Philippine Digital Strategy


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Philippine Digital Strategy to drive the competitiveness of the Philippines in the global market.

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Philippine Digital Strategy

  1. 1. Commission on Information and Communications TechnologyPhilippine Digital Strategy 2011-2016 Transformation 2.0
  2. 2. PHILIPPINE DIGITAL STRATEGY• A five-year strategy for national ICT development (2011-2016 )• Formulated via extensive multi-sectoral consultation process nationwide & review of best practices• Government agencies and private sector commit to the PDS• In synch with the PDP 2011-2016
  3. 3. ICT INNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AGENDA• Critical tool for economic and social growth and development• Citizen-centric – empowering the nation through its citizens• Promotes efficient and effective governance in delivery of public service• Enhances competitiveness of all industries in global markets
  4. 4. PDS Vision“ A digitally empowered, innovative, globally competitive and prosperous society where everyone has reliable, affordable and secure information access in the Philippines. A government that practices accountability and excellence to provide responsive online citizen-centered services. A thriving knowledge economy through public-private partnership”
  5. 5. PDS Features• Aligned to President’s priorities• Highlights urgent need for legislative action on ICT policy and regulatory reforms• Expands role of private sector in development of ICT• Addresses low awareness of strategic value of ICT in government and general public• Recognizes need to implement focused ICT literacy across all levels of society• Prioritizes growth of ICT enabled industries as part of a wider regional economic development strategy
  6. 6. En ng Transparent vi li Government ro n ab & Efficient Services nm E en tICT Industry Country Internet and Development and Opportunity Business People for All Innovation Empowerment People Investing in People: Digital Literacy for All
  7. 7. Before and by 2016Transparent governance and efficient, responsive andaccessible delivery of government services to citizensand businesses•Increased public trust with Government data publicly available•Reduced transaction time•Enhanced online government services•Increased citizens participationAction Plan→Develop citizens internet portal→PPP for critical online government services→Upgrade government ICT infrastructure & integrate operations→Improve organizational capacity on ICT→Government data in an open format→Create multi-stakeholder council for egovernment
  8. 8. Before and by 2016Internet opportunities for all• More public schools with internet access• Internet to all barangays• Better internet service to businesses and households• Secure and reliable ICT infrastructureAction Plan→Scale-up publicly shared internet access→Provide incentives for private sector investment for connectivityto schools, local government offices and rural areas→Implement security and privacy measures→Green ICT→Develop and implement a broadband policy
  9. 9. Before and by 2016A better educated population able to use ICTsproductively•Better education for all through improved education system usingICTs•Enhanced ICT skills by citizenry•Improved employability of ICT workforce•Enhanced ICT entrepreneurship skills•Increased appreciation and use of ICT of special sectorsAction Plan→Professional Development Program for teachers, educatorsand trainers→Skills Development Program for ICT & ICT enabledIndustries→Skills Development Program for mSMITEs→Content development for special sectors→National Policy Framework for ICT4E
  10. 10. Before and by 2016Globally recognized ICT Industry andinnovative businesses•Philippines as a leading ICT and BPO destination•More business for the IT/BPO industry and ICT sector•Higher number of ICT related job•Increased use of ICT among MSMEsAction Plan→ICT for Business Portal for micro & small businesses→Strategic marketing & brand management→Continued devt. of next wave cities→ICT R&D→ICT for business workshops & technology Bootcamps→Strengthen regional multi-stakeholder ICT Councils
  11. 11. MOVING FORWARD• Institutionalize the PDS through an executive issuance & prioritize enabling legislations• Mobilize the private sector to enable PDS• Raise public awareness of ICT through Civil Society and new social media• Confirm existing funding commitments from international bodies and development agencies
  12. 12. Commission on Information and Communications TechnologyMaraming Salamat Po!!!