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Expert Wealth Management offer a number of financial services including financial planning, inheritance tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning, and much more. Here are some reasons why Expert Wealth Management have developed a reputation for being one of the best providers on the market today.

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Expert Wealth Management - About Us

  1. 1. Expert Wealth Management About Us: What we do and why you should choose us. 01993 772467
  2. 2. An Overview: We are Chartered Financial Planners providing high quality financial planning services to all our clients. We have designed our services to be suitable for certain client types where we believe we are able to add the most value to their circumstances. 01993 772467
  3. 3. Our Services: We offer: Financial Planning Investment Management Retirement Planning Estate Planning Divorce Advice Inheritance Tax Planning 01993 772467
  4. 4. Our Values: Expert Wealth Management will play an active part in the development, promotion and upholding of the Personal Finance Society Code of Ethics. At Expert Wealth Management we exceed the requirements of the code when dealing with our stakeholders including Clients, Professional Connections, Investment Companies, Our Suppliers and Staff Members. 01993 772467
  5. 5. Why Expert Wealth? 1. We provide long term, practical financial guidance in a world where change is speeding up and making the future more uncertain. 01993 772467
  6. 6. Why Expert Wealth? 2. We deliver a solid, evolving lifetime financial game plan that large institutions and governments can no longer provide. 01993 772467
  7. 7. Why Expert Wealth? 3. We provide customdesigned knowledge and wisdom on financial matters in a world of overwhelming and confusing information. 01993 772467
  8. 8. Why Expert Wealth? 4. We act as a single, personal coordinator of many kinds of important experts bring them together to the benefit of our clients. 01993 772467
  9. 9. Why Expert Wealth? 5. We produce a process of short cuts and time savers that is impossible for the untrained to understand or implement. 01993 772467
  10. 10. Why Expert Wealth? 6. We provide increasing clarity, confidence and capability essential to our clients individual financial progress. 01993 772467
  11. 11. Why Expert Wealth? 7. We deliver a professional frame work supporting our clients financial goals that will be even more valuable to them 25 years from now. 01993 772467
  12. 12. Why Expert Wealth? 8. We take advantage of superior financial tools and systems that are continually developed to multiply our clients wealth. 01993 772467
  13. 13. Why Expert Wealth? 9. We undertake continual learning on how the most successful people financially lead their lives and share that knowledge to enhance our clients outcomes. 01993 772467
  14. 14. Why Expert Wealth? 10. We use our financial planning skills to enhance our clients lives by helping them achieve their life time ambitions and financial goals. 01993 772467
  15. 15. Want to know more? Get in touch with us by visiting our website: Or call: 01993 772467 01993 772467