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Kl seaside holidays


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Now and Then

Published in: Education
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Kl seaside holidays

  1. 1. SeasideSeaside HolidaysHolidays Now and ThenNow and Then
  2. 2. People used to travel to the seaside by steam train. The trains were always full and the stations very crowded.
  3. 3. Today people sometimes travel to the seaside by car. But lots of people fly in a plane to the seaside in other countries.
  4. 4. People used to stay in hotels by the beach. These hotels were big and people had to share a bathroom and toilet.
  5. 5. Today people stay in hotels and apartments. They can use the swimming pool and often provide food and entertainment.
  6. 6. People used to get dressed for the beach inside a bathing machine. These would make sure that people could not see you undressing.
  7. 7. Today people use towels to cover themselves when changing on the beach. Children have special towels called ‘ponchos’ that have hoods.
  8. 8. People did not like to have a sun tan. They would keep themselves covered and wear their clothes on the beach.
  9. 9. Today people use sun tan lotion to stop themselves burning. They can wear bikinis and trunks on the beach.
  10. 10. People used to like eating ice cream at the seaside. A horse would pull the ice cream cart to the beach front.
  11. 11. Today people still eat ice cream at the seaside. An ice cream van bring sthe ice cream to the beach and keeps it cold.
  12. 12. People used to pay to have a donkey ride along the beach. They could watch a music show or ‘Punch and Judy’ on the beach.
  13. 13. Today people still like to have a donkey ride along the beach. People like to go on fairground rides instead of watching shows.
  14. 14. People used to walk along the promenade at the seaside. They could watch a show, hear a band or sit and rest.
  15. 15. Today people still walk along the promenade. You can sometimes still hear a band, but most people usually want to play arcade games.