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Total Rewards Strategy- Debra Corey


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This presentation was conducted by Debra Corey, Group Reward Director at Reward Gateway, at the HR Innovation and Strategy Meeting Spring 2016.

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Total Rewards Strategy- Debra Corey

  1. 1. Case Study: Total Rewards Strategy Reward Gateway Debra Corey
 Group Reward Director
  2. 2. We’re an HR Technology company
  3. 3. We just want to make the world 
 a happier place 
 to work
  4. 4. We believe happier, engaged employees build better, stronger, more resilient organisations
  5. 5. Engaged employees make better decisions because they understand more 2 Engaged employees are more productive because they like or love what they are doing 3 Engaged employees innovate more because they want their organisation to succeed 1
  6. 6. Open & Honest Communication Pay & Benefits Purpose, Meaning and Values Wellbeing L&D Leadership Management Recognition Job Design Pay & Benefits Wellbeing Workspace
  7. 7. Where did we begin?
  8. 8. We started with why
  9. 9. Balance
  10. 10. Choice
  11. 11. Easy
  12. 12. We conducted a
 ‘health check-up’
  13. 13. Are they competitive, compliant, 
 cost-effective and culturally aligned?
  14. 14. And of course 
  15. 15. Encourage 
 Wellness Amplify 
 Financial Wellness Support 
 Life Stages Provide 
 Protection Enrich Personal Development Creating a balanced package to engage all RG employees
  16. 16. And the results were…
  17. 17. Super Hero Tips
  18. 18. Start with strategy 2 Make it meaningful and relevant 3 Create balance 1
  19. 19. Ignore the noise 5 See the big picture 4 6 Focus on communications
  20. 20. @debracorey1