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Exist Ruby on Rails Development Portfolio


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Exist has built an extensive portfolio of Ruby on Rails web applications, from a social networking application to an internal e-newsletter generator.

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Exist Ruby on Rails Development Portfolio

  1. 1. Exist Ruby on RailsExist Ruby on Rails ProjectsSome of our Ruby on Rails projects are cited below. OurPatch is a local business directory and classified ads system for Australia. It also features event calendars, forums, and employment ads. SportsPassion SportsPassion is an online sports participant community website that allowed for amateur sports teams and participants to extend their passion for their sport in an online world.
  2. 2. Exist Ruby on RailsExist Ruby on Rails Projects DevEx A newsletter generator which is a web based tool automating the process of creation of newsletters. The tool can generate 6 types of newsletters done through Liquid and allows users to have access levels on certain features. Orglines Orglines is a simple, easy-to-use social networking platform that is particularly designed for corporate interactions among colleagues. It helps companies work better by providing employees with the means to clarify working relationships, track co-workers, manage assignments, share relevant information, and keep track of important happenings.
  3. 3. Exist Ruby on RailsExist Ruby on Rails Projects Minglr Minglr is a social network network platform that brings all your social networks together. Allows you to build a universal fan page that aggregates all your content and activity streams from services such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Youtube. The end result is a fully branded fan page complete with all your online information.
  4. 4. Exist Ruby on RailsCase Study - Social Network Community Site Ruby on Rails3eep ExperienceDevelopment of SportsPassion, a sports community website One of the early adopters of Ruby onChallenges Rails in Asia -- Exist started its practice in 2005 with a small team✴ 3eep, an architect of online social communities based out of Australia, of developers building a lightweight wanted to build an online sports participant community for amateur bug-tracking system. sports teams and participants to extend their passion for their sport in an online world In 2008, the Exist Ruby on Rails✴ Recognizing the niche between dedicated team management solutions team merged with Syndeo Labs to and social networks, it wanted to develop a site, which would enable prove its commitment to being the sports aficionados to interact a lot easier with a lot more fun unrivaled RoR software✴ 3eep was looking for a solution that could be delivered rapidly, easy to development services provider in maintain, and at the same time scalable enough to grow as the Asia. community grows and as the company included more features on the site✴ Shifting business environments compelled flexible software solutions Some of the applications we’ve developed include:Solution ✴ an employee management system✴ After collaborating for a solution to grab the market opportunity, the that offers timekeeping and leave Exist team set out to create a sports social networking platform management✴ Ruby on Rails was used to accelerate development time ✴ a social networking platform for✴ A small team of 3 worked on the first prototype that was delivered over a exchanging ideas through a period of three months using the agile software model; long term goals structured debate system were defined in bi-monthly milestones while short term goals were ✴ a social community service defined to include bug fixes; small feature enhancements identified by designed to encourage the the Exist QA team are released as short-term releases composition and publication of✴ After the release of the initial prototype and having proved that the idea short stories worked, Exist started a long-term development engagement with the ✴ a social networking tool that customer building out the additional functions that the customer had defines relationships of members envisaged in an organization✴ The completed sports social networking platform provided components ✴ a Web 2.0 database development that included a community platform (blogging, forums, user tool that allows members and management, groups, etc), team management and communication, clubs stakeholders of an organization to management, competition management and numerous small features develop the structure of a systems database via a wikiResults ✴ several interactive websites ✴ and many more✴ Initial launch of the social networking platform enabled 3eep to raise funding for further development of the sports community service✴ 3eep applauds the Exist team for their commitment to quality and enthusiasm throughout the entire project, extending to even after project completion"Im very impressed with the way the Exist team worked with us duringthe entire project. Their commitment to quality, extending to even after the project has been completed, was always evident. Their attention to detail and enthusiasm contributed to SportsPassion’s success. Having Exist as an innovation partner gave us an edge over other emerging tech companies in Australia." -- Rob Antulov, CEO of 3eep
  5. 5. Exist Ruby on RailsCase Study - Corporate Social Networking Ruby on RailsPlatform ExpertiseOrglines In our Ruby on Rails projects, ourDevelopment of an Enterprise 2.0 solution team gained experience in / with:Challenges ✴ integration with common utilities✴ Client wanted to build an Enterprise 2.0 solution that would drive and such as Lucene, a Java back-end search engine enhance collaboration ✴ using different e-commerce✴ Required a simple, easy-to-use social networking platform, modeled from payment modules to enable the successes of emerging and popular social software platforms such as payment options such as PayPal Facebook and Twitter ✴ integration with popular social media / social community toolsSolution such as and Digg ✴ Web 2.0 mashups using Google✴ A pod of 3-4 developers, an architect, and a project manager worked on Maps and Flickr the application, building it from ground up using Ruby on Rails and ✴ and many more implementing an agile software model to deliver rapid iterations✴ The application was written using Ruby on Rails✴ Orglines, the application, featured a dashboard which contains the latest Each member of the RoR news about the organization, user action items with the position and development team faithfully applies responsibilities of the user, and a company directory which gives an RoR principles such as Dont Repeat alphabetical list of all members of a company along with their avatars, Yourself (DRY), which emphasizes contact information, and their status (either online or offline)✴ An added built-in code re-use and portability, and the belief that less is more, which security (access means building comprehensive permissions) for features in just a few lines of well- company creation, written code. user registration and creation of Need to deliver a project assignments was rapidly? implemented in Orglines to Exist delivers powerful Ruby on Rails eliminate the risk of solutions so that you can capitalize on information new opportunities, and even save on leakage, making it a costs. very viable communication tool Visit for in corporate information about how we can structures help. Or contact us at✴ The project was delivered and implemented successfully; it’s available at✴ In this social network platform, members are able to connect and collaborate easily with their co-workers, organize their tasks efficiently and become more productive✴ Exist’s expertise in Ruby on Rails combined with its iterative and collaborative approach to development helped deliver a more powerful application faster
  6. 6. Exist Ruby on RailsCase Study - Newsletter Generator About ExistDevex Building on 10 years of softwareDevelopment of an Enterprise 2.0 solution development experience, Exist helps companies deliver strategic businessChallenges results, reduce costs, and increase✴ Devex, a social enterprise that becomes the largest provider of business the value of their IT investments. intelligence and recruitment services to the development community, With roots in Open Source and needed an automation tool that would manage their newsletter creation technology expertise in Java and easily to facilitate effective communication with its members.✴ The company had been using a proprietary tool, but the tool lacks Ruby on Rails, Exist has created products ranging from enterprise usability and flexibility.✴ Create an efficient newsletter generator that can automatically extract software to interactive web, iPhone and iPad applications to technology content from the database to the newsletter template.  software solutions for companies, including start-ups and Fortune 500Solution companies, around the world.✴ With Exist Agile Development Process as well as expertise in A system integrator with end to end developments tools that bring results in a short time frame without capabilities in delivering world-class sacrificing quality, Dexev chose Exist to develop their Newsletter software engineering services, Exist Generator. also provides cloud consulting,✴ A team of 3 developers cloud delivery, as well as (1 serving as team lead), development automation services. 1 QA engineer and a Project Manager worked For additional info, visit closely on the project with the customer. Together, both created detailed feature list and Contact Information updates, using the agile SCRUM software Email: development methodology.  Telephone #s:✴ The newsletter generator was a web based tool automating the process of creation of newsletters.  Manila, Philippines: +632-6874091✴ Currently, the tool can generate 6 Cebu, Philippines: +6332-4121155 types of newsletters done through LA, US: +1-310-728-2142 local 5304 Liquid and allows users to have access levels on certain features. Admin can create the template and set which sections of the newsletter are editable while other user can only use the template and create an actual newsletter from the template.Results✴ The working prototype was delivered in 1 month and final phase was accomplished for another 5 weeks. Exist team successfully accomplished the development on time and within the budget limits.✴ Faster creation of newsletter resulting to more responsive communication with members.Technologies Applied:✴ Ruby on Rails (RoR), MongoDB and Liquid