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VMware on Experts Exchange


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The Experts Exchange community saves VMware professionals, 2-3 hours per work-week, while enabling them to create better virtualization solutions.

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VMware on Experts Exchange

  1. 1. The Experts Exchange community helps tech professionals learn new technologies, solve complex technical issues, and network with other virtualization professionals. Technical solutions, how-to articles and videos, software updates, security information and more are all aggregated for you to easily find. The Experts Exchange community saves VMware professionals, 2-3 hours per work-week, while enabling them to create better virtualization solutions. • An extensive library of articles and videos specific to virtualization environments • The ability to search for solutions and ask questions to a community of professionals • Direct access to top vExperts and other technology experts, such as Microsoft MVPs, from around the world Experts Exchange provides you with: With the huge amount of VMware content available online, and the overabundance of solutions provided by the world’s top virtualization provider, it is hard to make sense of it all. What VMware professionals need is a one-stop-shop of VMware information, that delivers relevant content to them on a daily basis. The Power of Experts Exchange The Experts Exchange community is the oldest and strongest technology community in the world. As a VMware professional, you will be required to work with many technologies beyond just VMware, from operating systems to storage area networks. And Experts Exchange provides you with over 4 million solutions, articles, and videos across hundreds of topics, helping you to make better overall virtualization solutions. • Over 29,000 VMware solutions, how-to articles, and video tutorials from contributors who are well-respected in the VMware community • The ability to network with VMware experts, collaborate and discuss new patches, software releases and versions, and anything else VMware • Access to industry peers and vExperts, including some of the top 50 vExperts in the world, enabling you to build your professional network Experts Exchange will help you take your virtualization solutions to the next level with: Welcome to the Experts Exchange Community
  2. 2. Get What You Need to Solve Common Virtualization Issues: Working with outdated systems & software — IT budgets are tight. You often can’t afford as many licenses for VMware products or upgrade what you have as often as you should. And older tools simply require more support. Experts Exchange is your always-available support resource, even for outdated VMware tools. Pressured to do more with less — even with outdated systems and software, you are asked to squeeze more power and efficiency from less resources. That may require writing automation scripts yourself, or other tasks that you could use help with. But who can afford consultants? With Experts Exchange, you won’t need them. Limited time to learn new skills — with multiple tasks, projects, and deadlines piling up, you just don’t have time to grow and expand your knowledgebase. Sometimes, five minutes is all you have to spare. Experts Exchange community helps you use your time wisely. Difficulty finding relevant solutions — It’s often time-consuming or impossible to find solutions to difficult virtualization questions online. A search online for a solution to one small issue can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. With Experts Exchange, you can quickly search through verified solutions, or, if you can’t find a solution, you can ask a VMware expert to solve your issue directly. 1 3 2 4 VMware Certified Professionals 150+ vExperts Access to Don’t believe us? Here’s what our members have to say: VMware Solutions, Articles and Videos 29,000 “We have a support contract with VMware, but use Experts Exchange when I can. There is so much knowledge in their community and many of the experts have seen things that support has not. I also like to use Experts Exchange to learn from vExperts.” Member Since 2004 Join Today Contact us 1 (877) 211-8911 ext. 225 Save on Average Per Week 2.5 Work Hours Reduce Consulting Spend Annually $20K - $45K Reduce Training Budget Annually 63%