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JavaScript Unit Testing Using QUnit


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by Roy Remus Natavio, Exist Software Engineer

Published in: Technology
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JavaScript Unit Testing Using QUnit

  1. 1. QUnit A JavaScriptTesting Framework
  2. 2. OutlineWhat Is QUnit?Creating Tests with QUnitReferences
  3. 3. What Is QUnit? QUnit is the testing suite for jQuery scripts and plugins. It doesnt need jQuery scripts to test other javascript codes.
  4. 4. Creating Tests with QUnit Download the QUnit script (and the optional QUnit css) Create test script to run against target external javascript Create html file to display test results
  5. 5. Sample Function to Testfunction addNumbers(num1, num2) { if (isNaN(num1)) { return "First parameter is NaN"; } else if (isNaN(num2)) { return "Second parameter is NaN"; } else { return num1 + num2; }}
  6. 6. Unit Test Scripttest(addNumbers(), function() { equal(addNumbers(1,2), 3, using equal());})
  7. 7. The HTML File<html><head> <title>QUnit Test Suite</title> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all"href="qunit.css" /> <script type="text/javascript" src="qunit.js"></script> <!-- Your project file goes here --> <script type="text/javascript" src="sourceScript.js"></script> <!-- Your tests file goes here --> <script type="text/javascript"src="sourceScriptTest.js"></script></head><body> <h1 id="qunit-header">QUnit Test Suite forsourceScript.js</h1> <h2 id="qunit-banner"></h2> <div id="qunit-testrunner-toolbar"></div> <h2 id="qunit-userAgent"></h2> <ol id="qunit-tests"></ol></body></html>
  8. 8. References