweepstakes • 71,724 unique visits to the LTP Facebook app
  13. 13. Continued Education – Digital Royalty University • 12 training modules reaching hundreds of DoubleTree team members with each course (Advanced Facebook, Twitter 201, Google+, Emerging Platforms: Instagram & Pinterest, etc.) • Platform updates & one-sheet tutorials • Social Media Champions • Social Skill Review/Proficiency
  14. 14. Social Incentive Program
  15. 15. Alignment • Brand standards – from internal DoubleTree by Hilton team and our agency partners • Annual Social Cultivation training • Socialite Google+ Hangouts
  16. 16. Rely on Culture • Monitor Twitter & Facebook requests along with traditional service requests • Know your audience - act in the same “CARE” Culture capacity you would in-person • Timeliness is key to satisfactory responding • Understand the public nature of the platforms
  17. 17. Guest Service Assistance Program • Launched Summer 2011 • Decreased negative sentiment by 12% • Posts mentioning ‘service’ on social media platforms have more than doubled
  18. 18. Content Management Tool • Schedule • Monitor page and see what works & what doesn’t for your fans • Brand is able to share suggested content to all properties • Analytics
  19. 19. Providing True Problem Resolution
  20. 20. Living and breathing our culture in social • Transparency – whether we like it or not • Evolution of touchpoints • Beyond the back of house plaque – define & live by our core values • Living our company culture, organically reflects our brand
  21. 21. Make things right • On average, companies respond to only 30% of social media fans’ feedback • Local companies tend to have higher social media response rates than their global counterparts – 40% responding to customer queries • Average response time for companies on social media is 26 hoursSource: Socialbakers Research Study
  22. 22. Case Study: More than 4MM views in 4 days! And more than 4.5MM views 30 days later!
  23. 23. Case Study: Trended in top position on for 4 days Received more than 1,800 comments
  24. 24. Case Study: Extended Reach: • Shared on DTbH’s social channels • 22,000+ people saw post on Facebook • 150+ likes & 6 comments on Facebook
  25. 25. Social Listening
  26. 26. Ways to Connect Listen and monitor your Twitter feed so you don’t miss out on moments to share a good word from a customer who has enjoyed his stay or respond to feedback from those who have voiced public complaints.
  27. 27. Ways to Connect Ask customers about their experiences and provide recommendations for things-to-do, products to buy, ideas on uses, etc.
  28. 28. Ways to Connect Let customers know about deals and promotions. Give them more than just the basic rundown. Share interactive media with your fans and followers.
  29. 29. Ways to Connect • Humanize your brand • Let your culture come through
  30. 30. Ways to Connect People want to know who is behind your brand Highlight your team members
  31. 31. Biggest Challenge • Creating content • Time available for posting and monitoring all channels & emerging platforms • Purchasing social ads & network buys
  32. 32. Managing Time & Responsibilities • Prepare beforehand if possible • Utilize tools to manage content • See what’s trending for the day • Do it in small doses so you don’t get overwhelmed • Make it a routine • Create a content calendar
  33. 33. And don’t be afraid! It will all be ok! Besides, you have millions of people on the channels that can help you
  34. 34. Summary • Don’t try to be a different business in social • Make it just another channel to convey your culture and who you are as a business • Be there: Listen, Respond, Engage • You cannot succeed in social if you are not there or if you are only broadcasting information • Make it yours, make it personal • Treat each fan/follower like you would an in-person customer and make social a part of your day Humans connect with humans – bring that side to social & you can succeed!