Save Money or Pay Off Debt?


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Financial tips and advice from Gail Cunningham from The National Foundation for Credit Counseling and others in our weekly #credtichat

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  • Nice Presentation! I loved your tips especially 3 keys to successful savings: set a goal, make a plan and save automatically. I really think everyone should follow these tips to save money.
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  • You can save money by paying off high interest credit card debt. Do what you can to build up your emergency fund and then put everything you can towards your debt. There are plenty of freelance opportunities to help you make extra money to help with the bills.
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  • it's better not to have debts and be able to save money :)
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Save Money or Pay Off Debt?

  2. Join our #CreditChat every Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET. This week, we talked with Gail Cunningham from The National Foundation for Credit Counseling.“ Check Out All the Tweets and Resources:
  3. Gail Cunningham is a financial expert for the nation’s top media outlets and chief spokesperson for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC). Follow her @NFCCGAIL FEATURING
  4. #CreditChat The NFCC is the largest and longest-serving network of community based, nonprofit credit counseling agencies in the nation. #CreditChat
  5. Tweet by @AmericaSaves Less than ⅓ of low-income households have a savings account. #CreditChat
  6. 51% of Americans don’t have extra funds available Tweet by @AmericaSaves to pay for an unexpected expense of $1K. #CreditChat
  7. #CreditChat 50% of household decision-makers believe they Tweet by @AmericaSaves “just don’t earn enough money to save regularly”
  8. Why is it difficult for many to save? #CreditChat
  9. #CreditChat Tweet by @JosephBrownUFL You must have an emergency savings before paying off debt otherwise you’re susceptible to incurring more debt.
  10. Tweet by @MyMoneyCoach.Ca Not having a budget makes it difficult to save and spend money wisely. #CreditChat
  11. Tweet by @ReadyForZero Living paycheck to paycheck is probably the hardest #CreditChat situation to be in when trying to save money.
  12. #CreditChat Tweet by @Magnify_Money People don’t realize how much they’ll pay in interest alone.
  13. #CreditChat Tweet by @MoneyCrashers If you do your savings first (automate it!) It makes it so much easier. Pay yourself first.
  14. What are simple ways to save more money while still enjoying life? #CreditChat
  15. Three keys to successful savings: set a goal, Tweet by @AmericaSaves make a plan, and save automatically.
  16. Creating a budget shows you where your hard-earned money is going. #CreditChat Tweet by @NFCCdebtadvice
  17. Tweet by @MsMadamMoney Most of us spend first then save what’s left (usually nothing). We should save first then spend what’s left. #CreditChat
  18. #CreditChat Budgets are imperative, but so is understanding the financial Tweet by @magnify_money #CreditChat products you’re using. Know interest rates on loans and credit cards.
  19. How do you stay motivated to pay off debt? #CreditChat
  20. A budget is not designed to tell us what we can’t do, Tweet by @MsMadamMoney #CreditChat rather it is to show us everything we can do!
  21. Tweet by @NFCCdebtadvice It doesn’t matter which method you choose to pay off your debt, pick one that motivates you and keep at it.
  22. How do you decide how much you should save vs. pay down debt? #CreditChat
  23. It’s a good idea to have an emergency fund on hand #CreditChat Tweet by @NFCCdebtadvice before you decide to pay down debt.
  24. #CreditChat Tweet by @MoneyWisdoms When it comes to saving, just start. Build your savings muscle.
  25. #CreditChat Tweet by @MoneyCrashers to negotiate your debt payments so you can still save. Always put your emergency fund first and don’t forget
  26. What should you look for in a financial counselor? Any warning signs to watch for? #CreditChat
  27. #CreditChat #CreditChat HOW TO CHOOSE A FINANCIAL ADVISOR One of the best tips I’ve heard is to ask them what *their* finances look like. If they divulge (and good), A+ Tweet by @BudgetsAreSexy
  28. Tweet by @Magnify_Money #CreditChat If someone keeps pushing products on you then walk away. They should have your best interests in mind not commission!
  29. Tweet by @NFCCdebtadvice Look for a certified counselor at a nonprofit agency #CreditChat that is accredited by an independent third party.
  30. Any final tips for those looking to save money and pay down debt? #CreditChat
  31. Tweet by @NFCCdebtadvice Take charge of your financial situation and take the first step. #CreditChat
  32. Tweet by @CecilliaBarr Talk to your lender/creditor. Grab the reins and take control. You can do it! Don’t get overwhelmed by your debt. #CreditChat
  33. Find a career that gives you a purpose greater than yourself. Tweet by Brian @FinEdChat #CreditChat
  34. Join us every Wednesday at 3 p.m. on Twitter!