The Smarter Marketer's Guide - #LostCulture


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Today’s customers expect more from your products, services and the way they interact with them as a brand.
In The Smarter Marketer’s Guide you’ll find out how smart marketing approaches deliver great customer engagement and effective campaigns.
It includes how to find, retain and build relationships with your customers while identifying the most profitable ones.

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The Smarter Marketer's Guide - #LostCulture

  2. 2. THE SMARTER MARKETER’S GUIDE TOP TIPS TO ENGAGE THE CONNECTED CUSTOMERop Today’s connected customers are a complicated bunch, so this isn’t a detailed map. But it will point you in the right direction to discover smarter marketing approaches that deliver great customer engagement and effective campaigns. Know where you are We’ll show you how you can: • now more about K your customers • et them, by targeting G messaging to individuals, and • eep them, by giving K them what they want, when they want it, in the way they appreciate Know who you’re talking to The first step is to create a Single Customer View (SCV). It’s an easily accessible summary of each customer’s unique relationship with your organisation across different products, brands, and crucially, channels. Customers aren’t anchored to their home address anymore. Mobile numbers and email addresses are increasingly likely to be primary communication channels, so it’s vital to make sure that new identifiers are treated with as much importance as a postal address. By connecting customers’ online and offline identities, the SCV becomes the platform on which all cross-channel marketing activity is built. But the SCV won’t transform marketing effectiveness alone; it needs to sit alongside analysis, technology and expertise. This brings you the actionable insight that allows delivery of the right message at the right time, through the right channel(s). TOP TIP Know where you’re starting from. Build an honest understanding of your organisation’s current data quality standards. This helps you identify the expertise and tools needed to improve. It also helps to focus attention on what’s important – eliminating information overload. TOP TIP Linking online and offline identities is only one part of the jigsaw. Make sure you understand the individual behind the addresses to support the creation of targeted, relevant messages across all channels.
  3. 3. THE SMARTER MARKETER’S GUIDE Get consistent Get more relevant data Get the message In a multi-channel world, it’s difficult to control how a brand is perceived. Don’t try to manage every aspect, but create some core principles that drive customer journeys and experiences, regardless of channel or environment. Segments that link online and offline identities, behaviours and sociodemographic insights should inform every step of the campaign planning and audience selection processes. It’s important to focus time on creating relevant messaging and creative that’s optimised for all channels – not individual channel executions. More than a third of consumers read marketing emails on their mobile, and they will navigate away from clunky, non-functional websites. It means lost sales and engagement opportunities – and not even lightning fast 4G loading can save a non-optimised website.* At least one segmentation set should consistently underpin customer preferences and behaviours across all channels. It allows consistent and tailored messaging that increases the ability to influence behaviours – from acquisition to retention. TOP TIP Develop a common framework to underpin all your segments, to be applied consistently across online and offline channels – Mosaic UK, for example. Enhance these segments with data that’s linked to your KPIs, such as search, in-store purchasing and social media data. Each customer segment’s optimum journey can be planned by using what you already know about how they respond to marketing. Streamline campaign execution by creating rules and logic that can be shared and re-used across multiple campaigns and channels. Campaign execution is dynamic and must also respond in realtime to changing customer behaviour. TOP TIP If you have limited data to base your campaign planning and audience selections on, incorporate existing third party segmentation. Use it to create models of how specific customer groups will react to your marketing messages and offers. * The Mobile Revolution, Digital Trends 2013, Experian Marketing Services. TOP TIP Optimise your emails and website for use on mobile devices to make sure your message gets through and that your customers have a seamless, successful interaction with your brand. 84% of consumers would walk away from a company that doesn’t link up, understand and respond to their engagements across channels.* * April 2012: Experian Marketing Services survey of 2,057 UK Citizens aged 18+
  4. 4. THE SMARTER MARKETER’S GUIDE Keep listening and learning Keep up with customer channels Some customers are open to multiple messages across multiple channels, while others will require a more measured approach, with messaging triggered only when they show an interest. Technology is also revolutionising the ways in which customers engage with existing channels, putting content at their fingertips on demand. Digital TV platforms, for example, can now use customer data to support more relevant, targeted advertising using existing customer segments. By combining existing insight with data from a customer’s past and current behaviour, you can determine the right approach for the right customer, so that they remain loyal and become brand advocates. TOP TIP Technology is essential to make sense of the huge amounts of customer data you should be ‘listening’ to. Choose a technology that accepts data from all channels, because if you ignore one or more channels, it means you’re not listening to your customers. TOP TIP Use your existing customer segments to target marketing through new channels as well as existing ones. You will be able to interpret and respond based on a consistent understanding of how your customers react, regardless of which channels they engage with. For more information on how to interact intelligently with customers across all channels, call Experian Marketing Services on 0844 481 0019 Experian, Landmark House, Experian Way, NG2 Business Park, Nottingham NG80 1ZZ © Experian Limited 2013. All rights reserved