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Solved! how to find solutions on experts exchange


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Want to be more efficient in finding what you need?

In review of Experts-Exchange webinar, on April 12th, 2016 as we went over the best practices of how to find solutions, articles, and videos through the Experts Exchange advanced search functions.

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Solved! how to find solutions on experts exchange

  1. 1. Solved! How to Find Solutions on Experts-Exchange Expedite your efforts by getting results relevant to your needs. In this webinar, we’ll explain techniques you can use to quickly and efficiently find your solutions.
  2. 2. What to Expect? Part 1: A breakdown of Advanced Search Part 2: Content Types 1. Narrow by Keyword 1. Definition of a Solution 2. Narrow by Activity Timeframe 2. How to sort by Videos 3. Narrow by Question Status 3. How to sort by Articles 4. Narrow by Comment Count and Points 4. Review the Question Wizard 5. Add Additional Topics 5. Review Live & Gigs
  3. 3. Part 1: Overview of Advanced Search
  4. 4. Keyword The first step is to input your topic name under the keyword field. 1. Ex: Type in Java 2. Check the option above under “Question” 3. Ensure dropdowns summarize “Include,” “All these terms,” and “Any part.”
  5. 5. Activity Timeframe The next step is to sort by relevancy. If you want more recent information on your topic, you can run a query on all activity One Day, 7 Days, 30 Days, A Year, or simply input your own time frame in the custom field.
  6. 6. Question Status Now, you can select the authenticity of the question. If you wish to see data which has a verified solution, you can specify that. From the drop down menu, choose “Solved.”
  7. 7. Comment Count & Points If you are interested in the most popular solutions, for relevancy, you can arrow down by comment count and points awarded.
  8. 8. Additional Topics Maybe I want results beyond just Java. If that is the case, I can simplify those other topics into one search by adding them here:
  9. 9. Part 2: Content Types
  10. 10. Definition of a Solution 1. We do not interpret a “solution” as anything someone posted on the site. 2. We only interpret solutions as questions that were asked by our members, responded to by our Experts, and (most importantly) accepted by the asker. 3. For example - (
  11. 11. Videos Opposed to getting a solution, you can learn awesome skills as well! If you wanted to learn a new skill for your position, you can also search an ample amount of videos and articles by selecting the options here:
  12. 12. Articles Additionally, you can view the communities featured topics through the their submitted articles. Similar to the Videos, you can use the legend up top to sort Java topics by article. Articles are not only submitted by an Expert, but reviewed, revised, and published by our community leadership before it meets your eyes. Another way we take strict measures to ensure you are only getting the highest quality information. Before we address all questions, I do also want to revisit your options in case you cannot find your solution through the knowledge base.
  13. 13. What if I can’t find a solution that meets my needs? 1. If you are having troubles finding a specific enough solution, feel free to post your question here - https://secure.experts- 2. All of our Multi-Users, as well as Premium and Plus members, can post a customized question regarding any issue that you are having trouble finding in the library of solutions onsite, also known as our knowledgebase. 3. Please refer to our other webinar for more information on the Question Wizard -
  14. 14. New Features & Updates 1. If you’re in need of urgent 1:1 assistance. 2. Allows you to work with a specialist 1 on 1 in real -time and collaborate using our whiteboard feature. 3. Live is a pay-for service, but the first 5 minutes are always FREE! 4. Available to Free, Plus, Premium, and Business Memberships! 1. If you have a sizeable project that you feel would benefit from the guidance of an IT consultant, you can surely post your project here under Gigs. 2. By clicking on “Create a Project,” Gigs by Experts Exchange helps you get incredible results by connecting with the best that the tech industry has to offer. 3. You can specify the details of the project, which skills you prefer of a consultant, your budget, and most importantly the deadline! Live - Gigs -
  15. 15. Where to go if you need help Who are we? We are a small team of customer-centric professionals who take our job very seriously. What does that mean anyway? That means that we really do love our job and we show it with flair! Customer Support isn’t just support for us-- we do everything in our power to change your experience for the better. In fact, that’s part of our mission statement. You might catch us on twitter, via e-mail, on the phone, on live chat or working on a project that makes your experience better. Anyway you catch us, we’re sure to be doing something for you. Where are we located? We are located in beautiful San Luis Obispo, California. SLO, as we call it, is halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. For more information about San Luis Obispo, please visit Our Mission Statement Customer Advocates are responsible for taking ownership of every customer inquiry to provide the world-class professional support expected of Experts Exchange and Redsource Interactive. We implement new projects and constantly seek ways to improve our users' experience. If you would like to know more about our customer support team please contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions.